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Business VoIP Feature Articles

  • How Temporary Employees Keep Business Nimble
    It is now easier than ever to bring temporary workers and independent contractors on board. This is thanks to the ease with which competent workers can now be found online, as well as hosted services like business VoIP making it easier for businesses to connect their employees remotely.
  • Business VoIP Provider Nextiva Awarded Communications Solutions Product of the Year
    Cloud-based telephony solutions, such as virtual PBX and hosted business VoIP, are being adopted at a rapid rate, particularly as SMBs discover the cost saving benefits and rich technology features of these types of offerings. Not only are businesses relieved of the headache of purchasing and managing costly on-premises equipment when they move their communications solutions to the cloud, but they benefit from the flexibility and scalability of an elastic offering, paying only for the resources they need.
  • Telecom Companies in Trinidad and Tobago Spar on VoIP
    Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), with its ability to provide inexpensive phone services through an Internet connection, has the potential to truly rock the world of telecommunications. In business, VoIP has been developing as a major player for business call centers, but it may also become a threat for telecommunications companies on a consumer level.
  • SIP Paging Speakers: The Latest Addition to VoIP Services
    IPitomy is one of the top providers of VoIP services, including premises-based and virtual cloud-based business solutions and unified communications platforms. This week, the company added a new product to its list of IP communication services: a SIP paging speaker with talkback capability that is fully integrable with the IPitomy IP PBX.
  • Keep Users Coming Back with Quality Content
    Building a website may seem like one of those things that just gets eyes rolling. "So 2002," some might say, looking instead to augmenting a social media profile or focusing on a mobile-optimized site. While these all have advantages to consider, the idea of building a regular desktop website isn't a bad idea these days, and can offer some significant advantages all its own. But a regular desktop site runs on content, and content can be a difficult thing to do, particularly so to do well. There are, however, a few simple points to consider to make the best content: the kind that keeps users coming back.
  • NEC Repackages UNIVERGE Cloud Services Offer
    NEC has made significant changes to its hosted/cloud Unified Communications (UC) service called NEC UNIVERGE Cloud Services. Based on feedback from sales partners in the field, NEC has "unbundled" and "repackaged" the Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) offer and altered the pricing to be more in line with competing cloud offers.
  • The Relationship Between VoIP and Unified Communications
    TMCnet recently announced that Nextiva Office has won its 2014 Unified Communications Product of the Year Award, which goes to the best and most innovative unified communications products and solutions in the last 12 months. As it happens, Nextiva has won the award the past four years, firmly demonstrating that it is both an innovator and a leader in the space.
  • Following Heartbleed, VoIP Providers Continue to Reassess Security
    The open-source cryptographic library OpenSSL showed the world that it had a major vulnerability this past April. Known as the "Heartbleed" bug, OpenSSL proved itself vulnerable to hackers who wished to exploit its process that functioned to keep two computers in communication with one another. It appears, however, that Heartbleed was not the only flaw because the OpenSSL project recently named six additional vulnerabilities associated with the platform.
  • Business VoIP Means Better Communication for NDN
    VoIP has become one of the most innovative additions to telecommunication technology within the last decade. Business VoIP allows companies large and small to use their existing high-speed Internet connection as a phone line, thereby allowing the company to sever ties with the Big Phone Company and reducing costs, bills, and overall complexity.
  • Has Skype Failed to Connect to the Mobile Market?
    Skype can be a wonderful tool. The VoIP service has successfully connected individuals, groups, businesses and even governments, and allowed all manner of events to be successfully established and carried on.
  • Wholesale Businesses VoIP Services are in Demand
    Major telephone service companies are scared. New technology is becoming a threat to their business models. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services act as a way for businesses and individuals to cut out the middleman, opting for a telephone service that only requires Internet access. Not only can they be a more affordable option, but VoIP plans also offer high quality voice services and features that a traditional phone service just can't offer.
  • An Effective Website Starts with Good Metrics
    The business VoIP space is intense, and every edge matters. So any business that is not focused on how visitors use its website is missing the boat-especially since robust website analytics is free through Google Analytics.
  • Viber Challenges WhatsApp and WeChat by Adding Simple VoIP Capabilities
    We're approaching an era in today's mobile climate where VoIP and messaging applications are becoming more ubiquitous. The world wants to stay connected, and it wants to do this without having to pay a hefty price. Wherever there's a demand, there will always be a startup willing to fulfill it, so the likes of WeChat and WhatsApp came about and offered free messaging for everyone using their services.
  • Helping Customers Purchase What They Need, Realistically
    While the old adage says "the customer is always right," perhaps we've come to take it a little too literally. When it comes to selling business VoIP to customers, knowing what they want versus what they need is an important distinction to make.
  • Making Customer Loyalty Programs Work for Your Business
    Businesses use customer loyalty programs because it is much cheaper and easier to retain customers using these tools than acquiring new ones. According to the research firm Colloquy, the average US household has 22 loyalty-program memberships and they use 10 of them actively. These memberships are very profitable for many businesses, accounting for up to 60 percent of their revenues, and that is why the number of companies adding these programs has increased by 27 percent from 2010 through 2012.
  • Why Business VoIP Providers Should Be Security Conscious
    Business VoIP is woefully misunderstood for its voice quality in that too many are under the impression that it is inferior. Broadband has improved over the years, so VoIP has improved as well. Today, packets are able to travel through the Internet extremely fast, delivering crisp, clear VoIP at a fraction of the cost of traditional telephony.
  • Has True Business VoIP Finally Arrived?
    The introduction of voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) suggested the Internet could be used for more than just information gathering and streaming your favorite movies. The high speed connection put in place could serve as the pipeline to all communications, whether voice, video or other messaging. In its third decade since development, VoIP has entered the business sector as a viable option to communications. Business VoIP has finally arrived.
  • Voicemail-to-Email Can Help Businesses Improve Communication
    Thanks to business VoIP, we can use the power of the Internet to receive messages electronically. While the principle is the same as an answering machine, there are no complicated tapes to use, nor do we have to rewind, fast-forward or use complicated machinery when we're simply unavailable or have missed a call. And what voicemail has simplified for the answering machine, voicemail-to-email has simplified for getting messages faster, better and more efficiently.
  • Choose Your Provider Wisely: TelexFree Co-Founders Charged in Scam
    It may go without saying, but in instances of fraud it bears repeating: Be careful who you buy your VoIP services from. Trusted providers like Nextiva offer high-quality and reliable services at affordable rates, improving business communications and revenue. Some VoIP deals, however, are too good to be true.
  • Virtual PBX, Business VoIP are Hot Tickets
    For the enterprise, business VoIP through hosted or virtual PBX phone systems bring simplicity and cost savings. For small businesses, virtual PBX systems deliver sophistication and features previously only available to large firms.
  • World War II Airfield Gets a Modern VoIP Makeover
    Northrop Grumman, a major security company, announced this week that its subsidiary, U.K.-based Northrop Grumman Park Air Systems, installed its future-proof Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) capable air traffic control communication system at IWM Duxford.
  • How Business VoIP Can Improve Customer Care on the Phone
    Like most businesses today, you're probably managing a multi-channel environment. You push out marketing messages through social media, online activities and even traditional advertising. You have your messaging down to a science and you're making great impact on the market. This is all strong support for your key initiatives, but have you ignored the phone?
  • Infonetics Research Forecasts UC and VoIP Market to Hit $88 Billion by 2018
    The essence of communication is to simplify the process in which people can exchange information and ideas; the more barriers there are the more complicated the process gets, thus defeating its true purpose. The digital age we live in today has many technologies in place that make it possible to communicate with greater ease than ever before, but at the same time it has created barriers because of all the different modes of communication, different media and devices. One solution designed to bring all of these components together and simplify the way we communicate is unified communications (UC).
  • Identity Authentication and VoIP Wireline Services
    Despite the many efforts to make the Internet a safe and accountable place, the Internet has always been exceptionally good at providing anonymity. This has often been considered one of its strengths, but it poses challenges for VoIP service providers.
  • Are VoIP Apps a Threat to Mobile Service Providers?
    Over-the-top (OTT) VoIP services such as WhatsApp and Viber have become popular during the last few years. This popularity of OTT apps is fueled in part by the availability of low-cost smartphones and the emergence of cheap data plans.
  • Healthcare Can Benefit from Business VoIP Solutions
    The healthcare industry has garnered much attention as of late. The arrival, and subsequent extensions, of the Affordable Care Act have all but dominated the headlines. Behind the hype, however, there are still individuals who need care and professionals who are trying to do the job they pledged to do with focus on the health of the patient.
  • Some VoIP Customers Now Have Access to Automatic In-Call Translation
    Telinta is a cloud-based Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) switching and billing provider, and offers a hosted softswitch platform that allows its customers to become their own VoIP providers. Thanks to a collaboration between Telinta and Lexifone, these smaller VoIP providers can offer a new tool to their business and enterprise customers of all sizes. Now, making international calls to customers will be much easier thanks to Lexifone's automatic in-call translation services.
  • Landlines and Small Business No Longer Mix
    When companies are looking to establish a business phone system, they now have many more options than simply going with a landline telephone provider. Today's businesses are now choosing both cellular-based mobile phone systems and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions, which both have their advantages and disadvantages. However, according to Sara Angeles of Business News Daily, the advantages of modern VoIP and mobile telephone systems outweigh the few remaining benefits of a landline phone system for small businesses.
  • How Can Partnership Referrals Help Expand Your VoIP Business?
    You know you want to grow your VoIP business, but how do you expand in a heavily saturated market? There are already too many vendors who offer the same product or service, and you're looking for ways to stand out. You could go the way of the gimmick, trying to draw attention with something that may or may not work. If you truly want to set your business apart from others in the market, consider improving service.
  • Mobile VoIP Service Shifts Focus to Indian Market
    Demand for VoIP services from mobile devices is growing fast, not just in the United States but the world over. Messaging and VoIP calling app Viber is ready to expand its services in India, addressing the significant user figures that the company has amassed in the country since its launch by researching and developing more locally focused content.
  • UK Airports Consider In-flight VoIP
    Thanks to business VoIP, clients will have the ability to make and receive free or cheap VoIP-rate phone calls at the airport or while in flight. Some Internet airline providers are already using VoIP services, which leverage in flight Wi-Fi connections. Meanwhile, others airlines are considering such a service and have begun to enact policies outlining when it is and is not appropriate to allow users to make or receive VoIP calls during a flight.
  • VoIP Technology Giving Businesses Conferencing Solutions
    Today's business VoIP technology provides organizations with many different solutions for communicating with everyone in and out of the organization. Whether it is for SMBs or enterprises, VoIP audio and video conferencing allows for multiple levels of security and flexibility, with calls for up to 300 participants depending on the service provider.
  • VoIP Helps You Stay in Touch with Customers
    Whether you're a big business, small business, or a medium one, the way to stay in the game is to stay in touch with your customers. Your existing customer base is an immeasurable treasure that is as valuable to your business as is your bottom line, because without loyal customers, the bottom line would cease to exist.
  • Virtual PBX Provider Expands to Meet Growing Demands
    As Arizona-based virtual PBX provider Nextiva continues to find success, the company is expanding to meet growing service demands. Having championed customer service, Nextiva understands the importance of a well-rounded and robust team that can support the company and its customers in a variety of ways. With more and more businesses turning to the company's PBX and business VoIP offerings, Nextiva is looking to hire 100 new employees within the next few weeks.
  • Wheelings & Dealings: Telinta-LiveHelpNow Partnership to Improve VoIP Services
    Telinta, a provider of switching and billing services for business VoIP customers, recently announced that it will begin offering a special promotion through its partnership with LiveHelpNow, a business-to-consumer customer service corporation. Telinta customers who open a new account with LiveHelpNow will be offered the promotion.
  • 5 Benefits for Businesses That Switch to Virtual PBX
    Virtual PBX, or IP-based PBX, has many benefits over more traditional PBX phone systems - especially for businesses. Arguably the most significant difference is that businesses will see lower service costs. Their employees also will find that communication becomes more flexible. And unified messaging (UM) becomes a workable option.
