Richard McFarland of Voice4Net talks WebRTC at Real Time Web Solutions NYC 2016
ITEXPO Florida 2016 Interview with Voice4net
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In this IoT Time, Ken calls for better IoT security, but says it can’t be bolted on, and it can’t be by locking all the functions and data up on local devices. That kind of approach will never build the consumer and user confidence needed to keep the IoT afloat. No, instead there needs to be security built in from the ground up.
ITEXPO Anaheim 2015 Interview with Voice4net
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ITEXPO Anaheim 2015 Interview with Broadvoice
WebRTC San Jose 2014 Interview with Voice4net
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ITEXPO Las Vegas 2014 Interview with Voice4Net
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Wearable Tech New York 2014 Press Day Interview with Icon Voice
Rick McFarland discusses the next generation of contact centers, the impact of WebRTC for developers, end-users and business strategies, and the timeline for WebRTC solutions in the contact center.
Demo Presentation by Hypervoice
Richard McFarland discusses WebRTC in the contact center, how it improves business processes and increases ROI, and how Voice4net is implementing WebRTC in its solutions.
Tropo discusses what’s new with the company, voice and telephony and its participation at ITEXPO Las Vegas.
Darrell Royal, Strategic Enterprise Manager at Momentum Telecom tells Rich Tehrani of TMC about the company’s georedundant network which provides hosted VoIP and more.
Trey Allen discusses Windstream’s next-generation communications solutions and what the company showcased at ITEXPO.
VP of Technology and Services for Sagemcom discusses its IP solutions and what it showcased at ITEXPO Miami.
HP Baumeister, director, mobile and communications market, discusses full HD voice and the company’s audio coding and multimedia real-time system technologies at ITEXPO Miami.
Tom Goodmanson, president and CEO of Calabrio, discusses big data, call center, workforce optimization, speech analytics and the voice of customer at ITEXPO Miami.
Voice4Net CEO Richard McFarland explains how its new mobility tools can allow for more efficiency and flexibility within the contact center. In this interview with TMC’s Paula Bernier, he also comments on the multi-channel contact center, and Voice4Net’s ability to support cloud and hybrid models.
Rick McFarland, president and CEO of Voice4Net, talks with TMC editor Paula Bernier at ITEXPO Austin in early October. Based in Dallas,Voice4net provides businesses with a custom interactive telephony solutions including contact center tools, IVR solutions, voice recording capabilities and event broadcasting systems.
Doug Mohney reports on the iPhone5’s ability to support HD Voice which is active in Europe on the HSPA networks and not available in the US – yet. However, there is the possibility that Sprint has something planned for in the future.
TMC’s Rich Tehrani speaks with Kerry Garrison, VP Strategic Initiatives; Vitelity to learn about the company’s expanding line of services including a landline based SMS and voicemail transcription.
Joe Gillette from cloud communications provider Stage2 tells TMC’s Rich Tehrani about the company’s thoughts on hosted voice and competing against hybrid CPE/cloud communications providers.
It may not have been the first voice recognition software, but Apple’s Siri certainly has quickly become the most recognized, and it has spurred a host of new voice applications, including allowing consumers to tell their TVs what to do.
TMC's Managing Editor Carrie Schmelkin speaks with Fabio Tylim VP of Sales, The Americas , Apex Voice Communications
TMC’s Rich Tehrani speaks with Gary Johnson, President and CEO of Voice Carrier
Rich Tehrani speaks with Kevin Kelleher, CEO of ICON Voice Networks
Patrick Barnard, Group Managing Editor for TMCnet met up with Tom Parrott, President of Digital Voice Systems at the 2010 Interactive Intelligence Global Partner Conference.
TMC's Erik Linask speaks with Darrell Hensley, President, GM Voices
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TMC's Erik Linask speaks with Michael Bibelman, CEO, VoiceServe
TMC's Erik Linask speaks with Marcus Graham, CEO, GM Voice
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Interview with FreedomVoice President & CEO, Eric Thomas