The Virtual Safety Deposit Box

TMC Labs learned about a new product launching by TransCertain called CertainSafe that could be a game changer when it comes to cloud-based collaboration. Fortune 1000 companies and indeed even smaller companies are reluctant to put their most sensitive and confidential data in the cloud to be shared with their partners and customers....More>>>


The Channel
On RAD's Radar

Yo Agents! Start Blogging!
Content marketing is the hot thing now. It was the hot thing in 2004 when I started blogging, but that was before Google started changing their algorithm frequently. Content marketing means adding new and relevant information to your website, your blog, LinkedIn and your G+ account.

Cloud & Data Center

Database Startup Helps Businesses Dive into Big Data
The company's leaders say DeepDB is a new approach to database architecture that addresses performance and scale, and which they report has outperformed existing databases by 10 to 100 times across a wide variety of use cases.

Network Infrastructure

Avaya Takes Networking Lead in SPB
Many of you will remember when Avaya was actually the enterprise division of Lucent before the company spun off just over 12 years ago. Randy Cross, the company's director of PLM, discussed how there is a rapid move to software in the networking market, and SPB is an evolution of MPLS, allowing services to be created dynamically on the server where the applications reside or on the switches nearest the users.


What to Consider When Address BYOD Security and Management
Aragon Research Inc. in a research note released earlier this year talks about the need for a holistic approach to BYD management and writes: "Enterprise device, application and infrastructure management tools are rapidly evolving to help manage different aspects of the new mobile, bring-your-own enterprise. In the near term, businesses will face a fragmented market that includes public and private app stores along with MDM, MAM and emerging EMM vendors.

Unified Communications

Vonage Goes Native With WebRTC
Vonage Mobile's product is targeted at mobile video, audio and text. The peer-to-peer nature of WebRTC fits perfectly into Vonage Mobile's architecture where it offers a directory and connectivity service on other people's networks. Further, the company offers out of the box integration with your address book and integration with your Facebook account.


Telepresence - It's What's Next for Videos and Education
In 1980, U.S. cognitive scientist Marvin Minsky introduced the concept of telepresence, giving a remote participant the feeling of being present in a different location. Nearly 25 years later that theory is in operation across the world and importantly for us, in education.

Driving TV Viewership via Mobile Devices
Prime time rating is a strong tool for broadcasters and content rights owners to get quantitative feedback on their programming and audience engagement. It is a specific time frame in which %X of the general population becomes a captive audience, and as such, it should be nurtured and developed.


White Spaces: Bridging the Digital Divide
In a world that runs on technology, it's hard to believe that about one third of the global population is unable to access the Internet - Americans accounting for approximately six million of that number. These aren't people who have chosen to fall off the grid, or the others who don't know how to turn a computer on. These are regular folks who want Internet access, but happen to live in some of the most rugged, expansive, or under-developed areas across the planet.


INTERNET TELEPHONY Announces TMC Labs Innovation Award Winners
Welcome to the 14th annual INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine TMC Labs Innovation Awards where we honor innovative technologies. This year we had some interesting applicants, including one that helps companies with antiquated CAT3 cabling deploy VoIP, another that brings Skype-like functionality to carriers networks, and yet another that bundles a phone system with specialized dentistry software with deep integration. TMC Labs has enjoyed discovering and testing innovative products and services within the VoIP industry for many years, and one of the things we enjoy most is awarding TMC Labs Innovation Awards to innovative VoIP products.