  • Make Better Conference Calls with Business VoIP
    Conference calls make talking to business folks a lot easier. The biggest benefit is that you can stay where you are and still attend a meeting, but just because you don't have to be in a specific location, where you'd be face to face with the other members of the meeting, doesn't mean that standard conference and meeting etiquette rules don't apply.
  • Faster Broadband in UK a Boon for VoIP Customers
    How about downloading a TV show from the Internet in just one minute? That's the kind of speed Virgin Media is boasting with its new broadband services in the United Kingdom. Its new offerings deliver a top download speed of 152 MB per second, clearing the way for aggressive use of Internet services, such as business VoIP, from its customers.
  • Business VoIP Customization Means Better Service
    If you know a thing or two about VoIP, then you already know what it brings to businesses that employ the technology-increased efficiency, lower costs, better options, features and overall improvements. But what makes business VoIP a solid choice far beyond its cost-cutting benefits is how customizable it can be. This is what leads to better business upkeep and maintenance.
  • Why Virtual PBX Continues to Gain Traction
    When new companies enter the competitive business market, does it make you wonder just how much opportunity there is? Take business VoIP and virtual PBX, for example. A new entry into this market space is Voxox. Aside from that really fun name, the provider offers Cloud Phone, a virtual PBX service designed to address the needs of the small business that go beyond the standard cloud telephony application.
  • Should You Consider Reselling Business VoIP?
    Is VoIP really for dummies? According to a recent announcement, the dummy focus is actually on the reseller that wants to make waves in this market. The benefits associated with VoIP are very real and measurable - so selling a business VoIP solution is something so easy, a dummy could do it, right?
  • As Landlines Phase Out, Business VoIP Becomes New Standard
    Although it certainly seems like the majority of businesses are opting to use business VoIP for their communication needs, not all have jumped ship on their landlines. Plain old telephone services (POTS) lines are very consistent, which means businesses are not getting irregular cut outs at any time of the day. The problem with POTS lines is that the costs are not matching up with the lack of features. Thus, VoIP, with all of its bells and whistles, becomes the more attractive option for businesses.
  • Big Bets are Overrated
    "Go big or go home" makes for a rousing slogan. But it also makes for a failed business most of the time. Big bets have their place in business, but let us not forget such bets usually go away as a firm gets larger. There's a reason for this.
  • New Accolades, Awards Highlight Benefits of Business VoIP Solutions
    In a tech-driven era, where communications are the hub of business productivity and success, you'll find solution providers that offer best-in-class platforms to cover an array of business needs. Business VoIP providers like Nextiva speak to the needs of businesses, offering features like mobile business and unified messaging to get ahead.
  • 4 Methods to Reduce Business Costs with Virtual PBX
    Running a business is both exciting and costly. You're likely to search for avenues of increased efficiency on a regular basis, but actually putting new methods in place can be a challenging endeavor. Instead, you need proven technology that once in place, can deliver on more than one initiative. Believe it or not, virtual PBX can meet this need, allowing you to cut costs in four different ways.
  • Business VoIP Gets Boost in China with Relaxed Regulations
    What would make your business more competitive? What is currently going on in the market that would provide an opportunity if you leveraged it, or a threat if your biggest competitor adopted it? If you don't know the answers to these questions on a consistent basis, you might be leaving opportunities on the table.
  • Nextiva's New Mobile VoIP App Highlights the Growth of the Mobile Era
    You'd be hard pressed to find someone who does not own a mobile phone these days. Just over a decade ago, mobile phones were still considered a want, but not really a necessity. Mobile providers have paved the way for inexpensive, on-the-go communications, and now we're seeing mobile VoIP grow with the industry.
  • Run a Business from Home with the Latest in Technology
    Despite a touch-and-go economy, many budding entrepreneurs are relying on their own expertise and services to launch at-home businesses. Getting a home office set up can be a little confusing, but with the right technologies, a lot of confusion is removed from the equation.
  • Business VoIP is the Hub of Integration
    Businesses in search of an efficient communication system might find themselves looking at what's known as a unified communications (UC) system, a term used to describe any communications system, usually a business system, that encompasses a broad range of technologies and applications that have been designed, sold and supported as a single communications platform or as one entity.
  • Nextiva is Ready to Revolutionize the Partner Environment
    Unified communications (UC) service provider Nextiva is looking to do things a bit differently this year. The company-which prides itself on offering everything from small office phone systems to nationwide call centers and everything in between-is now looking to take things up a notch, and that includes a revolutionary new partner program, according to Ira Feuerstein, director of Nextiva's Channel Program, and Mary Miller, director of marketing.
  • Nextiva Highlights the Real Value Behind the Buzz Words
    There's a lot of talk about how business is changing through mobility, flexibility and a more open work culture. Sometimes all the talk makes these changes seem like fads, however. Is business really changing, and how does that help the bottom line?
  • Business VoIP + Project Management = Powerful Business Duo
    Project management includes developing a project plan, which defines and confirms the project goals and objectives, identifies tasks and how goals will be achieved, quantifies the resources needed, and determines budgets and timelines for completion.
  • Internet, VoIP are the Future of Business
    All of the technology new year predictions aside, one constant that has been reliable and ever-evolving has been the Internet and the need for more bandwidth. Or, more specifically, how we use the Internet to do the things we do; VoIP, messaging, video conferencing, websites - all of these have become the hub of all of the business spokes.
  • How Business VoIP Can Help Drive Customer Satisfaction
    It's a new year, which means you have a new chance to make something amazing happen for your customers. Are you planning to take advantage of the new beginning, or staying the course so as to avoid rocking the boat?
  • How to Stand Out Among VoIP Providers
    VoIP is hot, and with good reason. But with the popularity of VoIP on the rise almost by the day, competition among business VoIP solutions also is fierce. While there was a time when just offering VoIP was a differentiating element, today there are many competing services that all sound alike to potential customers.
  • Business VoIP Needs More Mobile Integration
    Many pundits and tech analytics are predicting that 2014 will be the year of business VoIP. If that is going to be the case, however, more business VoIP providers need to include robust mobile VoIP functionality into their business VoIP options.
  • VoIP Adoption, Cloud Continue to Play Important Role in New Year
    A new year is close at hand. Changes in telecommunications will likely continue to evolve in 2014. In a recent article, "Top Telecom Business Trends in 2014," appearing in Billing World, Charlie Reed, director of quantitative analytics for Atlantic-ACM, highlighted some telecom predictions for the New Year. Many of these relate to VoIP adoption and virtualization, cloud, as well as hosted services.
  • Delta Won't Allow In-Flight Calls - Too Soon to Say?
    The in-flight calling debate has begun thanks to a decision by the FCC to rethink its ban on the activity throughout the travel industry. Since the day the FAA determined in-flight calls don't actually cause planes to crash, the far reaches of the industry have been examining the topic to determine the best strategy moving forward.
  • How to Make Your VoIP Calling Better in 2014
    TDM-based calling, also known as "traditional" calling, is a thing of the past. Digital offers a number of benefits, and that's why voice-over-IP (VoIP) has been adopted by businesses of all sizes and will continue to steal market share from TDM-based telephone service.
  • Business VoIP Can Help Demystify Phone Call Fees
    Making a call in the U.K. can be confusing at times. Consumers don't always know what they are getting into when it comes to cost, especially when different numbers in different regions are involved. Fortunately, business VoIP can help.
  • Industry Expert Ira Feuerstein Joins Nextiva
    Nextiva, a provider of cloud-based, VoIP business communication services, recently expanded its executive leadership team by appointing Ira Feuerstein as director of the North American channel and strategic partner program.
  • Hosted Solutions Help with Disaster Recovery
    "In God we trust. Everyone else, bring data." There's a reason that this quote, attributed to consultant W. Edwards Deming, is a favorite of billionaire and former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg. Data can be a helpful clarifying agent.
  • How Business VoIP has Evolved to Meet Next-Generation Needs
    The evolution of any type of technology is good for business, as it opens up new opportunities for connectivity and innovation. Voice over IP (VoIP), for instance, was first tested more than 30 years ago, yet it is just now finding its stride in the global marketplace.
  • Lights, Camera, VoIP!
    There's been a lot of talk about the power of voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology, and I admit that I'm responsible for some of it. When I and most pundits talk about VoIP, however, we tend to focus on how it can save businesses money through more efficient transmission and a bevy of additional features at no additional cost.
  • Why Law Firms Need Virtual PBX
    The parameters established by the traditional office provided separation between home life and work life, enabling firms to create the desired atmosphere to encourage productivity. While this worked for a number of generations, the advancements in technology have shown that flexibility in communications is a good thing for business success.
  • FCC VoIP Direct Access Trial May Lead to Reduced Costs, Greater Efficiency for Business VoIP Providers
    Big changes are brewing in the VoIP space, particularly in terms of how telephone numbers are given to VoIP providers. The FCC has implemented a 90-day direct numbering access trial for certain VoIP providers - Vonage, SmartEdgeNet, WilTel Communications, IntelePeer and Millicorp - that grants them limited direct access to telephone numbers. If the trial goes well, it could lead to a permanent change to the industry.
  • How Virtual PBX Allows Businesses to Run from a Browser
    Talk of the virtual environment has come up around many an office water cooler. For some, that means daydreaming of the possibilities afforded with working in their PJs, never having to navigate the morning commute.
  • Business VoIP and Telework Can Ease the Burden of Sick Days
    Every now and then employees will not go to the office or decide to leave early in the day because they're just too sick to be there. It may be that they are coming down with an illness, like the common cold-which accounts for more employee absences and missed work days than any other sickness, and is the number one reason people visit their physicians-or perhaps have health issues that last over a longer period of time.
  • Is 2013 the Year of Carrier VoIP and IMS?
    Analysts are closing up 2013 by taking a look at the trends in technology, noting which services did well and which ones ranked at the bottom of the barrel. Market intelligence from Infonetics suggests that 2013 is a good year for carrier VoIP and IMS gear, as both are up 52 percent from a year ago.
  • Why One Colorado Company Loves Business VoIP
    Growth is always a good thing for business, especially if you can sustain it for success. One key area that must be supported is the growth of your communications systems, ensuring it can handle more customers, more traffic and even more locations.
  • 8 Business VoIP Myths Debunked
    The benefits associated with business VoIP have long been touted by those who offer the service. At the same time, forums and blogs continue to focus on the current misconceptions surrounding the technology.
  • The Aldridge Company Introduces New Hosted VoIP Phone Service
    Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has revolutionized the telecommunication industry, as this technology offers high-rate voice services at a low cost with good flexibility. Now organizations are ditching conventional landlines and jumping to VoIP.
  • Five Reasons Why VoIP Just Makes Sense
    Whether large or small, businesses are switching to voice-over-IP (VoIP) in droves. Traditional analogue telephone service is on its last leg, and even the phone networks know it; plans currently are under foot to make the switch to VoIP industry-wide.
  • The UK's Improved Broadband Rollout Makes Business VoIP an Option
    Broadband links around the U.K. have seen improvement over recent years and months, so much that businesses can take advantage of their high-tech broadband and start implementing business VoIP solutions, making communications more reliable and efficient.
  • How to Set Prices with the 'Jump 50' Technique
    One of the age-old questions for just about every business is how to price the products and services being offered. If the price is too high, sales suffer. If the price is too low, profitability suffers.
  • Business VoIP Can Help with Security Too
    Business VoIP isn't just about voice. It is part of a larger movement toward unified communications, which is the integration of various communications channels that can happen when all those channels are IP-based (read: digital).
  • Make the Season Bright with Good Holiday Workers and Business VoIP
    On the one hand, the holidays are a boon for business. Increased sales make it the hottest season of the year. But on the other hand, it can be a staffing nightmare as the increased volume demands more workers and more infrastructure to support those workers and the surge in business.
  • Business VoIP Lets You Stay in Touch with the Customer
    Virtual assistants and automated attendants are fantastic technologies that can help us all get a bit done when it comes to productivity. We can get reminders, stay on top of processes, offer apps with alerts to customers, and even have these technologies at the forefront of our contact centers to greet customers.
  • Trends Impacting Small Businesses
    For a country known as the "Land of Opportunity" and a place where people must pull themselves up by the bootstraps, small businesses and entrepreneurial ventures are a cornerstone of the American economy. In the past decade, this sector has seen a lot of change, as technology has shaken up the way business can be conducted, and in many ways has opened new doors of possibility.
