SD-WAN Catches Fire

SD-WAN technology is also now beginning to be adopted by communications service providers, which are leveraging it to offer new managed services for their business customers. Meanwhile, a growing array of vendors is jumping aboard the SD-WAN bandwagon, and the investment community is lining up to dole out new money to players in the SD-WAN space ... More>>>



Beacons: Aruba Networks Extends Solution
Aruba Networks is doing some pretty cool stuff with beacons at Levi's Stadium and elsewhere in the world. And in late 2015 the company unveiled new solutions that will enable it to take the solution it helped put in place at the home field of the San Francisco 49ers, and similar solutions it has in place at other clients, to the next level.

Enterprise Communications

Security: Protecting Privacy without Prying
Cybercriminals had a good year. They stole more than twice as many data records in 2015 than the year before. As of November 2015, 153 million records have been stolen in 166 breaches, according to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. That's an unfathomable amount of financial information, personal identifiable information, and protected health information.

Case Study

FastMed Taps Centrify for Mobile Device Management
Health care companies work with an unusually large number of web-based resources, including insurance providers, supply managers, and extended patient service providers. In addition, new apps aimed at improving both patient care and hospital processes are introduced every day.


Huddle Room Solutions: Filling the Videoconferencing Gap Between the Boardroom & the PC
The very essence of work is changing, and so too is collaboration, including videoconferencing. Increasingly, people are working remotely. Those who work from offices these days often do so in open, shared spaces. When they need to do private meetings or interface with remotely located colleagues, customers, or partners, they may move to small conference rooms to do so. And now videoconferencing companies are delivering solutions they say are uniquely aimed at addressing the requirements of these so-called huddle rooms.

Developer Tools & Open Source

Acceleration: Kalray Readies Second-Generation Bostan Processor
European processor company Kalray, which two years ago introduced the 256-core programmable processor called Andey, in the first quarter of this year will come out with Bostan - a second-generation solution that will take real-time processing performance to a whole new level. This new chip, and the acceleration boards and smart NICs that will be based on it, will deliver multiples of the processing capabilities of Andey and will include other new features aimed at addressing today's network, security, and storage acceleration requirements.


What's New with the Not-Com Movement
It's good to know that the parables of our youth still apply in today's digital age. To find the proof, look to the fast growing domain name industry, where the new and innovative "not-com" domain names are rapidly gaining on dot-com names.


Fallu Explains SherWeb Partners First Strategy
SherWeb is a company that aims to simplify the cloud for its resellers and customers. The company's portfolio of solutions includes Office 365, Hosted Exchange, Hosted SharePoint, cloud servers, cloud databases, and more.

On Rad's Radar: The Role of Your Brand
Today, the channel has some super-sized vendors like Dell, Cisco, Microsoft, IBM and AT&T. I would put Ingram and Tech Data there too. There are numerous carriers in the next segment of the channel pyramid that include CLECs like TelePacific, Windstream, Level3, and CenturyLink; and other carriers like Comcast and Sprint; hardware vendors like Xerox, ADTRAN, and Juniper; and cloud players like Salesforce, VMware, and Lenovo.