Kandy and Braidio Announce Plans for New Applications Across Multiple Vertical Industries

By Matthew Vulpis December 13, 2021

Technology has revamped how teams work and how business is being operated on a global scale, as our smartphones, tablets, laptops, and cloud technology have given rise to new levels of interaction no matter where in the world a person happens to be. The recent emergence of a variety of digital communication and collaboration tools across a myriad of today's mediums has companies searching for ways to adopt and leverage all the new technology for their own benefit. And the solution for these companies takes the form of Cloud Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS).

CPaaS technology is a set of communications APIs that let businesses and developers integrate features like telephony and messaging into software, so they basically let organizations turn devices and apps into communication tools. This allows service providers to monetize their network investments and be used by third-party application developers rather than implementing new apps via complex telecom interfaces.

Offering a multitude of benefits, CPaaS enables seamless voice applications with IP-to-IP voice calls, SIP Trunking for PSTN calling, high quality, low-latency video with scalable resolution, and exceptional collaboration abilities, including messaging, chat, co-browsing, and screen sharing.

While the technology is relatively new, the market for CPaaS is already booming. Evaluated at a market size of US$5.9 billion just last year in 2020, the market for CPaaS is predicted to rise to US$21.7 billion by 2025, as enterprises increasingly migrate to the cloud and adopt customized engagement applications.

Since the technology allows an organization to cherry-pick real-time communications features and embed them into their apps and services, it's become very attractive to growing companies who already use a cloud-based technology stack and want to customize their communications infrastructure.

Recently, American Virtual Cloud Technologies, Inc.'s Kandy (News - Alert) Communications business unit, and Braidio, the global mobile customer engagement platform, announced an expanded partnership that will power next-generation user experiences for an 80,000-user telehealth application and for a pet wellness application by a premier veterinary hospital system in the US servicing 25,000+ customers.

 Braidio WorkStreams™ threads information, knowledge, people, customers, and business tools into a single point of revenue capture and productivity, and in partnership with Kandy, creates more engaging, edge-driven customer engagement experiences for its clients.

"Braidio WorkStreams™ was an early adopter of the Kandy CPaaS platform and has embedded Kandy within our platform and within our 'adoption friendly' bundle of market segment focused turnkey apps for Healthcare, Pet Care, Financial Services, Field Services, and Retail that we distribute into channels such as AT&T, Etisalat (News - Alert), and other global channels," said Iain Scholnick Founder and CEO, Braidio. "The powerful combination of Kandy and Braidio's platforms makes it possible for us to deliver a deeply integrated joint platform solution for Telco partners to immediately create and deploy tailored, engaging mobile edge experiences to drive new revenues and customer growth. Using Kandy's CPaaS, we help businesses create a better, edge-driven customer experience, more engaging, and accelerate digital transformation and revenue capture across their entire organization."

Braidio's Customer Engagement as a Service platform leverages AI, low-code and powerful embedded real-time communications and is enabled by Kandy's rich CPaaS capabilities, including messaging, chat, voice, video, and open APIs, which make integrated communications and collaboration intuitive, accessible, and scalable across web, mobile and app presences. Kandy's cloud-based real-time communications solutions enable Braidio to deliver on the healthcare, financial services, retail, construction, pet wellness, and veterinary medicine industries

Kandy and Braidio have been working with AT&T (News - Alert) on the evolution of the AT&T API Marketplace since its launch in 2019, providing businesses with capabilities enabling simpler, faster, and more efficient ways to communicate with customers in real-time. Braidio, on the heels of its recent $50 million investment commitment by Global Emerging Markets and with a proven technology stack that includes the recent acquisition and integration of the AI-powered custom experience platform Leia, is positioned to drive its global expansion alongside Kandy, AT&T, and Etisalat.

"Braidio has been an inspiration to us for many years," said Chuck Canton, President of Kandy. "They bring significant expertise in industry-specific applications that leverage our Communication Platform as a Service capabilities. Industry analysts predict the programmable CPaaS market will exceed $20 billion by 2025, and because of this, enterprise organizations are looking to use programmable communications, such as those offered by Kandy to redefine how they engage with their customers and employees. This is an exciting time for Kandy, Braidio, and the broader cloud communications industry."

Edited by Luke Bellos
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