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Ukrtelekom Launches Cloud Based Virtual PBX

June 25, 2015

By Oliver VanDervoort - Contributing Writer

Ukrtelekom has already been a rather successful company when it comes to communications solutions for business and corporate customers. Now the firm is taking the next step by offering a Cloud PBX service that is available for activation and daily use. With the launch of this particular solution, the company is able to offer the high tech communications platform that comes with cloud and virtual PBX without the need for those clients to employ an entire IT department.

Ukrtelecom has said this cloud-based PBX can completely replace more traditional terrestrial based PBX systems and it also allows the companies the ability to save money no only in personnel but also in equipment. The firm is far from the first company to make this kind of move. Whether talking about small businesses or enterprise level firms, companies are looking to cut costs wherever they can. Cloud or virtual PBX are actually hosted inside the provider’s virtual system.

When it comes to Ukrtelekom, they may not be the first company to run this kind of setup but it is the first time the firm has run this platform. The company believes it can bring a level of expertise to this particular kind of endeavor in order to give it and its customers the best cloud based PBX system out there. This virtual setup offers the same sort of features as a landline based system, including extension numbering, voice greetings, IVR, black and white lists of calls, call statistics, multichannel phone number, call transfer, simultaneous call to multiple devices, and video calls.

This new virtual PBX solution also offers a number of serious advantages over older PBX solutions including cost reduction because there is no need to upgrade or maintain equipment. The solution also has a number of ways to make some low cost calls. The platform is also entirely scalable. This means that a smaller company isn’t having to shoulder the burden of a PBX system too large for it just so it can also take advantage of what it specifically needs. The company also offers various payment plans based on the number of extensions a client needs.

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