  • What is Your Long-term Strategy for Customer Service?
    Improving customer service is a goal for any customer-facing organization. Yet establishing this as a goal and actually accomplishing it through efficient and effective strategy is something altogether different. Unfortunately, too many companies think about solving the customer's issue today with a sale, instead of improving their position for the long-term.
  • Online Protection Just as Important for Business VoIP, Virtual PBX
    Running a business requires good business practices. When it comes to computing, the first priority is to back up your documents, work and other important files. Business is no good if you're without your contacts, website assets, accounts and banking data. But what about protecting your communications?
  • Tilgin Partners with Media5 to Introduce VoIP Solutions
    The benefits of VoIP for businesses have long been proved, and companies in this domain are providing various new services and products to attract new customers. Tilgin, a provider of software-controlled home gateways and remote management solutions, recently partnered with Media5 Corporation to introduce TR-069 VoIP solutions to new business customers. Both companies have already completed interoperability testing on their ACS, tGem and Mediatrix VoIP gateways.
  • TCC Launches New HSE 6000 Radio Headset and Telephone Encryptor
    Secure Communications are vital for homeland security, first responders and other field operators. Technical Communications Corporation (TCC), a company specializing in communication systems, has announced the availability of its new radio headset and telephone encryptor, the HSE 6000.
  • How Business VoIP Can Help Keep Your Customers Happy
    Consumers have a lot of options these days thanks to the Internet and globalization. While some products are truly unique and competition cannot replicate what's offered, for most businesses, the competition is just a few clicks away for their customers.
  • TMC Recognizes Nextiva for Innovation in Business Communications
    VoIP is becoming mainstream in business communications and VoIP providers are competing with each to deliver products that are innovative and technologically advanced. Nextiva, a provider of cloud-based unified communication services, has been proactive in this segment and has consistently been ranked as an award-winning business VoIP provider.
  • How to Manage Proper Customer Follow Up
    How many times have you called a company to seek resolution to an issue, only to find that it didn't care enough to call you back? It's great if you can get what you need on that first connection, but when the follow up needs to happen and it doesn't, satisfaction dwindles. Business VoIP providers can fall into the same hole if they don't pay attention to their customers' needs.
  • What One Business VoIP Provider Says About Profitability
    Pricing is a dangerous way to lead the market. There's always going to be a competitor that can out price you, especially if it selects a competing product to be its loss leader. The key to success in the market is to price your product or service at a level your customers are willing to pay, while demonstrating the value you bring to the table. Notice that doesn't say you have to have the lowest price in the market - it just has to be perceived as a good value.
  • Do You Know The Pitfalls That Can Drown a Business?
    Business leaders spend a considerable amount of time focused on making the right decisions for the business. This may include writing the proper business plan, executing on strategies for new products, selecting technology to support customer service and trying to get ahead of the competition. With so much going on, it's easy to overlook those things that really lend to the success of the business.
  • Hotel Industry Taps the Benefits of VoIP Communications
    The bandwidth efficiency and low-cost benefits of VoIP technology are driving small and large businesses across all industries to migrate from traditional copper-wire telephone systems to VoIP systems. As a result, analysts are expecting this market to accelerate in the next few years across industries such as hospitality, healthcare, IT, customer service, insurance, marketing, manufacturing, gaming and more.
  • Comcast Business Upgrades Business VoiceEdge Cloud-Based PBX Solution
    Comcast Business has upgraded its Business VoiceEdge cloud-based PBX solution with new capabilities, including unified communications (UC) and video calling features to serve the needs of SMBs. The solution is expected to help a distributed and mobile workforce. Also, users can manage their UC features easily from their iOS or Android mobile phones.
  • The Fine Line Between Copying and Innovating for Business Success
    Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but copying in business doesn't take a company far. There may have been a time when copying the products and services of another firm was enough, but in today's global economy, it doesn't make business sense, even if it was ethical.
  • What Can VoIP Do For Your Business?
    Communications is an important facet of any business, demanding a clear strategy and efficient approach for all channels. For many an organization, this means the implementation of business VoIP as it allows for a streamlining of all communications and a reduced cost to stay connected.
  • Calling All Customers: Surveying Your Customer Base Works
    Your telephone system can do a lot of things for you: route calls, transfer calls, forward calls and make calls. It's the way your customers reach you over the still most preferred method: via a voice call. But what else can your phone system do for you? If you're not an outbound call center, you might want to consider making a few outbound calls, if only for the purpose of better understanding your customer.
  • Don't Give Away the Cow - Just a Small Milk Sample
    This was a very real challenge that Skype faced when its revenue model wasn't producing as promised. When the company wanted to try and generate dollars, users cried foul. The service had for too long been available for free among registered users. And now that other companies were more readily offering business VoIP, Skype wasn't the only game in town. For some, it was a matter of principle and it was worth jumping ship.
  • What Can Business VoIP Do to Help Boost Customer Service?
    When your concentration is on the communication line, great customer service means you have enough people on staff to ensure all customers receive the care and attention they need. It also means your focus is on efficiency so as to respect the time of your customers and your agents. VoIP goes a long way to assist in the process as it enables 24x7 service, a low-cost way to do callbacks and the personal touch. Each agent can have an individual phone number that gives the customer an opportunity to make that direct connection.
  • What to Expect When Buying a New Phone System
    Purchasing a new phone system for the office is a challenging task. How do you select the right option to ensure the best performance, lowest cost and that it will fit your needs? Plus, it's no longer a matter of selecting between landline options; you now have to consider whether or not business VoIP and the virtual PBX are right for your environment.
  • Technology and Customer Service: Social is the New Norm
    Customers today are savvy. In fact, that's probably an understatement. With mobile phones being the device of communication du jour, in addition to the plethora of handheld devices out there, customers know and will use technology to their benefit when it comes to obtaining service.
  • Tips for Managing Your Business' Money
    Whether you are a start-up or an enterprise company, money always tends to be the focal point of a business. In order to ensure success for your business going forward, costs and spending must be managed.
  • How to Deliver Customer Service that Customers Want
    Delivering great customer service is something every company claims is an important focus. But one man's claim to great service may be another man's annoying vendor call. How do you ensure the service you deliver on a regular basis is the service your customers want to receive? At the same time, how do you ensure your employees are equipped to properly deliver that service?
  • Nextiva Hosts Webinar on Overcoming Virtual Workforce Challenges
    When Marissa Mayer banned Yahoo employees from telecommuting, she stirred a pot full of opinions and arguments from people for and against working from a physical office. By 2016, 63 million Americans will be working from outside of their office, up from 34 million in 2010. Virtual workforces are becoming more popular every day, and companies are faced with the challenge of adapting to this new trend while sustaining strong corporate cultures.
  • Why Business VoIP is Key for the Virtual Employee
    Once upon a time, the traditional office was full of desks, multiple rooms, office equipment, telephones and people. If someone needed something from a colleague, he or she walked down the hall to retrieve it. With the arrival of mobile communications and business VoIP, this traditional office is rapidly being replaced with cloud computing, Internet communications and virtual employees.
  • VoIP's Value is Greater for Businesses
    VoIP has become so popular that it's easy to forget that not everyone is aware of its benefits or even what it is, exactly. Put simply, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is an alternative to traditional landline technology that uses a home or office's Internet connection to handle voice delivery.
  • The Benefits of Virtual PBX Can Lead to Business Growth
    Tools to grow the business always tend to gain attention. But how do you separate the hype from the value-added applications that truly deliver on expected value? After all, the Palm Pilot was supposed to redefine the way we kept track of our schedules, but we all now carry a smartphone. How do you build a solid business strategy based on technology when technology is always changing?
  • Business VoIP - More than Just Perks
    As consumers, we use the Internet for a lot of things. We conduct research on our next large purchase, we access our favorite retail outlets for online shopping, we check out the latest videos to use for entertainment or DIY projects and we complete transactions. If we're really savvy and want the most bang for our buck, we should also use the Internet for our business communications.
  • What to Demand for Small Business VoIP
    The small business has a number of challenges when it comes to launching a successful strategy. Never mind the fact that the industry alone is challenging; there's also the issue of looking as large as the dominating competitor in an environment where technology innovation is key to success.
  • Is Lack of Change Driving You Insane?
    The status quo, staying the course, not rocking the boat - all of these concepts suggest "business as usual" is the only way to successfully conduct business. Whether an employee is afraid to upset the apple cart or the owner doesn't know which way to go, change is often put on the back burner is favor of sticking with what works.
  • VoIP, Vital Strategy Helps Businesses Remain at the Cusp of Innovation
    In order for any business to remain successful for the long term, portfolios must continuously be expanded to measure up to increasing user demands. Voice over Internet protocol, better known by its acronym VoIP, is helping companies far and wide to connect with a geographically separated customer base through a variety of channels including Web conferencing, instant messaging, e-mail and of course the phone.
  • Challenges SMBS Must Overcome When Looking to Expand Their Business
    A key part of success in any company is ongoing growth. While vital tools such as VoIP can enable a business to keep current customers while simultaneously attracting new ones, several fears related to associated expansion challenges must be overcome before a firm can penetrate new verticals.
  • BluePromoCode Unveils Best Business VoIP Offers and Phone Services
    The rapid growth of VoIP has also brought several players into the market. Both residential and business VoIP markets are abuzz with a number of offers from major VoIP providers. However, sometimes customers are not in a position to identify the best deal for them.
  • Can Leveraging VoIP within Your Business Turn a Customer Frown Upside Down?
    With recent findings from Accenture revealing that nearly half of customers will never again buy a solution or product from a business if they suffer from a less-than-stellar experience, how can you ensure this isn't the case for your organization? While there are many tips to remain mindful of, you first must begin to leverage a next-generation voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) platform within your business to ensure a satisfactory customer experience each and every time.
  • Why a Business Plan Could Kill Your Success
    A recent video posted by business VoIP provider, Nextiva, included a video of Mike Michalowicz, author of The Pumpkin Plan. The video is short and sweet, but is full of sound advice for the business looking ahead to a successful future. Michalowicz suggests that the traditional business plan is not the catalyst to business success it was once believed to be, but instead could take you off course.
  • How Business VoIP Helps Companies Reduce Clutter in Office Communications
    There is no doubt that business VoIP helps firms in nearly every industry to significantly reduce their phone bills in terms of roaming charges and long distance fees. Another major advantage of VoIP is that it converges voice and data onto one platform and helps reduce the clutter typically seen within office communications.
  • GetVoIP Promotes Summer Giveaway of Two Grandstream Business VoIP Phones
    Considering the growing demand for voice and data communications in businesses, the deployment of business VoIP solutions is a logical next step. A number of companies are selecting business VoIP as their communications platform due to the low cost advantages and technology enhancements.
  • Migrating to a VoIP Platform Can Drive the Customer Experience - Have You Made the Move?
    Without a loyal customer base continuing to grow, it is unlikely that your organization will be able to remain in operation for an extended duration of time. While next-generation platforms such as VoIP can indeed help a business to better serve its geographically separated customer base, other factors also need to be closely analyzed such as the skill sets of the agents assisting customers as well as a way to report problems or concerns after an interaction with a company's employee doesn't yield successful results.
  • Business VoIP and the Employee Bonus - What's the Connection?
    A recent blog posted by business VoIP solutions provider, Nextiva, explored the employee bonus concept. The blog actually asked the question: Should the employees be giving out the bonuses? Many complain when the business owner or manager hands out the bonuses, claiming they are either too subjective or too objective. It's not an easy task to complete and keep everyone happy at the same time.
  • Unveils Three Tools to Help Businesses Select the Right VoIP Service
    The use of VoIP within businesses throughout the world is growing. Earlier this year in fact, Infonetics Research revealed that global revenues from residential and business VoIP services increased by nine percent last year, reaching $63 billion. The VoIP market overall is expected to increase to $82.7 billion by 2017.
  • Media5 Unveils Mediatrix C7 Series of Multi-Function Business VoIP Devices
    With the advent of voice over Internet protocol (VoIP), businesses across the world have found a new way to improve communications by reducing infrastructure and telephony costs. VoIP, which was started as simple computer-to-computer calling apps, is now becoming an integral part of communications infrastructure in enterprises - both big and small.
