Speedflow Puts the Pedal to the Metal: Hits MediaCore Benchmore, Integrates Interfaces and Builds Channel


Speedflow Puts the Pedal to the Metal

Hits MediaCore Benchmore, Integrates Interfaces and Builds Channel

But it wasn't a direct route that brought the company to where it is now. In fact, Speedflow got its start in a completely different aspect of the voice business: as a call shop…

Strategic Solutions Series Supplement on Hosted VoIP

A Look at the Hosted VoIP Market
"From our IP PBX survey, it appears that businesses are increasingly embracing a hosted services model, as their capacity needs will depend on how robust the economic recovery is, and hosted services allow them to more easily ramp their capacity needs up and down without a huge cash layout for equipment," noted Infonetics Research analyst Matthias Machowinski in releasing a study on the market at this time last year.

Unified Communications as a Service
Whether replacing an aging communications system or purchasing a new one, businesses need and want a communications system that does everything their current PBX does, while also delivering the cost savings, productivity improvement and future applications support of voice over IP. However, the complexity and costs required to build and maintain a VoIP communications system, particularly one that supports SIP trunking, are leading an increasing number of organizations to completely outsource their communications services to technology service providers such as Cypress Communications and Internet telephony service providers such as Broadvox.

GO!VBX Sets New Pricing Model for Hosted PBX Services and Now includes Unified Communications
If you're looking for a hosted PBX service provider that will outfit your business with a full array of features and functionality at an affordable price, be sure to consider Broadvox and Cypress Communications. GO!VBX establishes a new business model in pricing for hosted PBX service.

Enabling Businesses to Adopt Affordable, Whole Enterprise IP Communications
Businesses everywhere are working to achieve ever-higher levels of operational efficiency while at the same time keeping capital expenses at a minimum. While many of those organizations understand the productivity and cost benefits that a move to IP and unified communications could deliver, concerns about upfront costs and how such a change could impact opex can be significant roadblocks to moving ahead on such initiatives.

Feature Articles

Tablets in the Enterprise
If you already have a tablet, you probably love the big screen and ease of use it delivers, not to mention the bragging rights you have as a result of owning the latest, greatest and most coveted consumer electronics device currently on the market. If you don't have one, chances are good that you're considering buying one, or at least dreaming about it. But while the tablet is definitely considered a fun new gadget, many users are enjoying this tool for a lot more than watching movies and playing games. Increasingly, the tablet is becoming an important tool for business.

Cloud Offerings Enable Videoconferencing to Scale
Supporting videoconferencing within the cloud makes perfect sense given the growing use of the service by people not just in specially equipped rooms, but also via desktop and mobile devices and applications, says Young-Sae Song, vice president of product marketing of Vidyo.

The Oracle of Service Brokers: Lee Talks Infrastructure with INTERNET TELEPHONY
The service broker has become an important new component of today's public network infrastructure. Here, INTERNET TELEPHONY's Paula Bernier talks with Ken Lee, director of worldwide product marketing for service delivery platform and unified communications for the Oracle Communications Global Business Unit, about what this new network element does and why it's meaningful for service providers and their customers.

Policy Exchange Controllers Address LTE Carrier Requirements
"Yankee Group believes that policy exchange controllers are essential building blocks in the all-IP world of LTE and IMS," says Brian Partridge, vice president of network research with Yankee Group. "Acme Packet is taking advantage of its IMS border control leadership and IP signaling expertise to define a new product category and launch a compelling solution to help service providers successfully grow their next-generation networks."

New Entrants Join the Call Recording Space
Call recording traditionally has been something of a niche business in which specialty recording companies have played. But in recent months the call recording has seen some new entrants that come at this space from various angles.


Getting Vertical — Government

How Montage Companies is Using Hosted VoIP Internationally
In this technology charged economy, it's important for small organizations that want to scale their businesses to implement technology services and resources that will help them grow. Implementing hosted technologies, like VoIP and other hosted unified communications solutions, helps streamline a business to become faster and more efficient for both customers and employees.

The Channel
On RAD's Radar

How to Sell DIA
One thing you must do in the sales process is point out that broadband is best effort without a service level agreement. T1 DIA is a hardy, reliable circuit that is dedicated bandwidth. No "up to" - but dedicated 1.5 mbps up and down. I don't think enough buyers understand that difference.

Open Source

VoIP Test Solutions: Is It Time for Them to Jump on the Open Source Bandwagon?
It is an open secret that the first choice of any new OEM or service provider in VoIP product or service rollout would be to use open source tools. The myth, though, is that the usage is restricted to new entrants, while established service providers prefer the variety of commercial products that are available in the market.

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Small Service Providers - Competing Amongst Giants
In these tough economic times small service providers are finding it harder than ever to remain competitive with the giants. Many have been swallowed up, or their client base has dried up as tier 1 service providers grab what little territory is left. Recently, we sat down with Philippe Babin, general manager at Media5 Corp., to discuss the changing role of the small service providers and the solutions that Media5 has put forward to address this interesting marketplace.