Adding Value with Internet+

The Internet, and IP networks in general, have gone a long way toward expanding our world of communications. But we still have a ways to go. To allow end users to realize natural and universal communications, and enable facilities-based service providers to benefit in the process, the industry needs to move to Internet+...


Feature Article Document Management: Oce Business Services Talks Trends, Requirements
It’s the age of big data. And more information means not just more storage and a requirement for bigger pipes, but also different requirements when it comes to managing documents and related businesses processes.

Special Focus

TMC Labs Innovation Awards UC 2012
Unified communications continues to have rapid growth, both in technological improvements and deployments. The unification of voice, video, desktop sharing, instant messaging and other communications technologies improves employee productivity and lowers the total cost of ownership.


Unified Communications

Ditech Taps Agents to Sell Voicemail Transcription Services
The ease-of-use benefits that voicemail transcription services offer are pretty simple to understand. But that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Network Infrastructure

How to Build a More Perfect Network
For a data center operator serving a bank, stock exchange, or other transaction-intensive environment, even second-long delays can equal millions of dollars lost. The problem is exacerbated as business-critical applications move to the cloud. Network operators are employing higher speed Ethernet to interconnect their data centers to manage growth in users and traffic. To ensure a high quality of experience on these wide area networks, network operators need comprehensive and precise testing to determine the impact of latency and jitter on network performance.

Broadband Stimulus Update with Vermont Telephone
It's been a while since we've heard much about the federal government's broadband stimulus effort, so this month INTERNET TELEPHONY decided to check in on one of the funding award winners to see where the company is with its network build out and service launch. That company is Vermont Telephone.

The Channel
On RAD's Radar

The Replacements
The channel basically sells replacement services. Here are some examples: VoIP for POTS: SIP trunk for PRI; cable modem for DSL; Ethernet for T1; and T1 for T1. It's always about replacing like for like.


Government Security: Brewing the New Presidential Task Force Secret Sauce to Eradicate the Insider Threat
The inability of the U.S. government to detect insider threats and behaviors quickly and accurately from its array of vast live databases has got to stop - it's official, and it's an order from the President himself. However, as Obama has found to his cost in other arenas, issuing an order or winning a vote in Congress is only the beginning, and this is an ambitious project being undertaken by the military's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency which is not expected to fail.


Costs, Cloud and Connectivity Drive Strong Growth in Videoconferencing Market
Almost fifty years ago, AT&T demonstrated what could be possible with video communications when it showed off its patented Picturephone at the 1964 World's Fair in New York. Soon, AT&T installed these phones in booths located in Chicago, New York and Washington D.C., but due to the prohibitive costs of using the phones, they were scuttled by 1968.

Cloud and Data Center

Happy Days Are Here Again
Skeptics among us have long waited for a definitive death knell for the remnants of the Great Recession. Absolute confidence in a return to growth has eluded doom-and-gloomers as fears of double dips, continuing problems in the Euro zone, and a generally skittish view of the world have lingered and elicited continuous doubt.

Forrester Offers Status Report on Cloud Standardization
We hear a lot about the cloud these days. Indeed, many suppliers and customers are jumping on the cloud bandwagon. But standards aren't keeping pace with the forward momentum of the market. However, there is movement on this front, and standards are expected to play a growing role in cloud technologies in the future.

Contact Center Virtualization Benefits: From Data to Desktop
Virtualization, while it has evolved significantly, has come full circle. It started decades ago where dumb terminals all connected to a centralized mainframe. The industry then moved away from the server farm when the technology became more affordable and shifted to personal computers that offered a faster, more robust user experience.

Avnet Efforts Help Position Students for Tech Workforce
Jobs are the No. 1 topic of national discourse and the upcoming elections. That's no surprise, given the national unemployment rate at last glance was at 8.2 percent.