  • Why Now Is the Time for Your Business to Transition to VoIP
    The benefits surrounding business VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) have been clearly defined in one marketing piece after another, but how can you be sure the benefits promised are the benefits you will receive? The reality is that all VoIP providers can deliver the same technology - that's the easy part. It's up to you to make the most of the benefits available in tandem with the technology.
  • Business VoIP and the Engaged Employee - Are You Missing Opportunities?
    Business VoIP provider, Nextiva, recently posted a blog highlighting the importance of employee satisfaction and engagement. The focus of the blog was Ann Rhoades, an expert in the area of employee engagement who believes in engaging and paying attention to the people responsible for carrying out the vision of the company.
  • Why Business VoIP is a Great Option for Video Conferencing
    If it's been a few years since you've visited Walt Disney World, you may have forgotten about one of its classic rides - It's a Small World. The song alone is enough to send anyone over the edge, but the message is simple: we are not really that far apart from each other. Did Walt Disney know just how true these words would be in an age where business VoIP and fiber allow us to instantly connect face-to-face with individuals on the other side of the world?
  • What Can Business VoIP Do for the Employee Recognition Program?
    For instance, companies of all sizes are leveraging business VoIP because it offers the user the same quality experience in communications at a much lower price. This benefit is the key incentive to considering a migration to an all VoIP environment, even if it means a company-wide change. But it's not the only benefit VoIP delivers for the business. Efficiency and productivity improvements are also real and measurable, providing just the right level of motivation.
  • Get in the Know, Business VoIP Helps SMBs to Grow
    Nextiva is one company powering a VoIP platform currently being used in countless businesses that truly understands the value of delivering a stellar customer experience. Based in Arizona, the business VoIP expert has long held true to its goal of assisting small to medium-sized businesses in gaining access to key unified communication services such as VoIP, fax and Web conferencing at a cost-effective price.
  • VoIP + Video = Better Business
    With companies these days being forced to compete against others in their respective spaces to not only keep current customers satisfied but also continuously add to their client base, some next-generation tools, including VoIP and video, have proven key. Just think about it for a second: a client has a problem with a product they just bought from your business and leverage VoIP in order to remedy the situation themselves via self service.
  • Have You Heard from an Unhappy Customer Today?
    Whether a company has implemented business VoIP or simply decided to optimize the current platform in place, there are three areas where they can turn customer communication into a competitive advantage. The first area that needs attention is the "when." A mechanism needs to be in place at every step of the sales and service cycle, providing customers with the opportunity to provide feedback.
  • Why Delivering a Stellar Customer Experience is Key and How Business VoIP Can Help
    In a recent blog post from business VoIP provider Nextiva, it revealed that the first step towards powering a high level of customer service actually starts inside your organization with your employees, rather than outside. Shep Hyken, a customer service author, said that you must "hire the right people to fit into the culture. Then train them both technically and on how to deliver their brand of helpful customer service. The management and employees treat each other with dignity and respect, and in turn, they treat their customers in a similar fashion."
  • Business Workers Remain Productive On-the-Go with VoIP
    In years past, it was almost unimaginable to be able to work from anywhere away from your desk, with invisible chains basically binding you to your chair and forcing you to remain there for as long as it took to complete important tasks. However, as mobility has completely revolutionized the way in which companies operate across the globe, we can't help but pay a little respect to voice over Internet protocol (VoIP).
  • How Can Business VoIP Contribute to a Great First Impression?
    Companies implement a specific phone system for a variety of reasons. For the company leveraging business VoIP, they may be after the lower cost of communications, the streamlined approach to doing business, the automated features that can make the office more efficient or even the mobile capabilities. If that system isn't implemented and managed properly, the good first impression may never be created.
  • Myth Busters: Customer Service Issues to Remain Mindful of with Business VoIP
    As customers continue to expect more from their business VoIP provider as the hands on the clock tick along, it is important to understand the sheer vitality of providing a stellar customer experience each and every time. Without keeping your client base fully satisfied, it is likely they will turn to a competitor and never return.
  • Why Business VoIP Delivers More than Just a Lower Cost of Communications
    As companies increasingly turn to voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) to take advantage of the lower cost of communications and the streamlined approach to information management, they are also discovering another benefit: improved customer service. Business VoIP enables the organization to assist customers in less time, allowing them to interact with the organization through a variety of communication channels.
  • Business VoIP Space Expands with the Addition of the Polycom VVX Series
    Arizona-based Nextiva has long been noted for its robust array of VoIP-ready phones for all types of businesses that have continued to evolve over time, in order to measure up to increasing customer demands. Recently, the Polycom VVX phones were added to its portfolio, a move highlighted as delivering a more satisfactory unified communications experience than ever before.
  • Can Business VoIP Also Contribute to Customer Satisfaction?
    The argument in favor of voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) for the business environment tends to be centered on the cost benefits when migrating voice and data onto the same network. Dig a little deeper and the added perks start to surface - such as improved customer service. It's not just about the quality of the connection; it's also the integration of other applications.
  • Dentist Implements VoIP in Business Operations
    While some of us typically associate visiting the dentist to the unholy root canal, these teeth experts are really no different from any other organization wishing to remain closely connected with their client base, establishing a loyal relationship that will bear benefits for years to come. One way to do just that is by leveraging VoIP within these types of businesses, in order to deliver a seamless and high-quality user experience.
  • Online Startups Get a Boost with Business VoIP
    Planning to launch an online startup? You're entering a crowded field, but not one that should be avoided. The opportunity in eCommerce is significant, if you have the right strategy, the right product or service and the right way to connect with customers. To keep costs low and your presence local, you should closely consider business VoIP.
  • How is Business VoIP Provider Nextiva Breaking Away from Competitors? Part Two
    Nextiva is leading the way toward innovation within the business VoIP space. In part one of this series, we discussed the company's robust solutions and products within its ever-growing suite. Today, we'll look at how the business VoIP expert sets itself apart from others in the space, what is currently going on in the business VoIP industry and where it is headed, and some exciting innovations the company is currently working on.
  • How is Business VoIP Provider Nextiva Breaking Away from Competitors? - Part One
    Arizona-based Nextiva was officially founded in 2008, yet it was back in 2005 that the light bulb went off in realizing the strong need to create a business VoIP phone system for growing small to medium-sized businesses (SMB). This idea came about after closely analyzing the market and realizing there really wasn't much of a selection in terms of flexibility, and that most products available to these sized firms were overcompensated, overpriced, and simply not effective.
  • Hosted Business VoIP Benefits Go Beyond the Cost
    The demand for VoIP solutions in the corporate environment is growing. In fact, a recent ShoreTel report estimates that the market will hit $377 billion by 2016. The key question for many a business, however, is whether they should implement a VoIP solution in-house or opt for the cloud-based option.
  • Passwords are a Must, But How Do You Remember Them All?
    A recent Nextiva blog focused on this issue, offering one single rule to help you remember all the different passwords you need to navigate applications and programs safely. As a business VoIP solutions provider, Nextiva understands the importance of protection given the growing instance of VoIP fraud throughout the global market.
  • VoIP Cuts Business Costs Due to Extended Mobility
    Employees working from wherever they feel most comfortable, no matter whether it is from their home or the closest Starbucks, wouldn't be feasible without a robust business VoIP platform in place. Not only has this next-generation technology raised the bar on productivity by allowing time-sensitive projects to be completed at any time and from anyplace with a reliable Internet connection, but it also can benefit a business in many other ways. Some of these advantages include ramping up retention and decreasing expenses related to housing all of these workers under one roof.
  • Business VoIP Means Greater Mobility
    Mobile communications have made it a lot easier to be productive while on-the-go. The leaps and bounds made in mobile technology have given remote workers the keys to being rather successful in their jobs as if they were in a physical office with their very own desks. There isn't much you can't do these days while away from a traditional office and one of the main ingredients to a successful workday while working remotely is business VoIP.
  • Business VoIP Gives Retrospec Bicycles a Much Better Prospective
    Businesses throughout the globe that are looking to keep their competitive edge and drive profitability are increasingly turned to voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) to streamline operations. Retrospec Bicycles, a Los Angeles-based company that creates a variety of bicycles to ensure cyclists can have the best riding experience possible, saw firsthand the role VoIP plays when looking to enhance the customer experience and extend the reach of its target audience.
  • Business VoIP Provider Helps to Glam, Ramp Up Efficiency in Salon
    For many women in search of a pick me up, heading at a rapid pace to the closest salon where they can select from a myriad of services including waxing, haircuts and coloring, manicures and pedicures is of sheer necessity. Right about now though, you make my asking how does a nail salon and business VoIP correlate? Soon you shall see.
  • Nextiva Anywhere: Where Mobility and Business VoIP Meet
    This trend is not only obvious; it is also helping the small to medium-sized business (SMB) to more effectively complete with the large enterprise. With access to business VoIP technology, smaller organizations can now remotely access clients and customers, drive increases in productivity and experience cost savings.
  • Improve Your Business Inside and Out with VoIP and Good Feedback
    It's tough to keep a workforce motivated these days, even when business VoIP is in place. Between the overall changing face of that workforce--sometimes colleagues can work together for years without seeing each others' faces--and a difficult economy leaving everyone on edge, it's difficult to get the point across without terrifying the employees. But there are five critical points to master in terms of giving feedback that will help in just about any sized organization.
  • Law Office Sees Great Success Through Implementing VoIP into Business Operations
    VoIP is now being used by businesses throughout nearly every vertical, as a cost-effective option to stay better connected with a growing customer base that may be located all over the globe. The next-generation platform enhances communication and collaboration significantly, powering key capabilities such as an auto attendant, call forwarding, call manager dashboard, simultaneous ringing and unified messaging.
  • Making the Business Case for Mobile VoIP
    The business case designed to argue in favor of implementing VoIP within the corporate environment generally focuses on the lower costs associated with long-distance communications, the flexibility of converged networks and the simplicity of integrating voice and data applications. As mobility is increasingly an important part of the enterprise space, VoIP is now playing an important role in this trend.
  • Business VoIP: Making Calls and So Much More
    VoIP, or voice over Internet protocol, is a relatively new technology that is taking the telecommunications industry and businesses by storm. It works by converting analog signals that are produced by conventional phones into digital signals, enabling these communications to be transferred over much larger distances while reducing the price by a large extent. These phones are beginning to carve their place in the market today and gain popularity amongst the masses due to the various benefits that it provides.
  • Residential and Business VoIP Customers to Benefit from New Regulations
    With the rapid proliferation of residential and business VoIP services, the FCC is now mulling over some regulatory changes in regards to the handling of VoIP. In fact, the regulatory body is planning to expand standard telecommunication regulations to VoIP services as well.
  • Business VoIP: Are You an ID10T?
    As someone who uses the computer constantly all day long, there are a number of competencies I have developed just through trial and error. I didn't want to experience my first malware infestation - but I did. I wasn't searching for the right method to keep a program from working - but it happened. I didn't mean to make the view in my cloud-based e-mail so small - but it shrunk.
  • Not Only Do Businesses Need VoIP - the Government Does Too
    VoIP, the small acronym that stands for robust voice over Internet protocol platforms, is needed by businesses throughout every vertical as a way to slash costs, ramp up the quality of overall communications and gain access to functionalities such as instant messaging, intelligent presence, call forwarding and auto attendant. But did you know that government organizations are also turning to VoIP-based infrastructures for those very same reasons?
  • The Steady Growth of Business VoIP
    Businesses small and large are always looking at ways to reduce their telecommunications budget. With a mobile centric approach such as business VoIP being implemented in companies as of late, costs can be cut while efficiency is raised simultaneously.
  • Business VoIP Helps You Sit While Remaining Fit
    A great benefit of business VoIP, besides its cost effectiveness and ability to ramp up productivity of course, is that it enables employees across the world to access important data and files from nearly anywhere with a reliable Internet connection and at anytime. While we jumped head first into the New Year almost a month ago, many peoples' resolutions to improve their health in 2013 have already been erased, but with business VoIP in hand, it is much easier to keep fit as you are no longer physically tethered to your desk.
