Come Together: Service Provider M&A Picks Up in a Big Way


Come Together: Service Provider M&A Picks Up in a Big Way

The COMPTEL show in mid September started off with a bang when keynoter Arunas Chesonis stepped on stage. PAETEC earlier that day had announced its intention to acquire Cavalier Telephone…

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Mobile Consumers Look for Basics as Innovation Accelerates
Look around and try to imagine the world without mobile applications. Read the newspaper, make a dinner reservation, update your Facebook page, play games - chances are if you can think of it, there is an app for that. Smartphone technology is influencing how we interact, learn, and entertain ourselves. And wireless companies are competing to win the hearts and minds of consumers with the next great technological breakthrough.

ITEXPO Fun at Work

Collaboration Tools Make Work More Fun
Work is not a place. Rather, with today's communications tools, it's become an integral part of life. But most folks are OK with that, especially if they can use products and services that are fun to communicate and collaborate with co-workers and partners to conceptualize, design and deliver solutions.

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The Growing Maturity of VoIP Drives Positive Change for the Business Consumer
The technology and installation of traditional wired phone service has remained much the same since the days of Alexander Graham Bell. In stark contrast, IP-based voice communication for business use has made aggressive strides forward while overcoming some of its past barriers and misconceptions. Today, VoIP technology coupled with a quality-of-service enabled networks can provide businesses with enterprise-grade reliability and high-definition voice quality at a lower cost. Technology and networks are maturing as businesses are increasingly taking advantage of the comprehensive features and unmatched scalability of VoIP services without sacrificing quality.

Developer Outsourcing

Mind the App: Consulting Firm Lets Carriers Outsource Developer Programs
Apple with its App Store set the expectation that a wide variety of applications would be available to mobile users - whether they're looking for a virtual beer-drinking experience, a game, a restaurant, or whatever. As a result, large wireless service providers have worked diligently to create developer programs of their own in an effort to drive more applications onto their networks and handsets.

Retail Communications

New Study Forecasts New Retail Push Around Tech Products, Services
In a world in which online shopping has become mainstream, it seems a logical conclusion that sales of high-tech communications services and gear would be the first to migrate away from bricks-and-mortar locations and into the ether. While that has happened to some extent, news of popular retailers like Target selling the iPad and Wal-Mart coming out with its own branded post-paid wireless service, as just two examples, continues. Meanwhile, network operators like Verizon Wireless like to push the latest smartphones and related services through their own branded locations - and such activities are expected to accelerate in the near future.