A WebRTC Primer

It takes the components of a typical VoIP media engine into a browser or any other peer endpoint with a simple API that a web server can control. That means developers can build real-time communication into web pages, existing software applications, or wherever else they want - and do so more easily and affordably than they could've in the past.... More>>>



Hosted/Cloud VoIP and UC
The top hosted VoIP providers in North America are 8x8, West IP Communications, Comcast, and Verizon, according to new data from Infonetics Research. The firm reports that West, which last year occupied the No. 4 spot, is now in second place due to strong demand for its Cisco-based solution. XO is also toward the front of the pack.


The Expert-Specialist Dilemma
The cloud arena is an interesting place. Many of the providers in the pure play space have a wide catalog of services. It's nice to have technical skills. No one can deliver a vast array of services well. For an example, look at some CLECs challenged to even deliver T1s today. Any company can duct tape together something that looks like what the customer wants, but will the customer actually be happy with the delivered service?

Network Infrastructure

Finding the Perfect Monitoring Solution for Your IT Infrastructure
In today's technology environment, the IT landscapes of small and midsized organizations tend to be just as complex as those of their larger counterparts, but on a smaller scale. A sound IT infrastructure, including the company network, is just as important to small and midsized companies as it is to larger businesses, but smaller companies often have small IT teams or even a single administrator. That's why auxiliary tools, like network monitoring solutions, are becoming even more important for smaller businesses.

Virtual Teller Accelerates Service to Bank Customers
If you need to do business in person at your bank, you've no doubt experienced long lines and interminable waits to reach a teller cage. But what choice has there been, short of timing your visit to avoid the bank's rush hours? For a bank, it poses the risk of losing a customer to a competitor across the street.