Going Global and Mobile with Metaswitch Networks


Going Global and Mobile with Metaswitch Networks

Global and mobile - that's the very appropriate mantra driving Metaswitch Networks' innovation today. The coming of 4G networks has been well documented, as has the timeline for the introduction of 4G handsets by Verizon and AT&T…

Feature Articles

How the FCC's White Space Ruling Could Affect Everything About Networking
You've probably heard about how the FCC has moved to advance wireless by freeing up unused spectrum in the broadcast TV band. What you may not be aware of, however, is just how wide-ranging this white space effort is and what it could portend not just for wireless Internet service providers, but for virtually every organization that has a campus network, every consumer electronics and network infrastructure outfit, and every wireless and wireline service provider.

SMS & the B2C Opportunity
There's a lot of focus these days on broadband mobile connections and bandwidth-loving applications like video. But, as they say, good things come in small packages. Such is the case with short messaging service.

MMS Continues Growth Despite Some Perceptions
About three years ago AT&T introduced a service called VideoShare. The idea of allowing cell phone users to send instantly one-way video to other mobile subscribers during a call was radical at the time. As a result, AT&T had to explain that this VideoShare service would be useful if a mobile subscriber wanted to share an experience like a parade or a visit to the museum, or to show someone else something in a shop window.

Mobile Networking's Impact on Communications and Culture
Alcatel-Lucent last month at Mobile World Congress hosted an event that went beyond your standard discussion of networks and the mobile data boom to delve into what implications wireless, the Internet and social networking do - or could - have on the way we work, live, interact and view the world.

Unifying True Communications at Warp Speed for a Secure, Agile Mobile Workforce
Sure, people have been archiving e-mail for more than two decades now. In today's New Normal Information Age, which ranges from enterprise use of instant messaging, text (SMS) messaging (not just for kids anymore), VoIP, live chat, smartphone chat, videoconferencing and more, one has to wonder if anybody is securing and archiving all this critical data that's traversing the rapidly expanding new generation of networks.

Three Things to Know About Your 4G Mobile Video - Before Your Customers Start Using it
The numbers are staggering. ABI Research says revenue from mobile video services is expected to top $2 billion worldwide in 2013. According to Cisco's Visual Networking Index, mobile video will be the next big growth area for mobile carriers and manufacturers and will likely represent almost 66 percent of the world's mobile data traffic by 2014. In-Stat predicts that revenue from mobile video calling will exceed $1 billion by 2015.

Reading Between the Lines: Mobile Barcodes Move Forward
The mobile barcode is a fun and exciting new technology that enables people to use their cell phones to capture a code on a label, sign or other item and get more information about that product or service. It's early days for the mobile barcode, but Diane Strahan, vice president of mobile marketing at Neustar, says that the mobile barcode appears poised to take a similar path to that of SMS, offering simple applications initially, but delivering more personalized information over time.

Getting a Handle on Multimedia in Corporate Networks
Bandwidth-loving applications like video are starting to make a more regular appearance within corporate networks. But some businesses would like better tools to help them and their employees create, access and control video and the other content running over their networks. If this sounds like a familiar scenario, outfits like Ignite Technologies and Smith Micro may have a solution for you.

Test and Measurement Key to LTE Deployment and Operations Success
LTE introduces many new end user devices capable of delivering high-bandwidth services supported by a much more complicated radio and core network in terms of service delivery despite the simplification in structure. Service providers must successfully plan and execute LTE trials and solve the problems that will inevitably occur during deployment. After deployment, service providers must troubleshoot and manage quality of service issues to avoid costly outages while dealing with the high number of test points and large volumes of data that need to be correlated across the LTE network. Efficient LTE test solutions will help service providers manage these issues and meet customer demands in 2011 and beyond.

Flying High with Skycasters
Given companies have come to rely on broadband for many business-critical functions, more applications are moving to the cloud, and it's important to stay connected when disaster strikes, satellite seems to make more sense today than ever.


Getting Vertical — SMBs

Ameristar Jet Taps NEC for UC Contact Center
One of the country's largest operators of on-demand cargo jet aircraft, Ameristar Jet was ready to move to the next level with its contact center and communications solutions.

Keeping It Fresh: Pace Picks Up Savings with MegaPath Services
Preservation is important, whether you're talking about maintaining the freshness of fruits and vegetables, or controlling costs to ensure your business's longevity. In the case of Pace International, a hosted voice solution from MegaPath helps it address all of the above.

The Channel
On RAD's Radar

Are We Looking at VAR 2.0?
There has been a plethora of merger activity in the second half of 2010, including in the indirect channel space. MSPs are merging. VARs are merging with telecom agencies. Much of that activity has to do with the cloud movement. As the cloud takes up more oxygen in the room, sectors of our industry have to figure out how to stay relevant.