Phybridge Switches Reach Out to Simplify VoIP Deployment

In unpacking the smaller unmanaged PoLRE LPC Switch, we saw it came with two PhyLink adapters, which are small inline adapters that connect the phone wire on one end and an Ethernet cable on the other, providing up to 10W of PoE power to IEEE 802.3af-compliant devices...More>>>



Fax: Keeping up with Change
Fax has changed, not gone away. Businesses still com municate with fax documents just as much as they have in the past. What has rapidly changed, though, is how faxes are sent. Business users do not receive paper faxes anymore; instead they get a PDF document in their e-mail inbox. Fax machines are now connected up to VoIP- based ATA's, VoIP systems and service providers, versus previously using dedicated analog phone lines.

Dell Details His Plans to Reinvent the Company
Dell also welcomed to the stage Deal Daly, senior director of technical operations at, a customer of the tech company. Daly told the story of how traditional IT would not support the business at, which now has 2.7 million subscribers, manages 10 petabytes of dynamic structured and unstructured data, has seen contributed content increase by six times since 2009, and expects to spend $100 million in the next five years to acquire new content.

On Rad's Radar

Cloud is Expensive
For the small business though, it might be cheaper to buy software and run it themselves. Dedicated hosted servers are as low as $99 per month. I'm not anti-cloud, but if the business is a single location organization without mobility or remote worker needs, then it will not be leveraging the benefits of cloud at all. A year of rented software is $9,000 - that will buy you a lot of licenses, servers and hosting.

Open Source

Dell Expands Shareplex, Toad
As for Toad, what's new here is what Dell calls a connected intelligence feature. To break it down, that means that the Toad interface now offers a direct link to the broader Toad World community, which has more than 3 million annual visitors and which has been around for about a decade. That way Toad users - who tend to be database administrators, database developers, and analysts - of all skill levels can more easily leverage the expertise of the peers both within their own organizations and within the world at large.


Why Today's Threats Require a New Approach to Incident Response
There are countless stories being told of unique threats that find their way into the most secure organizations. Each newly discovered threat brings new challenges, and many result in the need or desire for a complete security overhaul of what some organizations have in place. But most organizations have a wide variety of network security products - including next-generation firewalls, SIEM platforms, advanced malware detection platforms and more - yet somehow attacks continue to penetrate these enterprise fortresses. So what is an enterprise to do? What's missing?

Unified Communications

Tadiran Telecom Reinvents Itself with Aeonix
Tadiran Telecom will come out with release 3 of Aeonix toward the middle of 2014. That release will support WebRTC, and HTML5 web apps for user productivity, desktop, attendant console, and ACD agents.


Telepresence Takes a Back Seat to More Affordable, Flexible Videoconferencing
In addition to the shift to more affordable and built-in video capabilities, the videoconferencing space has seen the introduction of some software-only solutions running on industry-standard x86 servers, the rise of the scalable video coding standard, and the arrival of a potentially disruptive technology known as WebRTC, noted Davis.

Yorktel Looks to Help Businesses with Video Compliance
Yorktel is video managed services provider that's been in business for 30 years. It offers professional services/advisory services related to video, managed video, media services for town halls and corporate YouTube content, and a video as a service offering. The company recently became the only video-as-a-service provider to offer Lync federation with Office 365.


Next Generation Wireless: Riding On the Back of Millimeter Waves
Of all the wavelengths in the spectrum used for wireless data transmission, perhaps the least well known is the millimeter wave band. However, it is precisely this band (and the continuous bandwidth it provides) that enables wireless data transmission at speeds and bandwidth that compare to the high quality of fiber optic communication systems.

Getting Vertical: Sports

Making the Call on Obamacare
Idaho's new health insurance marketplace exchange (which is a joint state-federal venture) fired up Oct. 1 reporting both high traffic and just a few temporary glitches, according to the Idaho Statesman. (But then, consider the population of Idaho compared to that of New York or California.) Technical problems in Maryland and Minnesota delayed the launch of the enrollment process for all or most of the first day.