WhatsApp With That: Will Telco OTT Beat Facebook At Its Own Game?

The facts and stats are well known. For years, companies like Facebook, fring, Viber, and WhatsApp have been eating away at the SMS and voice revenues of traditional service providers. With the advent of combinations ... More>>>


Enterprise View

Mathematical Order of Operations
The correct order of operations is necessary to get the accurate result in a mathematical problem. For example, calculations in brackets (parenthesis) should be come prior to exponents. Addition and subtraction are performed in the order they occur. An exception would be bank accounts when it is not advisable to write checks (subtraction) until enough deposits (addition) have been made to cover them. Banks and company financial officers do not like negative balances.


Kwicr Provides Mobile App Owners with Broadband Acceleration Control
A startup called Kwicr now offers a service that allows for mobile application acceleration. The offering is aimed at mobile content outfits that want more control over their apps' quality of delivery.

Unified Communications

Cloud-Based UC Solutions Continue to Broaden in Functionality But There's Still Room for Premises-Based UC
Cloud-based communications solutions continue to evolve, becoming even more full-featured than the unified communications solutions we've seen to date. And the fact that they're offered via the cloud means these rich UC capabilities are now available not only to the largest of enterprises, but also to small and medium businesses.


Billing Solutions
Traditionally, billing has been considered a back office function that was a cost center, and not a particularly dynamic one. Our new on-demand society is changing all that - and creating a requirement for much more agile billing solutions.

Network Infrastructure

When Dependability Counts, UL 1008 Transfer Switches Deliver
Uninterrupted power at telecom facilities is a foremost operations goal that preserves the business interests of your customers, short term, and your company reputation, long term.

Sangoma Continues to Expand Solutions Portfolio: Schmooze, RockBochs Acquisitions Add to Its Toolbox
A few years back Sangoma announced its strategy to deliver turnkey solutions in addition to the voice and data boards that have been its traditional bailiwick. The company continues to move forward aggressively on this front, having this year brought both RockBochs Inc. and Schmooze into the mix via acquisition.


On Rad's Radar: SIP Trunking is Too Simple
I have to say that 2015 isn't looking good for VoIP.