Speedflow Puts the Pedal to the Metal: Hits MediaCore Benchmore, Integrates Interfaces and Builds Channel


Snom Goes End to End

The company formally set out in this direction with the introduction of IP PBX software back in October of 2010.

The IP PBX solution, called snom ONE, provides customers with a software-based IP telephony system that supports all the functionality of snom IP phones...


Talking Enterprise Social Networking with Calabrio
Calabrio Inc. got its start in 2007 with an integrated suite of workforce optimization software that it says is easy to implement, use and maintain. As a spin out company, Calabrio has more than 20 years of product development experience behind its software, which it distributes through channel partnerships and via an OEM relationship with Cisco. It's a member of the Cisco Developer Network and a gold member of the Avaya DevConnect program.

Feature Articles

Taking Inventory on the Proposed AT&T-T-Mobile Combo
It makes perfect sense from a technological and market perspective, but it's also fraught with regulatory risk; will put 80 percent of U.S. wireless services market share into the hands of just two players; and could - in the process - significantly kill off the drive for competition and innovation in the cellular services arena.

VoIP Test Solutions: Looking into the SIP Trunk
IP communications has been a boon to business network managers far and wide. Not only does it enable them to put multiple traffic types on single connections, it can significantly lower their costs and enhance the functionality of employee communications themselves.

Learning@Cisco Aims to Help Workers, Students, Job Seekers Gain Marketable Knowledge
Cisco Systems has long been a leader in the communications space. In addition to market share leadership in various areas of communications, its early identification of new networking trends, its stance on the front lines of new product development and acquisitions of companies that are addressing the next big thing, and its unofficial position on Wall Street as the bellwether for tech stocks, Cisco is big into education.

New Optics Solutions Allow More Capacity and Better Efficiency
Optical technologies continue to make great gains, not just in the capacity they can deliver, but also in the efficiency with which they provide it. Recent new advances in this space include coherent optics, Raman and ROADM solutions.


Getting Vertical — Government

Continua, HL7 Provide Underpinnings for Connected Health Care
But communication-enabling medical devices; allowing existing and new health care applications to run on new and different platforms; and making all these devices, applications and data work together in a useful and seamless way doesn't happen by itself. It requires a fair amount of industry collaboration. Two of the key organizations helping to make all work in an efficient and integrated way are Continua and Health Level Seven International.

The Channel
On RAD's Radar

One thing you must do in the sales process is point out that broadband is best effort without a service level agreement. T1 DIA is a hardy, reliable circuit that is dedicated bandwidth. No "up to" - but dedicated 1.5 mbps up and down. I don't think enough buyers understand that difference.

Open Source

Talking with CommuniGate Systems
The communications industry has been on a rollercoaster ride for more than a decade. Yet, despite all the ups and downs, there are many stories about companies that have weathered the storm(s) with strength and growth. CommuniGate Systems is one such company. INTERNET TELEPHONY recently spoke with Jon Doyle, vice president of business development at CommuniGate Systems, about the company's story, its products and services, and industry trends.