  • How Business VoIP Promotes Mobility
    The mobility trend is clearly here as a byproduct of modern society. Consumers are on-the-go and taking their communications along for the ride. One element of that mobility that may not be as obvious is the use of mobile VoIP. With the latest announcement from Juniper Research, however, carriers and tech companies are paying more attention to the role mobile VoIP is set to play in businesses in the next few years.
  • Business VoIP Provider Nextiva Gets Major Kudos
    The world of communications has been completely revolutionized by a little thing known as VoIP (voice over Internet protocol). The ability to make calls over an IP network like the Internet benefits small- to medium-sized firms specifically who usually have strict budgets they must adhere to while simultaneously meeting increasing customer demands. Through being able to present an extremely professional image via VoIP without a huge price tag attached, SMBS are continuing to implement this platform at a rapid pace.
  • Ooma Unveils Potential Game-Changing Business VoIP Solution
    With this year's show recently taking place in the exciting city of Las Vegas, one company making news was Ooma, a firm catering to SMBS, that has just officially unveiled Ooma Office. This product is touted as bringing next generation communications such as business VoIP to smaller sized companies who typically have tighter budgets when compared to larger corporations.
  • Business VoIP Now Helping Businesses Select the Best VoIP Service
    Business VoIP services give small and home-based businesses a competitive edge. One of the best features powered by business VoIP platforms is that users can hold global conferences for very little cost or do business while at home, all without comprising the quality of interactions with clients.
  • Should PRI Play a Role in Your Business VoIP Deployment?
    The buzz surrounding the benefits of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has permeated the confines of the business world, spurring many a decision maker to integrate the voice and data lines to simplify communications while also reducing costs. So popular are the benefits associated with VoIP in fact that it's even spilling into the consumer market.
  • Optimize Your Business VoIP Experience by Following These Steps
    Voice over Internet Protocol, or more commonly known as VoIP, can completely restructure a business' communication infrastructure, ultimately helping reduce costs, increase efficiency and further enhance the overall customer experience. However, just leveraging this next generation system isn't enough these days. Instead, you actually need to be aware of the steps you should take to see the most advantages in the shortest period of time.
  • Why Should You Consider Business VoIP?
    Selecting the right business telephone system is a task many find too daunting to do on a whim, and rightly so. A false move on behalf of the business and you can waste money, strain your communications and hurt the customer experience. There are a number of questions that must be answered before selecting the right platform. And, while some may prefer traditional landline systems, others are finding the benefits inherent in business VoIP.
  • Best Business VoIP Money Savers: Nextiva, 8x8, Ring Central,
    Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is transforming the way communication services are delivered across the world and especially in businesses. The benefits of VoIP are very high thanks to solutions including VoIP call centers, business VoIP phones, video conferencing, Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and more.
  • Business VoIP Benefits are Not Just for the Big Dogs
    Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, was first tested from a desktop computer 20 years ago. The call couldn't easily be completed as no one was using VoIP to answer on the other end of the line, but the concept of converging voice and data to streamline communications and significantly reduce the cost of doing business was born. As a result, business VoIP today creates a whole new world of opportunities for users.
  • Etiquette Rules for Meetings and Business VoIP
    The way a company interacts with its clients speaks volumes about its approach to business. There are a number of different opportunities for the company to reinforce the brand, or give it a black eye. When business VoIP has been added as a strategy to streamline communications and reduce costs, quality still has to play a role to protect interactions.
  • Business VoIP Provider Nextiva Rejoices in Success of Small Business Saturday
    This past weekend while many of us were still suffering from stomachaches due to eating just a tad too much turkey, stuffing and apple pie, SMBs otherwise known as small to medium-sized businesses looking for a way to enhance their communication systems including business VoIP were on the prowl.
  • The Right Tool for the Right Job: Dress Code & Business VoIP
    In business, there are few things that are universally clear, but one thing most can agree on is the downright axiomatic stance that the right tool needs to be used for the right job. Whether that tool is clothes or business VoIP, the key point is that the ideal tool will make the job a lot easier and come out a lot better in the end.
  • Business VoIP Provider Warms Our Hearts as Temperature Dips Outside
    Being that business VoIP provider Nextiva is based in Arizona; I am assuming that the weather there is nothing like it is here on the East Coast, with temperatures continuing to decline by the day. Yet in an attempt to keep entrepreneurs newly opened businesses as hot as Arizona's climate is typically, the company recently participated in the 2012 Business Growth Conference & Expo.
  • Business VoIP is Critical for Cost-Effective, Uninterrupted Phone Service
    For those companies utilizing phone systems with business VoIP, however, the effect of the catastrophe is softened. With business VoIP, calls can usually be rerouted to ensure that crucial orders aren't missed and customers who don't understand why their call isn't being answered, don't blame such issues on bad customer service.
  • Business VoIP Rendering Landlines Obsolete
    Could it be that one day landline phones might join the likes of the VCR, cassette tape, and answering machine? A report from the Associated Press reveals that landline phones are quickly being made obsolete by advancements in mobile and business VoIP technologies that might call for its complete retirement by the year 2025.
  • TeleMate.Net Powers Business VoIP via Voice SIEM Solution
    The growing popularity of business VoIP among enterprises has intensified the need for effective network monitoring. To help enterprises deal with network monitoring issues in the voice network, TeleMate.Net Software has enhanced its TeleMate Unified Call Management product line.
  • Tips for Measuring Up to Efficiency Standards When Working from Home, Think Business VoIP
    When I started my day, I quickly learned that I had no connectivity, something VoIP would have helped me to avoid encountering due to the fact that it offers a much more reliable connection for both business and personal use than the one I am currently leveraging. Besides a faulty connection, there are many obstacles that can get in the way of a worker on-the-go driving productivity rates, but hopefully after digesting these helpful points you will be able to work from home just like as if you were sitting in your cubicle.
  • Business VoIP Provider Nextiva Offers Tips for the Road Warrior
    Business VoIP continues to bring significant cost savings to users through its ability to connect partners at remote locations thereby decreasing the percentage of the budget dedicated to travel costs. But there are still situations that require an employee to travel. Fortunately, business VoIP solutions continue to be of value, even to the travelling employee.
  • Business VoIP Provider Opens Up about Startup Weekend
    Kicking off at the end of last week on Friday, October 19 and concluding on October 21, Startup Weekend in Phoenix, Arizona is being touted as quite a success. Sponsored by the non-profit organization, this not-to-miss event was developed in order to bring together future entrepreneurs and educate them about what it really takes to power a successful business that will continue to see profits and expand over the long term. Business VoIP provider Nextiva was one of the many companies to take on an active role at this conference, providing invaluable feedback to various teams in regards to their business model and marketing plan.
  • New Innovations Help to Drive Business VoIP
    The market for business VoIP is rapidly expanding. In fact, it's estimated that nearly $375 billion will be spent on business VoIP and unified communications over the next four to five years as companies adopt solutions that reduce costs and increase efficiencies.
  • Turn to Business VoIP to Drive Customer Satisfaction
    Within any company large or small, it is vital that customers' wants and needs are kept at the forefront of operations. No matter how impressive a firm's technology, solutions or products are, without ensuring the customer is always happy, it is unlikely that the company will stay in business very long at all.
  • The Benefits Business VoIP Brings to the SMB Starts at the Bottom Line
    After so many years in a down economy, businesses have trimmed away all the fat, and before long they are cutting into muscle to make ends meet. If these businesses haven't discovered business VoIP yet, they're missing a key asset that can minimize the cutting. Not only will this approach to communications save money, it adds benefits.
  • Business VoIP - Can You Stay Unplugged to Enjoy a Healthy Personal Life?
    Business VoIP has brought a world of productivity opportunities to businesses that were never before thought was possible. The technologies available in business VoIP brings the work to the employee, regardless of where they are. As long as they have access to a data network, they can complete time-sensitive tasks.
  • Business VoIP Space Among Top Three Telecom Growth Areas
    A recent study conducted by ATLANTIC-ACM finds that machine-to-machine technologies (M2M), business FTTx and business VoIP represent the telecom industry's top three growth products by compound annual growth rate (CAGR).
  • Business VoIP Levels the Playing Field in a Competitive Market
    Organizations have always relied heavily on their communications tools to promote everyday business operations. In the past, however, some of those tools came with excessive costs. With the proliferation of business VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) in the corporate environment, there may be more than a few businesses wondering how they ever got along without it.
  • Plingm Launches Arabic Version of its Business VoIP Solution
    In order to meet the increasing demands for mobile VoIP in businesses within the Middle East and Northern Africa, Plingm has recently unveiled the first Arabic version of its app which is available on multiple devices including Android, iPhone, iPad and the iPod touch.
  • Business Only Broadband Expands Business VoIP Functionality
    Business VoIP and broadband solutions provider Business Only Broadband (BOB) has again teamed up with Tourtech, a provider of production IT support, VoIP and fan interaction Wi-Fi services to concert tours, music festivals and special events all over the world, in order to support the IT needs of the recently held Lollapalooza Music Festival at Grant Park in Chicago.
  • Attention Business VoIP Providers: Watch Apple
    As technology lovers continue to count down the days, hours and minutes until they can get their hands on the brand new iPhone, companies in virtually every industry including within the business VoIP space should pay close attention to Apple.
  • Value in Nextiva's Business VoIP Solutions Drives Demand
    Call forwarding of some sort is used in most all businesses, many times in their business VoIP solution. The obvious benefit to using call forwarding is that clients need to know only one number to get in touch with a company representative. If that rep isn't in the office, the call is transferred to wherever the rep might be making "availability" the biggest asset of call forwarding in a business VoIP solution.
  • Global Revenues from Business VoIP to Reach $65 Billion in 2012
    A recent research report conducted by Visiongain titled, "The Voice Over Internet Protocol Market 2012-2017: Prospects for Skype and Other Players," shows that in 2012 global revenues from business VoIP will touch nearly $65 billion, making this year a landmark for VoIP services.
  • Why Business VoIP is Gaining in Popularity
    Businesses today are not only expecting voice services as an essential part of the day-to-day business processes, they're expecting better quality services like those that are provided through VoIP. With a steady focus on reducing costs and improving customer communications, business VoIP is gaining ground.
  • 10 Things You Need to Run Your Business Successfully
    Are you looking to start a business? Admittedly, this can be a daunting task, but also an exciting adventure. Each year, about 600,000 new businesses are started each year in the United States. Unfortunately, only 69 percent survive the first two years while only 31 percent survive within seven years. With these odds against you, being passionate about what you do is not enough. Learning the ins and outs of your business is necessary. So where do you get started in your business? Here are 10 critical components that you need to consider.
  • Some Business Owners in Chicago Hesitating to Implement VoIP Phone Systems
    Business VoIP phone systems are completely transforming the way small businesses communicate due to the fact that these offerings provide considerable cost savings when compared to traditional phone systems. Yet, at this time there still there are many small businesses in the Chicago area that haven't dove head first into the VoIP pool.
  • Business VoIP Replacing Landlines to Meet Today's Business Needs
    In just a few short years, landline phones may travel the same route that so many electronic devices like VCRs and answering machines have traveled before: the road to extinction. As new technology replaces old, landline phones - especially within the business environment - are being taken over by more efficient and cost-effective solutions made possible through business VoIP offerings.
  • Business VoIP Provider Nextiva Details Running Hunt Group
    Most business VoIP providers offer clients an almost overwhelming list of capabilities that can access including an auto attendant, call me now, dial-by-name directory, call forwarding, flash call hold, group paging and remote office just to name a few. But what is the point of having all of these features at your fingertips without truly knowing how to use them most optimally?
  • Grow Your Business with Virtual PBX Provider Nextiva
    In a recent blog post from virtual PBX provider, Nextiva, it was revealed that although many factors contribute to a healthy firm such as market segmentation, product research and development, sales channels, competitive influences and financial and regulatory guidelines - if your brand and mission are not clearly defined you will have trouble establishing yourself in virtually any market you are attempting to target.
  • Business VoIP Drives Efficiency and Saves Money
    Business VoIP phone systems are much more affordable than traditional telephony systems. In addition, these VoIP solutions deliver many state-of-the-art features which are often not available in traditional communications systems, says AVAD Technologies, a provider of these types of solutions.
