Telx Helps Companies Make All the Right Connections

No man is an island. The same can be said about a network. Networks are useful only to the extent to which they can enable us to connect successfully, securely and reliably with other networks, people and applications. Telx is in the business of enabling service providers, businesses and other organizations to make these connections...

Feature Articles

Plixer Brings Concentrated Focus to NetFlow Reporting and Analysis
When it comes to the heart, most folks go to a specialist to address what ails them. When it comes to the network, tapping a specialist is also the ideal prescription.

Peeling the Onion: Cloud Drives Interest in Content-Aware Security
In the movie Shrek, the title character says that ogre's are like onions - in that they have layers. Turns out security and ogres have something in common.

Web 2.0, Mobile Boom Create New Security Challenges
You've probably heard the now-popular refrain about how while many folks are very comfortable sharing many details of personal their lives online, these same people have a high level of expectation relative to the security of their personal and professional information. What they may not know is that Web 2.0 and the rise of the bring-your-own-device trend make it easier than ever for criminals to penetrate the sanctity of our personal and professional content and networks.

WatchDox CEO Emphasizes Need to Secure Documents in the Age of Mobility
The bring-your-own-device trend in the work world is now very well understood. But that's not to say that businesses have fully come to terms with it. Indeed, as more employees carry work data with them on their mobile devices.

TMC, INTERNET TELEPHONY Congratulate IT Product of the Year Award Winners
INTERNET TELEPHONY and its parent company, TMC, are proud to announce the winners of the IT Product of the Year Awards.

Swing and a Hit: Hosted iPBX Does a Triple Header at Cactus League Ballpark
It's springtime, and in Arizona springtime brings the boys of summer.


Unified Communications

Aligning a UC Vision and Business Objectives via the Cloud
Businesses across many vertical industries are facing regulatory compliance and oversight from government agencies that include a CIOs are seeking to define their enterprise communications vision. And according to senior midmarket IT executives gathered at a recent industry conference, they are increasingly looking to cloud UC solutions as a way to execute this vision simply and affordably.

The Call for Speech Recognition Grows Louder
Talk about speech recognition, and the first thing to come to mind is probably Apple's Siri. Indeed, Siri has become a key driver to move speech recognition into the mainstream. But there's a lot more going on with speech recognition, which is now being used to enable people to control their TVs, VCRs, set-top boxes, satellite dishes, DVD players, phone systems, and even devices like alarm clocks, in-vehicle systems and thermometers.

Network Infrastructure

Talking with Vivek Ragavan: Actelis Leader Explains How Company is Helping Close the Digital Divide
t’s well understood that broadband is playing a key role in enabling many of us to expand our access to content, and to each other. But not everybody has equal access to broadband. However, Actelis (News - Alert) Networks provides solutions to help bridge the digital divide. Vivek Ragavan, president and CEO of Actelis, recently spoke with INTERNET TELEPHONY about the company, its customers and products, and the state of broadband today.

The Channel
On RAD's Radar

Hosted vs. Premises: Sales Scenario 1
If you want to venture down the path of the trusted advisor, then you have to get better at the questions that you ask your prospects...

What's on Tap at PlanetOne: Master Agent Delivers Savings in a Tough Economy
PlanetOne Communications has been named to the Inc. 5000 list and won acclaim for snagging the business of some major customers. But I'll always think of the master agent as the little joint down the street with Jagermeister on tap.


The Videoization of Mobile Value-Added Services
On any network, wireline or mobile, there are basic calling services, but operators try to upsell users to value-added services. Why? Because while basic calling services are delivered with slim margins in a competitive environment, selling differentiated VAS increases average revenue per user with higher margins.


The Latest in LTE: Wireless Providers Expand Networks, Mobile Device Portfolios
As the mobile throngs cry out for more expansive and higher-speed wireless connectivity, U.S. carriers are answering the call by bringing LTE to additional markets and introducing a wide array of 4G-enabled devices.

LightSquared Asks Authorities to Put GPS Industry to the Test
The LightSquared saga is like the Energizer bunny - it goes on, and on, and on - but, in this case, not in a good way.