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April 15, 2020

Webinar - Why Ooma Says It Brings a Unique Value Proposition to the UCaaS Market for MSPs

The unprecedented situation we’re all experiencing  during the COVID-19 outbreak highlights the need for a flexible, cloud-based communications solution that allows businesses to adjust instantly to changing circumstances.   Honestly, it’s nothing new – UCaaS adoption has been on the rise for years as business leaders look to accommodate a growing number of remote and mobile workers and flexible schedules.  This pandemic is merely showcasing some of the many benefits of UCaaS.

Similarly, it shows why MSPs should have a UCaaS offering in their portfolios as a way to increase their value to customers.  Unlike on-premises deployments, UCaaS solutions have a short deployment time and businesses can be up and running in no time at all, limiting any disruption to workflows.  For MSPs, this means a relatively easy way to add MRR, without increasing truckrolls – it’s all done through the cloud.

There is choice, though, for MSPs.  They can opt to resell branded UCaaS solutions – and there are many quality brands out there – or they can go the branded path with private/white label solutions.

Traditionally, it’s all been a reseller model, but the cloud has enabled many vendors to launch brandable solutions.  For MSPs, there are several benefits to the private label options – perhaps most importantly, they get to fully retain the customer relationships, and leverage their brand equity across their service portfolios.  When you add the fact that they can enjoy higher margins as well, it’s an easy case to make.

I’m moderating a webinar on Thursday, April 30 with Ooma’s Senior Manager, Brad Nichols, where we’ll get into why the private label model makes sense for MSPs, as well as other partners looking to get into the UCaaS game to drive MRR and value to relationship they have spent years cultivating. 

When Ooma launched the program last year, it was with the goal of building its channel by developing strong relationships with its partners, rather than simply using them as a lead gen tool.

“The channel program we’ve built for Ooma Enterprise, including the white label program, is intended to build true partnerships where a VAR’s success is our success,” said Rob Ferrer, vice president, Ooma Business, at the time.

This Webinar will highlight how Ooma is delivering on this promise and giving its partners the tools deliver reliable communications services and nurture their customer relationships – without having to develop and manage their own platform.  The company believes it brings a unique value proposition to the table for partners looking to maintain customer control, increase margins and add serious value to their technology business.  Register for the webinar to find out why.

Edited by Erik Linask