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September 26, 2016

Webinar - Recipe for Success: Mix Human & Artificial Intelligence

Automation in the call center has brought with it both highs and lows. On one hand, it’s made operations more efficient, cut costs and allowed better customer care to happen. On the other hand, poorly performing technologies and the inability to always capture and process speech accurately has left room for lots of complaining and errors.

Fear not though. There is something to solve this issue and it involves using both human and artificial intelligence together for the success and reliability that everyone involved is hoping for.

During an upcoming Webinar, “Combining Artificial Intelligence with Human Intelligence,” sponsored by Interactions (News - Alert), strategies for combining human assistance with automated service delivery paradigms will be discussed.

The event will feature guest speaker Mary McKenna, Senior Director of Product Management at Interactions who is responsible for managing and motivating teams that build products using artificial intelligence technologies for customer care.  

What’s unique about combining the two paradigms is the opportunity to leverage the technology driving Artificial Intelligence (AI) – where a machine can learn to imitate intelligent human behavior - with the actual science and engineering (Machine Learning (ML)) that computers need to function today.

This recipe for success is creating a market ripe for investment and companies across verticals are starting to leverage the power of AI for more accurate predictions and cost savings.

In the call center, this can mean tremendous improvements in how customers are cared for and how their needs are addressed. Interactions is dedicated to turning frustrating customer experiences into intelligent conversations by combining the two forces. Be sure to tune into the Webinar Tues., Sept. 27 to hear more. REGISTER NOW.

Edited by Alicia Young