Kandy and ConnX Announce 2022 Expansion Following Successful Large-Scale Enterprise Implementations

By Matthew Vulpis December 09, 2021

With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic altering how many of us fundamentally live our lives, one unanticipated change resulted in the majority of workers being forced to work remotely, with many businesses altering their entire ethos to allow or even encourage remote work going forward.

This monumental swing in how a considerable amount of companies operate across various industries has invariably caused a focus on telecommunication technology in facilitating the increased need for reliable long-range communication.

As a result, the telecommunications industry has been perpetually fluctuating and continues to advance with an influx of innovative and disruptive technologies. Many of these new telecommunication solutions offer to aid communication providers in expanding their services according to the growing global demand while still retaining high levels of customer satisfaction with a fast and reliable service.

Global leader in secure and intelligent cloud communications, Kandy Communications (a division of American Virtual Cloud Technologies) announced earlier this month the expansion of their long-standing relationship with ConnX, Inc.,a leader in digital communications transformation powered by AI and automation.

Following a range of highly successful implementations for physical, digital, and hybrid retailers, Kandy (News - Alert) and ConnX are unveiling their full-stack real-time communications offering designed to meet the specific needs of individual retailers. The two companies recently transformed a national retail communications network in the US built and managed by ConnX, which connects over 80,000 endpoints, including physical stores, a contact center, and the retailer's eCommerce platform.

Delivering a full suite of cloud-based Unified Communications (News - Alert) as a Service (UCaaS) and Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) capabilities to its cloud customers, Kandy utilizes their carrier-grade Kandy Business Solutions, including Cloud PBX (News - Alert), Smart Office UC Clients, Collaboration, Contact Center, and SIP Trunks. This portfolio of solutions is made readily available through their leading channel partners, including ConnX and AT&T (News - Alert).

ConnX founder and CEO Indrajit Ghosh said, "We chose Kandy years ago as part of our foundation when we saw the move from legacy voice systems accelerating into pure cloud alternatives," he continued, "We were there from the beginning and are proud to have been not only an early adopter of their as-a-service offerings but to have contributed to the advancement of their technology stack and capabilities. Our most recent large retail implementation was a huge success and is being expanded to include new applications and more seats. We have all the data we need to validate the strength and stability of Kandy's platform and its global reach, together with the innovation and simplicity of our AI-powered SD-WAN, SIP-as-a-Service, and AI Analytics-as-a-Service offerings tailored for the retail industry."

Providing a unique platform that enables mid-size and large global enterprises to benefit from a comprehensive real-time communications solution that incorporates unified voice, data, video, chat, messaging, collaboration, security, and AI-powered service assurance, ConnX currently serves customers across 120 countries with actionable plans to expand its services and global reach, meeting the increasing global demands of existing and new customers.

"Our partners, developers, and customers are building world-class applications, supported by our team's ongoing commitment and support," said Chuck Canton, President of Kandy, "ConnX has been a world-class partner from day one and one of the largest consumers of our software and cloud- communications platform. Their seamless implementations of increasingly large and distributed private enterprise networks continue to deepen our relationship. Today, by rolling out this exciting industry solution that retailers are looking for, we bring even greater value together as the retail sector continues their digital transformation journey. The ConnX/Kandy solution drives better customer experience, lower total cost of ownership, and opens the door for ongoing creative and competitive advantages."

Learn more about how ConnX and Kandy partnered to design, build, and now manage the real-time communications platform for one of the largest retailers in the US here.

Edited by Luke Bellos
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