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Tyme Global Technologies and Septrivium Join Forces to Improve Services

June 16, 2015

By Michael Guta - Virtual PBX Contributing Writer

The hospitality industry thrives on effective communication to deliver superior customer service; from the time guests make reservations until they check out. In the past this was accomplished through sheer manpower to ensure the requests customers make were carried out in a timely manner. But today a range of technologies is making it possible for hotels and other establishments to track every instance of customer interaction to achieve the same result. Two companies that specialize in the hospitality industry and communication services have announced a cross ownership deal that will introduce new levels of efficiency for their customers.

Tyme Global Technologies, a company that specializes in software and communications solutions for the hospitality industry, and Septrivium, provider of network, IT, project management, PBX and VoIP services, will bring their resources together to start offering improved products and services.

Brian Chambers, Area Director of IT at Viceroy Hotel Manhattan said, “We have been using Tyme Global for our PBX Operators and Septrivium for our PBX and Voice Services for a while now, and both have provided us with excellent service.”

A private branch exchange or PBX is a critical piece of equipment for hotels. Traditional PBX systems were deployed on site with hardware controlled by telephone companies. The capital and operational expense for this type of deployment was considerable. However, today virtual PBX solutions allow hotels and other businesses to eliminate on premises infrastructure with hosted solutions that are flexible, scalable and much more economical.

The auGeo platform from Septrivium provides a PBX solution with IVR, extensions, voicemail options and more. The company announced it will be providing additional features that will be available soon, which will include more flexibility on usage, contracts and scalability.

For its part, Tyme Global will also be providing its own communications solutions specially designed for hotels with, PBX internal and external calls, voice operations, text messaging, hotel reservations and more.

David Maayani, C.E.O. of Septrivium, commented, “This cross ownership will provide customers of both companies' access to enhanced offerings, extended support, and a wider range of services.”

There are many mergers and acquisitions that take place every year, and while some leave you scratching your head, others make you wondering why it didn’t take place much sooner. The consolidation between Tyme Global Technologies and Septrivium falls on the latter, because the synergy they bring to the table seems like a match made in heaven.

Edited by Maurice Nagle



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