  • Experts Discuss How to Best Use a Business VoIP System
    Many companies have already either decided to implement a next-generation business VoIP system or have begun thinking about transitioning to one. For those that haven't adopted this solution yet, it's a big decision for a company to decide if it wants to keep the VoIP network separate from the data network or converge the two into one cohesive system. While there are numerous benefits to having one large system handling all of the business operations, there are still good reasons to keep things separate.
  • Unveils New Business VoIP Telephone, Inc., a telecommunications, consumer electronics and cloud technology company, recently launched what it claims to be the world's first low-cost, completely wireless business VoIP telephone in Canada.
  • Reasons to Consider Business VoIP from Nextiva
    Small businesses rely on communications to connect with customers, collaborate with colleagues and even leverage key partnerships. Many of these interactions require continuous communications, yet it's no secret that the small business does not have an endless budget. Fortunately, business VoIP offers seamless communications at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.
  • Mobile Business VoIP Market to Grow Dramatically
    Thanks to the growing popularity of business VoIP, the global mobile VoIP solutions market is expected to grow at a rate of 64.6 percent from 2011-2015, according to a new report from TechNavio.
  • The Potential Impact of Business VoIP on Your Business
    In order to remain at the forefront of all next-generation technology, companies all over the globe are leveraging business VoIP to see multiple benefits, including dramatically reduced costs, improved productivity and reliability, and much better efficiency in operations overall. Nextiva, a major company within this rapidly growing space, powers a solution that allows users to both make and receive calls via a broadband Internet connection instead of utilizing a traditional landline.
  • Office Bandwidth Requirements are Crucial in Business VoIP
    Pop quiz: what is something that could completely shut down your business VoIP network if ignored? The answer is an overflow of bandwidth of course, and it is vital that organizations all over the globe pay close attention to bandwidth requirements as they transition to an all VoIP infrastructure.
  • Business VoIP Provider Nextiva Helps Customers Save Money
    Nextiva, a company known in the business VoIP space for its unmatched level of service, knows firsthand that small- to medium-sized organizations have strict budgets they must adhere to. To help them remain in line with their budgets with money the spare, the company is offering the lowest pricing in company history on the Polycom IP 331 and the 550; Polycom's most widely used phones.
  • Business VoIP Provider Nextiva Unveils NextOS Platform
    Today, Nextiva, a cloud-based business VoIP provider, has introduced a next-generation communications platform called NextOS, which will enable employees to conduct their crucial business operations from anywhere in the world.
  • Within North America, Business VoIP Providers Consolidated Last Year
    2011 proved to be a year full of consolidation in North America among business VoIP providers, Infonetics Research recently revealed. This is according to the market research firm's excerpts from its annual North America Business VoIP Service Leadership Scorecard, a report which analyzes and ranks the top service providers in the hosted VoIP and unified communications (UC) services market and the IP connectivity market.
  • Business VoIP Provider Amcom Empowers Next Telecom
    Next Telecom is now one of the fastest growing providers of business VoIP products on the Amcom Hosted Telephony Network. It was only a year ago that the Australian business VoIP provider launched Next Advantage, its business grade hosted PBX service.
  • Hosted Business VoIP and UC Services to Significantly Increase in Four Years
    Infonetics Research's latest report entitled, "VoIP and UC Services and Subscribers Market Share and Forecast" reveals that the number of seats for hosted business VoIP and unified communications (UC) services is estimated to more than double between 2012 and 2016. The report tracks residential/SOHO and business VoIP and unified communications (UC) services.
  • netTALK Unveils Wireless Business VoIP Telephone
    There are many advantages associated with business VoIP as it allows for significant cost savings on hardware, infrastructure and telephone bills. With VoIP, businesses can enjoy the features of traditional and modern communications including wireless capabilities, cheap international calling, video conferencing, fax over IP and more.
  • Virtutone Launches Business VoIP Wholesale Services
    Virtutone Networks, a provider of managed telecommunication services including business VoIP, fax over IP services, and hosted PBX services, entered into the VoIP wholesale market with the launch of its wholesale division that provides telephony services to other carriers.
  • Xblue X50 Business VoIP System Now Available from
    To cater to SMBs who are transitioning to VoIP environments at a rapid pace,, a supplier of business VoIP and other telephone equipment and accessories, recently launched a Xblue X-50 business VoIP phone system that can be purchased via its online store.
  • Business VoIP Provider Nextiva Wins 2011 Unified Communications Product of the Year Award
    Based in Arizona, Nextiva, a provider of cloud-based business VoIP services, helps small businesses gain access to the same communications capabilities once only available to large enterprises. Offering a comprehensive range of business phone services including a complete hosted phone system and VoIP phones, powerful hosted PBX features, auto attendant, voicemail to email, emergency 911 and online faxing, this company is also touted as providing its customers with an ultra high level of service.
  • TDS Communications Explains Benefits of Business VoIP
    Business VoIP was a foreign term for most businesses until recently. Currently however, organizations all over the world are leveraging business VoIP solutions to eliminate the expenses associated with costly international calls and local business calls.
  • How Business VoIP Provider Nextiva Differentiates Itself from Competitors: Amazing Service
    Headquartered in Arizona, Nextiva powers business phone services including a complete hosted phone system and VoIP phones, powerful hosted PBX features, auto attendant, voicemail to email, emergency 911 and online faxing. Winning the prestigious Best Business VoIP Provider award for four years consecutively, the company is apparently doing many things right and one of them is the amazing level of service it offers its customers.
  • Should We Expect a Revolution in Business VoIP in this 4G Era?
    Business VoIP is touted as a vital solution needed to reduce communications costs at small businesses, but the service is still not being implemented as quickly as first expected. Despite the lure of lower phone bills, many businesses are still concerned about the reliability and call quality of business VoIP systems.
  • Business VoIP for the Future
    In an effort to accommodate virtual businesses,, a telephony and data services business, recently began to utilize business VoIP.
  • Kineto Wireless Introduces New Business VoIP Application
    The demand for business VoIP within the small to medium-sized business sector has increased tremendously in the past few years as these systems help companies to keep their employees and customers connected anytime and anywhere.
  • Business VoIP Has Many Compelling Advantages
    Business VoIP offers a large array of benefits to companies. Sometimes, however these innovative solutions are not fully understood. Some less than scrupulous vendors have made all sorts of claims for business VoIP, and you might not have seen all of them pan out. In fact, we're willing to bet you've been oversold here and there.
  • Cloud-based Business VoIP Provider VirtualTone Partners with A PC Geek
    In the past few years, the demand for business VoIP within the small to medium-sized business sector has increased substantially. Business VoIP has also become popular among cable company customers and those who elect to receive their residential Internet from providers instead of local phone companies.
  • Vopium Upgrades Mobile Business VoIP App for Android
    The small business VoIP market is growing rapidly, mainly triggered by the increase in the adoption of unified communications technologies and the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend found in most enterprises.
  • Business VoIP Industry Continues to Grow with Nextiva Leading the Way
    Headquartered in sunny Scottsdale, Ariz., Nextiva - a provider of an innovative cloud-based business VoIP service which allows businesses to enhance their efficiency when communicating - will soon be enjoying an even brighter future. Recently, the growing company revealed that it has expanded significantly in 2011, increasing business VoIP communication clients by a staggering 104 percent. The company's revenue and number of employees also doubled in size over the 12-month period.
  • EarthLink Leverages Aastra SIP Phones for Business VoIP Services
    Aastra, a provider of enterprise communications solutions including business VoIP, has revealed that EarthLink, a provider of IT, network and communications services, has selected several of its 6700i SIP phones for EarthLink's portfolio that is available to business customers.
  • Business VoIP Provider Outlines Strategic Initiatives
    Digerati Technologies, a provider of cloud communication services including business VoIP and cloud-based telephony services, has outlined key strategic initiatives and business opportunities aimed at driving long-term sales growth and profitability.
  • Business VoIP Provider Versature Suggests Tips for Relocating
    Business VoIP and hosted PBX provider Versature is planning a move in the New Year to a larger facility in order to accommodate its growth. Moving a company to a new location is extremely demanding and stressful and while multiple people are involved in the planning of the move, shifting the phone system is often the last thing thought of during the planning process due to the various complexities associated with shifting a premise-based phone system
  • Business VoIP Adoption Projected to Grow
    The advantages and improved quality offerings in VoIP solutions have helped to drive the demand for business VoIP within the small- to medium-sized business (SMB) sector. One of the key advantages to making a switch is the near hands-off approach the boss can take to this technology.
  • How Business VoIP and Cloud PBX Differ
    As different types of technology are constantly introduced to the market, it is easy to get confused about what solutions have certain capabilities and features. To help break it down, this article will detail the key differentiators between business VoIP and Cloud PBX. Business VoIP utilizes voice over IP technologies that allow calls to be made over an IP network such as the Internet rather than a traditional PSTN. VoIP phone systems are typically used by small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) and offer users a cost-effective way to make and receive calls, while simultaneously gaining access to multiple features that seamlessly integrate with the company's resources over the Internet.
  • ExPat Telecom to Expand Infrastructure Services to Support Business VoIP Growth
    Business VoIP services are gaining popularity, so the demand for a VoIP infrastructure is also on the rise. To address these needs, Expat Telecommunications, a small business that specializes in voice and data infrastructure has revealed plans to install fiber and data that will boost telecommunications capabilities.
  • Business VoIP Adoption Driven by Cost Savings and Value-Added Features
    A recent survey conducted by WhichVoIP, a website that offers detailed comparisons of residential and business VoIP phones has revealed that low operating costs and highly useful features are the top two reasons WhichVoIP's business customers transitioned to VoIP services.
  • snom Unveils 7xx Series of Business VoIP Phones
    snom Technology, a provider of IP desktop phones and IP communications solutions has just introduced to the market an all new line of business VoIP phones that are designed for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) that require an enterprise-class desktop phone on a smaller budget.
  • Hamilton-Madison House Deploys Hosted Business VoIP Solution from Votacall
    Votacall, a provider of cloud-based Unified Communications (UC) and hosted business VoIP solutions has revealed that Hamilton-Madison House, a non-profit organization with more than 20 locations serving various communities in New York City, has selected the Votacall VoIP Platform to streamline communications.
  • Business VoIP for SMBs Remains a Major Focus for Nextiva
    Nextiva is a company that remains hard at work powering business VoIP phone products that have been created to help transform the way small businesses communicate. In fact, the Nextiva Office phone system is described by the company as "a next-generation communications platform providing small businesses with big-business features at small business prices."
  • Business VoIP Provider Launches Free Expert Phone System Knowledge Base, a provider of business VoIP phones and hosted PBX solutions and services, has recently launched its free expert phone system knowledge base on its website. The knowledge base contains relevant, accurate and updated information on branded phone systems, according to company officials. It also provides key insights into their configuration, programming, features, scalability, performance and more.
  • Businesses to Continue to Transition to Cloud-based Business VoIP Architectures
    As time goes by, more and more businesses are realizing the benefits associated with utilizing business VoIP. This increasingly popular trend shows no sign of slowing down as unified communications capabilities continue to grow. Dave Dadds, deputy chairman of the Federation of Communication Services of, wholeheartedly agrees with this statement and said in a recent article that businesses will continue to use business VoIP by "default" in years to come.
  • Three Crucial Reasons for Implementing Business VoIP Systems
    Small and medium-size businesses all over the country are looking for cost effective ways to communicate with their customers but they need not look any further than a business VoIP phone system to meet all of the increasing demands of any organization. How exactly can business VoIP be useful for businesses? Well, besides increased functionality and better performance than a typical landline can offer, VoIP can provide three key advantages that will help companies to gain a competitive edge.
  • Business VoIP Provider TelcoDepot Offers Free Business Communications Needs Analysis
    Business VoIP provider TelcoDepot has just launched a free communications needs analysis service for businesses. Through this communications evaluation, the business VoIP company will provide businesses of every scale and industry with comprehensive advice on ways to optimize their telephony services and reduce costs, company officials said.
  • Overcoming the Challenges in Business VoIP
    The cost and efficiency benefits promised in business VoIP have led to widespread adoption among small businesses and enterprises alike. While advancements have been made in this technology area, there are still obstacles to quality of service (QoS) in the delivery of business VoIP. Here, we'll take a look at a few of these obstacles and best practices for breaking through these barriers to improve overall quality.
