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September 28, 2016

Webinar - Combining Artificial & Human Intelligence for Better Interactions

Whether you call it assisted intelligence, artificial intelligence, machine learning, or anything else – the fact that there is a movement happening in the space right now is evident.

2016 has already seen many new services launched in this area and it’s only set to continue. AI is the hottest space to be in and there are numerous startups in the arena. Not just customer care, but finance, manufacturing and information technology are all transforming with the help of AI.

What’s really interesting about the space right now is the acceptance and understanding that human assistance is still needed.

When it comes specifically to customer care, people no longer want to wait on hold or search a website for an answer. They need a solution that works the first time, every time and is convenient and delightful to use.

This is where Interactions (News - Alert) comes in. By combining AI and humans there is a pragmatic approach for cases when an entirely human interaction is not possible or affordable.  The company’s virtual assistant offering has been providing conversational and productive experiences to customers by combining AI and human assist using adaptive understanding.

To talk more about how the company achieves this and where the market is headed, the company recently hosted a Webinar with guest speaker Mary McKenna, Senior Director of Product Management at Interactions.

At a very broad level, AI is the capability of a machine to interpret human behavior and machine learning uses data to improve AI solutions in applications, McKenna told attendees.

As an example, a call can start out with a machine that then routes calls to the best human or other AI services based on need. Or humans can be used to review call transcripts from an AI product and offer better actions and pass it back to the machine – there are so many different ways to do it.

Because humans never engage with the customer in this instance, they can handle hundreds per hour. It also means a continuous feedback loop that will improve the AI model overall, so the next time a similar call comes in, the AI model can handle it on its own.

McKenna commented that customers today want resolutions in real-time and companies are looking for ways to reduce the cost of live agents. While these are big shoes to fill, by combining human and artificial assistance it is possible.

To hear more, check out the recorded version of the Webinar HERE