Can We Trust the Cloud?

The company formally set out in this direction with the introduction of IP PBX software back in October of 2010.

Despite some high-profile hiccups along the way, demand for cloud services continues, and it appears as though there's no place for it to go than up...

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Interactive Intelligence Event Draws Record Crowd
The migration to cloud-based contact center applications; the adoption of social media as a new channel in the contact center; and managing increasing contact center regulatory/compliance mandates were the major themes of "Interactions 2011," Interactive Intelligence's annual global users' forum, held May 24-26 at the Indianapolis Downtown Marriott in the company's corporate hometown of Indianapolis, Ind.

That's Logistics: M2M Solutions Support Asset Tracking, Real-Time Supply Chain
Traditionally, airports have been erected near cities, and road were paved to allow the exchange of people and goods between those transportation hubs and surrounding communities.

LBS and Contextual Marketing
Despite iPhone Flap, This Dog Will Hunt.


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Beyond Price
Recently on an agent webinar, one agent was talking about how he collects five quotes for a prospect to find the cheapest possible T1. My jaw dropped. That's a lot of work for the sale - not just for the agent but for five carriers. It's a funnel management nightmare.