  • Wind Currents Communications Adds V2VIP Video Phone to its Business VoIP Service Portfolio
    Wind Currents Communications, a provider of business VoIP services, video phones and IP phones has just unveiled the V2VIP video phone and calling plans for small businesses. The new SIP-compliant business VoIP service includes a high-performance video phone which redefines video calling for small-to-medium sized (SMB) businesses and healthcare agency communications in order to beat economic odds, company officials said.
  • Business VoIP Providers - Who Do You Trust?
    Businesses of all sizes are exploring the potential benefits offered in a business VoIP platform, but it can be a challenge to select the right vendor to cater to the needs of the specific organization. The key is to look for a next-generation communications platform with a low cost that offers superior support, ease of use and cost efficiency. One company to consider is Nextiva.
  • SIM Partners Chooses Votacall's Business VoIP Solutions to Increase Growth
    Votacall, a cloud-based Unified Communications Provider (UC), has just revealed that SIM Partners, a marketing agency based in Chicago Illinois, has just implemented solutions powered by the Votacall business VoIP platform to offer a suite of voice communications to employees, as well as customers. Created and managed by All Business Communications, the Votacall business VoIP solutions will provide increased scalability and productivity that helps to enhance user experiences.
  • Business VoIP Offers Lower Price, Greater Functionality and Better Performance
    Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) offers a much more efficient way to make and receive phone calls, as it relies on the data connection a company already has in place. Business VoIP solutions offer a more cost effective approach to communications and are rapidly becoming the communication platform of choice among small businesses.
  • Visualware's Access@Home Appliance Improves Remote Worker Business VoIP Connection Quality
    Visualware, a developer of Internet connectivity measurement and analysis solutions, has just enhanced its Access Series platform in order to power all new, cost effective solutions for work- at-home employees. The innovative Access@Home appliance provides a fully automated solution that can quickly pinpoint connection quality problems that can negatively affect business applications, which in effect will deliver a low grade customer experience. The Access@Home appliance is perfect to improve business VoIP solutions and for organizations that rely on high connection quality in order to increase productivity levels from remote workforces and valuable business applications.
  • Why You Should Choose Nextiva's Business VoIP System
    Do you need a business VoIP phone system with many features at a cost-effective price? Nextiva's Office VoIP phone system is the perfect solution, as it provides a next-generation communications platform that gives small business owners benefits to which only large businesses had access previously.
  • Why Should You Choose Nextiva's Business VoIP System
    Do you need a business VoIP phone system with many features at a cost-effective price? Nextiva's Office VoIP phone system is the perfect solution, as it provides a next-generation communications platform that gives small business owners benefits to which only large businesses had access previously.
  • Business VoIP Drives Success with Strong Network Support
    The costs associated with running a business can make or break that business if the proper strategies are not put in place. One strategy that has been taking hold is the implementation of business VoIP technology to reduce the overall communication costs for that organization. Nextiva offers a Business VoIP Service Network that is designed to meet the needs of any business.
  • Several Advantages to Business VoIP Outlined
    Business VoIP you've certainly heard of by now, it's making and receiving phone calls over the Internet, instead of normal phone lines. It's usually far less costly than landline phone costs, so it's become a great favorite of businesses looking for economical alternatives to landlines, especially SMBs which always have an eye out for that sort of thing.
  • The Benefits of VoIP Extend Beyond Price
    As you're no doubt aware, VoIP means using your broadband Internet connection for phone calls. Yes the technology was a bit rough a few years ago as they were working out the kinks, but have you used it lately? According to officials of, a site that helps compare different VoIP providers to get you the best deal for your needs, the blinding advantage of VoIP is still that it's far cheaper, in most instances, than POTS - Plain Old Telephone Service. And there's nothing hocus-pocus, high techy about using it; you use it just like you use your present phone service.
  • VoIP Equipment Threatening Wireline Voice Service Success
    While recent research from In-Stat finds that small business spending on wireline voice services will approach $16 billion by 2015, that number may be threatened by the increased use of VoIP services and VoIP equipment purchases. According to In-Stat, the figure represents nearly 50 percent of the entire wireline voice services spending. Small businesses that have five to 99 employees account for around half the GDP and more than half the employment in the U.S.
  • Enterprises Look to Displace Desktop Phones
    It might come as a shock for enterprise information technology managers who have been used to thinking about "phones" as essential tools, but as use of mobile devices has grown, that cannot be a foundational assumption anymore, says Brownlee Thomas, Forrester Research analyst.
  • BeroNet Announces the Beta Launch of BeroCloud
    BeroNet, a manufacturer of ISDN, Analog, Hybrid and Fixed GSM VoIP PCI Cards, Gateways and Appliances in Europe, announced the launch of "BeroCloud", a cloud-managed Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) card and gateway solution.
  • Research Shows VoIP Market to Double in Next Five Years
    It's no wonder voice over IP has been placed at the top of the Top 10 list of the hottest growth industries in the world (and, by contrast, wired telephone service has been judged one of the top 10 dying industries), says research firm IBISWorld USA.
  • Technology Dominates Top 10 Boom Industry List
    What IS interesting are the places where the economy doesn't stink, as evidenced by research from IBISWorld USA and outlined by the Wall Street Journal today in a blog feature called the "Top 10 Thriving Industries". In other words, these are industries with good past, present and projected future revenue growth. Unsurprisingly, as the WSJ points out, a majority of the boom industries (eight out of 10) are in the technology sector.
  • Smoothstone Stands Out In Infonetics VoIP Survey as the Only Company Serving Enterprise Market
    In Infonetics' third annual North America Business Voice over IP (VoIP) Services Leadership Scorecard, Smoothstone IP Communications has secured a ranking, the company recently announced in a press release. The international market research and consulting firm Infonetics award the ranks only to those companies, which in its opinion have the potentials to succeed over the long term based on a blend of factors, including financial stability, market strategy, service capabilities and support options.
  • GL Announces LTE Protocol Simulator
    GL Communications, Inc., a supplier of test, monitoring, and analysis equipment for TDM, Wireless, IP and VoIP networks, has launched its Long Term Evolution (LTE) Protocol Simulator. The LTE protocol standard provides users with enhanced mobile Internet access.
  • Tpad Launches State-of-the-Art VoIP SIP Trunking Solution
    Business telephone service provider Tpad has announced the successful completion of its interoperability testing of SIP Trunking products and services with UK-based Internet provider Supanet. The company said that the tests proved that its SIP Trunking packages can work with almost any session initiation protocol (SIP)-ready IP private branch exchange (PBX) platform.
  • Telcentris Unveils New Hosted VoIP Package
    New entrepreneurial ventures can now look in to Startup Bundle program, a new hosted VoIP offering released by Telcentric that provides a comprehensive business phone solution four to ten employees.
  • A Slippery Slope of HD Audio, HD Voice and HD VoIP
    When it comes to phones, people are starting to throw around "HD" fast and loose, using a wide range of terms such as "HD audio," "HD voice," and "HD VoIP." It's all starting to drive me crazy, because people and companies are starting to say one thing when they might mean another, leading to a rat race of clarifications.
  • Broadcore Adds Video Bridging to Cloud Services
    Broadcore, a provider of Hosted Unified Communications and Business VoIP Solutions, added Video Bridging to its portfolio of cloud based offerings. Purported as the step beyond videoconferencing, video bridging allows one to connect with and view multiple people simultaneously.
  • Worldwide Telecom Services Market to Touch $1.4 Trillion by 2014
    Worldwide telecom services market revenue declined by 0.2 percent in 2009 to $1,217.8 billion. In 2014, the global telecom services market revenue is likely to reach $1,383.2 billion, registering an increase of 13.6 percent since 2009, according to
  • Globe Telecom and JAJAH Form Partnership
    Globe Telecom, a Philippines based provider of mobile, fixed line, and broadband Internet services, has recently announced that the company has formed a strategic partnership with JAJAH. The partnership will enable Globe Telecom and JAJAH to deliver affordable VoIP services to Filipinos living abroad. Recently, JAJAH was acquired by Telefonica Europe and the new services will be built on JAJAH's IP Communications Platform which will enable operators, internet companies and other brands to roll out and manage cutting edge calling services.
  • Broadview Networks Wins Internet Telephony's 'Product of the Year' Award
    Broadview networks, provider of business VoIP service has recently added yet another honor to its trophy case in accepting Internet Telephony's "Product of the Year" award for 2010. Broadview networks offers business VoIP and hosted phone services to corporations that need reliable and flexible communications solutions. The company received the award for their OfficeSuite software.
  • The VoIP Basics - We're Not Assuming Anything
    Sometimes it's good to go back to basics, especially with something like VoIP. That might be one of those terms you've heard bandied about but aren't really sure what it means -- or why everyone thinks it's such a big deal.
  • Business VoIP Services: Broadview Intros OfficeSuite ACD Platform
    Business VoIP services and network-based business communications provider Broadview Networks recently launched the latest in its offerings. Targeting the small and medium sized business market, Broadview released OfficeSuite Automatic Call Distribution and Recording platform.
  • Business VoIP Seller Apptix Announces Partnership with Quest Software
    Apptix, best known as a seller of hosted business VoIP communication services including Unified Communications and other offerings including VoIP announced a partnership with Quest Software, a provider of just the sort of migration and management products Apptix was interested in.
  • Flint Telecom to Acquire Business VoIP Company Turnkey
    Flint Telecom Group, an international telecoms technology and services organization, has signed a letter of intent to acquire 100 percent of business VoIP company Turnkey. The transaction is expected to close within the next 60 days, according to company officials.
  • Business VoIP Adopted by Heartland Automotive Services
    Heartland Automotive Services, recognized as America's largest Jiffy Lube franchisee, has signed a managed services contract for a full-featured VoIP (Voice over IP) product with Hughes Network Systems, a provider of managed network services.
  • Cisco Study Suggests Internet Traffic on Mobile Devices Will Increase 26-Fold by 2015
    Network operators have noticed the surge in Internet traffic over mobile devices as consumers increase access to video on smartphones and tablet computers. Now, according to a Bloomberg report, this traffic could increase 26-fold by 2015. This estimate was shared by Cisco, known as the largest provider of computer networking gear.
  • Telco Depot Named Officials Microsoft Partner for Syspine
    Officials of Telco Depot, a vendor of telephone systems and equipment, phone system installation and telephony support services, say the company has been named official Microsoft Response Point Sales Partner for Syspine, a VoIP phone system developer.
  • Business VoIP Provider Nextiva Donates to Food Banks
    Business VoIP and communications provider Nextiva recently donated 535 pounds of food, or 411 meals, to the United Food Bank. This donation is mainly aimed to offer hunger relief and food assistance for needy families in Arizona. Nextiva is located in Scottsdale, close to the areas served by the United Food Bank.
  • Can VoIP Software Provider Skype Live up to the Hype?
    The excitement was intoxicating as I signed in to hear and watch Skype's keynote speech at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas streaming live. How could it not be? The live chat was filled with anticipation as one viewer commented, "I've been waiting for this all week." Viewing numbers rapidly increased - 234 … 238 … 263… - and then, nothing. About ten minutes past the scheduled airing time, rumblings began via Facebook, Twitter and live chat: Skype is having difficulty with VoIP, ironic.
  • Chinese Authorities Give Skype the Boot and Ban Third-party VoIP
    China, with its 450 million Internet users, is going after Internet phone and VoIP services, such as Skype, claiming its actions to be in the benefit of the country's state-owned telephone companies. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology revealed on its website that it is working to fight "illegal Internet phone services," without any warning of the specific actions that will take place.
  • Telcentris Offers White Label Managed Wholesale VoIP Platform
    Telcentris, a vendor of cloud communications products, has announced the availability of its white label product, which company officials describe as "an end-to-end managed wholesale VoIP enablement platform that offers customers a complete suite of services and robust back-end infrastructure."
  • Overall VoIP Spending Anticipated to Increase by 2014
    In a recent research report by In-Stat entitled, "U.S. Business Spending by Size of Business and Vertical, 2009-2014: Business IP Communications" indicated that application-based Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) spending might increase nearly 60 percent by 2014.
  • Small and Medium Businesses Predict VoIP Market to Grow
    New research from Ami-Partners, which involves opinions from small and medium businesses, indicates that VoIP market will grow in coming years. According to the research, over 30 percent of small businesses (1 - 99 employees) and 50 percent of medium businesses (100-999 employees) say that VoIP will become critical to their business operations.
