Globalinx Tells Its Story of Customized End-to-End Business Solutions

If you're not yet familiar with Globalinx, chances are good that you soon will be. The company, which provides voice and data services, has positioned itself as a cloud services provider, and it aims to expand on that front both through acquisitions and organic growth. To push forward this strategy and the related messaging, Globalinx has been working on new branding and a revamped website, both of which are set to be unveiled this month...

Getting Vertical

Community College Upgrades to CommScope Connectivity Standard
Rowan-Cabarrus Community College in North Carolina offers more than 2,000 courses to a yearly enrolment exceeding 22,000 students. Its courses include fully accredited associate degree programs in more than 40 areas including arts and sciences, business, information technology, health and public services, engineering technologies, and biotechnology.


Special Focus

TMC Congratulates 2012 INTERNET TELEPHONY Excellence Awards Winners
TMC, the parent of INTERNET TELEPHONY and a global, integrated media company helping clients build communities in print, in person, and online, is proud to announce the winners of the 2012 INTERNET TELEPHONY Excellence Awards.

Strategic Solutions Series

Telco Depot Caters to VARs with it Turnkey Telecom Solutions
When it comes to providing telecom solutions to VARs and their customers, Telco Depot thinks outside the box. Not only does the company outfit its partners with a range of communications gear, Telco Depot also brings to the table years of experience


ITEXPO: A Teaser on the Keynotes
Keynote speakers at ITEXPO West include Chris Hummel, chief commercial officer with Siemens Enterprise Communications, and David Tucker, vice president and general manager of the Small Business Unit at Cisco, both of whom will give afternoon addresses on Oct. 3, as well as Robert B. Carter, executive vice president of information services and CIO with FedEx, and Raymond P. Dolan, president and CEO at Sonus Networks, who are scheduled for Oct. 4.

Network Infrastructure

Making the Grade: Strategic Testing Reduces Defects, Improves Customer Experience, Creates Savings
Savvy telco providers understand the importance of testing applications to identify performance issues before they occur. However, the vast range of services, plans and options available creates an unprecedented and exponential set of application test cases. As a result, it is nearly impossible to test manually each individual application. By implementing a strategic testing approach that pragmatically applies test automation across business processes tests and working with an outside specialist, telcos can reduce application defects, improve the customer experience and save on costs.

The Channel
On RAD's Radar

The Fight in the Channel
The channel is in flux as it tries to move away from commodity items like POTS, DSL and T1. As the carriers migrate to cloud, data centers, MPLS and SIP, they are hoping that the channel will shift with it. In that effort, the carriers have been in search of the new partner that will get cloud and sell cloud, without much hand holding. In that effort, everyone in the last 18 months has been chasing VARs.

Twelve Proven Tips to a Prosperous Master Agent Partnership
Being a telecom agent doesn't mean going it alone in the job of providing clients with dependable carrier relationships and protecting your own financial success. In fact, partnering with a master telecom agent has become an attractive and strategic move for independent agents.


The Future of Asset Tracking
Asset tracking solutions have been around for many years in the machine-to-machine space. These solutions, which incorporate wireless RFID, GPS, and other auto-ID sensors, location-based services, and real-time reporting, have allowed companies to remotely monitor and manage distributed assets and improve customer service levels. While these solutions have a deep history in the M2M space and have promised to revolutionize enterprise asset tracking, the true business benefits they have provided have been somewhat difficult to quantify, and actual business value has been a challenge to realize.

Detecting Botnets in Service Provider Networks: The Impact of CSRIC's U.S. Anti-Bot Code of Conduct
In March of this year, the Communications Security, Reliability and Interoperability Council Working Group 7 accepted the first of three reports containing recommendations to the FCC titled "U.S. Anti-Bot Code of Conduct for ISPs." The report – simply referred to as the "ABCs for ISPs" – describes the methodologies and motivations for ISPs in addressing bot activity in broadband networks.

Open Source

Why DevCon5 is Not about Apple iOS
That is a pretty strong statement, and the fact the web is migrating this way has huge implications for everyone's business models. At our show, DevCon5, we have seen WebGL provide 3D-like and video-like rendering that would make every special effects artist wonder. We have also seen animation come from everywhere in the triumph of HTML5 software - from the canvas media call out, the CSS3 style sheet and the Java script programming.


Mobile Backhaul Networks - The Next Generation
Mobile network operators across the globe are experiencing enormous growth - although voice communications are growing in a linear fashion, the demand for data services is increasing exponentially, with consumers increasingly opting for bandwidth-hungry mobile services such as Internet access, photo sharing and music downloads.

Carrier Ethernet Catches Mobile Backhaul Wave
The explosion of mobile data and the subsequent challenges of connecting a growing number of towers to the mobile core are well known by mobile network operators and wholesalers responsible for mobile backhaul networks.

London 2012 Olympics: Assuring the Connected Experience
With an estimated one billion smart devices and seven million inbound roamers, the London 2012 Olympics was the biggest test in the history of mobile operators as it centered on the most subscribed-to, intensely connected mobile communication ecosystem ever to wrap itself round one single event. Mobile operators were challenged and also provided with the best opportunity they have ever had to learn how to assure the connected experience for subscribers - not only those at the games, but the millions of others who expected life and business to carry on as usual.

Cloud and Data Center

Asking the Right Questions: Other Disciplines Can Help Us Gain More from Big Data
The security industry has realized that log data is an incredibly rich source of information for detecting security intrusions, and has since developed a taste for more and more logs.