  • Nextiva Offers New Cisco Business VoIP Phones
    Nextiva now offers and supports Cisco's latest line of business VoIP phones. The Cisco SPA 300 and 500 series IP phones promise many great benefits said Nextiva. Each phone in the 300 and 500 series includes state-of-the-art features, comes with Cisco's hardware reliability, and is attractively priced for customers.
  • 12 Small Business Marketing Phone Tips 'Til Christmas
    How do you reconcile the high-pressure needs of your small business with your family's desire to roast chestnuts on the open fire? Having a virtual phone service can help. Toward that end, we offer up these 12 small business phone tips 'til Christmas. Hope they help make your season a little brighter.
  • Customs HQ Helped by Nextiva Office to Handle Business
    Importing goods through US Customs is made easier by, an online resource. Nextiva has been selected by Customs HQ to provide its business phone system. Customs HQ will not only be able to enhance their user experience and gain productivity, but also save money with the implementation of Nextiva's business VoIP phone service.
  • ITEXPO: Merger Results in Free Phones and New Hosted Voice Features
    MegaPath, Inc., an end-to-end communications networks provider restructured after the MegaPath-Speakeasy-Covad merger, announced today, at ITEXPO West, its limited-time free Cisco SPA 303-3 IP phone promotion. New customers purchasing unlimited or global Hosted Voice calling plans, with a minimum of five lines, will receive IP phones for all employees. As part of MegPath's post-merger integration, it is offering common products, pricing and promotions across all three company websites.
  • ABI Forecasts World Business Hosted PBX Services Market Value Will Exceed $20 Billion By 2015
    A recent series of forecasts from ABI Research, which provides in-depth analysis and quantitative forecasting trends especially in the global connectivity, and in other emerging technologies, has shown that's the value of the overall world business VoIP services market is all set to become double and to exceed an amount of $20 million by the year 2015. The market includes VoIP integrated access, SIP trunking, hosted PBX Centrex services. The report will be advantageous to VoIP product managers, telecom service providers, carrier VoIP providers, multi-tenant IP-PBX vendors, and many related users.
  • A Snapshot of Global Internet Traffic
    Growing in both usage and capacity and coming down in price, according to TeleGeography's Global Internet Geography study. The study is a comprehensive source of data and analysis about international Internet capacity, traffic, service providers and pricing. It measures the market for international Internet services, broken out by region, each year.
  • Nextiva Launches Business VoIP Information Center
    Officials with Nextiva said that this business VoIP portal by the company is designed for small business and telecommunications professionals seeking information about business operations, marketing, online fax, and voice over IP.
  • New Version of RealityVision Supports Verint Nextiva IP Video Management Platform
    According to company sources this will allow users to seamlessly tie into IP video feeds from fixed cameras connected to the Nextiva system from their mobile devices. This will enable them to monitor remote areas and also respond to developing situations. The integration of the two platforms forms a highly scalable solution which can be used in several remote monitoring solutions.
  • Nextiva Featured on
    Featuring reviews and comparison data of the top online fax services on the market from brands such as MyFax, RingCentral and Nextiva. In addition to reviews, offers Email Fax Buying Tips as well as a Market Standard to follow when selecting a reliable Internet fax service. Visitors to the site are able to compare services on price, features and extra options. Once they've selected the fax service that meets their needs, they can sign up for a free trial or paying account through
  • Nextiva Connects with Small Business
    The system allows a business owner to choose if they want a toll-free or local number and give the business the options to add a centralized greeting, set-up an employee directory and call routing. Users can be notified of voicemails either by e-mail or by text - so even when away from the office a business owner can quickly respond to clients.
  • Speakeasy Announces Extension of Free Phone Promo till End of June
    A recent study released by CompTIA, a trade association for the IT industry, indicated that 25 percent of small- and medium-sized businesses expect to adopt a VoIP solution this year. There are many reasons contributing to this. The key factor is that costs of the VoIP solution are found to have much better value compared to that of a traditional telephony system for entire lifetime as it costs much less to maintain and augment. The second key factor is that VoIP helps in setting up a virtual office very easily.
  • Promoting Group Picks Nextiva for Business VoIP
    With the deployment of Nextiva's Office VoIP phone system, Promoting Group no longer requires multiple telecommunication providers and is now experiencing the many benefits of a hosted business VoIP phone system.
  • Nextiva Connect: One Central, Toll-Free Number
    Fisher said his company has experience with startups, "but this was our first iPhone app. The main thing we looked for when shopping for a phone provider was reliability. The last thing we want to occur is to be on the phone with Apple discussing development issues and then all of a sudden have our phone drop out."
  • Study: VoIP and UC to Rebound in 2010
    Market research firm Infonetics Research has published three Voice over IP and unified communications reports, finding that while "the enterprise telephony market was hit hard in 2009 due to the recession," things are looking better.
  • Business VoIP Study Looks at Deployments by Vertical
    Also, AT&T was named as a top provider of IP Centrex solutions for businesses and vertical markets of all sizes. Hosted IP Centrex was found to be most used by government and healthcare segments according to the research.
  • Business VoIP Market Strong: Report
    IP Telephony continues to be the fastest growing segment in the Enterprise Voice market, a new report from Synergy Research Group notes.
  • Business VoIP Penetration to Grow Rapidly: Report
    According to In-Stat Analyst, David Lemelin, "VoIP adopters have a good understanding of the cost savings associated with VoIP, and have oriented their limited budgets to optimizing efficiency and savings by replacing legacy TDM voice solutions."
  • New Business VoIP Help Center on the Web from Nextiva
    It's a new section they're adding on their Web site. There'll be new articles geared towards VoIP, showing you how your small business can get the most out of it and dealing with common issues people have. Did we mention that it's free? These days, free is good.
  • VoIP Week in Review: ITEXPO East 2010 Highlights
    This new solution is designed for small, medium and large enterprises, while it is also certified by CounterPath. Bria for Asterisk takes the advanced telephony and multimedia communications features found on Asterisk servers and brings them to the desktop level to improve employee productivity and collaboration.
  • Unified Communications Market Doing Well Despite Recession
    Matthias Machowinski, Infonetics Research's directing analyst for enterprise voice and data, said that the growth in the unified communications market should not be surprising because these tools are designed to allow users to communicate and collaborate more effectively.
  • Nextiva Honored for Business VoIP Service
    Nextiva's hosted VoIP service, Connect360, helps transform the way small businesses communicate by making communications affordable. Starting at just around $20 a month, the solution includes IVR, voicemail, dial-by-name, call transfer, find me/ follow me, and a host of other features that larger businesses were once only able to afford.
  • Business VoIP is Easy to Move and Maintain
    Not only do hosted providers take care of all maintenance and day-to-day operations of the system, but when it comes time for a business to move locations, or add more lines, the hosted provider helps make that transition seamless for the business.
  • Nextiva Business VoIP: A Higher Quality Phone Service
    One key benefit of business VoIP phone systems is higher quality phone services. This can be attributed to the use of digital technology which offers increased sound quality compared to phone services of the past.
  • Business VoIP an Easy Transition for SMBs
    For small businesses in particular, using VoIP means more features and functionalities without additional costs – so they can have all the benefits of VoIP their larger competitors were once only able to afford.
  • Small Business VoIP Considerations
    For small businesses in particular, VoIP phone systems make it possible to attain more features and functionalities with out the need for additional costs. Add to this the ability to utilize a hosted VoIP service, and smaller companies can have all the benefits of VoIP their larger competitors were once only able to afford.
  • Business VoIP Services Market Strong
    Nextiva offers Business VoIP solutions that transform the way small businesses communicate. The company's affordable hosted VoIP service, Connect360, starts at just around $20 a month and includes IVR, voicemail, dial-by-name, call transfer, find me/ follow me, and a host of other features larger businesses were once only able to attain.
  • New vFAX Online Fax Service from Nextiva
    According to officials with Nextiva, vFax was created in response to customer requests for a reliable and secure online fax application. The service is also a complement to the company's line of business communication offerings including business VoIP solutions.
  • Business VoIP Phone Systems Easier to Set-up and Manage
    From myths regarding minimal cost savings, to inferior call quality and the technology being only for those who are more technologically inclined – the reality is that VoIP is a highly beneficial communications solution for small businesses.
  • Business VoIP: Serving More than Just Large Enterprises
    While many of the misconceptions that VoIP phone systems are "cumbersome" or "too costly" have diminished, there are still a number of business yet to make the switch to VoIP because they think the technology is only for "techies" or larger businesses with greater resources.
  • Call Quality Not a Business VoIP Concern
    The first myth, that cost savings when making the switch to VoIP are minimal, can push small businesses away from the idea of VoIP all together - when in reality cost savings of at least 50 percent compared to traditional phone systems can be realized.
  • No Cost Savings for Small Businesses Switching to VoIP?
    To help uncover the top 5 myths keeping companies from making the switch away from their old phone systems, business VoIP provider Nextiva offers a new white paper, "5 Myths that Keep Small Business Hooked on Old Phone Systems."
  • When Choosing a Business VoIP Provider, Consider Level of Network Investment
    A recent report from market research firm Dell'Oro Group shows that the carrier IP telephony market rose 7 percent sequentially in the second quarter of 2009, to $737 million, as service providers replenished equipment and license inventories and purchased infrastructure to serve near-term customer needs.
  • Names Nextiva a 'Top Business VoIP Provider'
    Recently,, a leading resource for information on telecommunications services, honored Nextiva with its much-coveted Top Business VoIP Provider award for the third quarter of 2009. The award is given to the best phone service provider based on a number of factors including price, feature set, call clarity, network reliability and customer service.
  • AMI-Partners: VoIP, IP Telephony to Fuel SMB Networking Market
    A new report from market research firm AMI-Partners predicted that the desire of small- and medium-size businesses looking to cut employees' travel costs will contribute to sizeable growth in the networking market to the tune of $1.6 billion this year. According to AMI-Partners, more companies are taking advantage of software-based Voice over Internet Protocol, or "VoIP" service, such as Skype, and video conferencing solutions as an alternative to traveling to cut costs, fueling the success of the APAC SMB networking market.
  • Hosted Business VoIP: What Are You Waiting For?
    If you're still using traditional phone service, you can probably shave anywhere from 50 to 80 percent off your monthly phone bill by switching to a hosted VoIP, (voice over Internet protocol) service.
  • Dell'Oro Group: Enterprise VoIP Growth to Slow in 2009
    A new report from market research firm Dell'Oro Group predicts that although the business VoIP market will continue to grow in 2009, its rate of growth will slow considerably due to the downturn in the economy.
  • Nextiva's Connect360 Business VoIP Service Delivers Advanced Auto Attendant for Free
    If you're a small business owner operating in this current economy, you've probably already cut your staffing levels to the bare bone. Perhaps you've laid-off your only receptionist – which means when you're out on the road, there's no one in the office to handle incoming calls from prospects, existing customers, partners or suppliers.
  • Nextiva Furthers Green Initiatives with Partnership
    In an effort to adopt a more eco-logical approach to doing business, Nextiva, a company providing affordable VoIP solutions to small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), has announced a new partnership with, one of the country's leading carbon offset organizations.
  • Nextiva Launches inTALK Business VoIP Service
    Nextiva, a business VoIP solutions provider, recently launched a new home Voice over IP (VoIP) service, called Nextiva inTALK. Created specifically for the small or home business, Nextiva inTALK provides unlimited calling services and comes with a free adapter. It also does not incorporated Private Branch eXchange (PBX) features, making it very user-friendly, even for those new to VoIP.
  • Business VoIP Provider Nextiva Delivers Superior Customer Service
    Superior customer service can often fall to the wayside, lost in the midst of an overload of daily tasks, responsibilities and expectations. However, research studies have shown that customer service is the key to customer loyalty; not something to be overlooked or de-emphasized, especially in this economic climate.
  • Expert: VoIP to Gain Greater Appreciation under Obama-Appointed FCC Chair
    Under President-elect Barack Obama's administration, the VoIP market stands to gain a greater appreciation from the federal agency that regulates communications in the United States, a Washington, D.C.-based attorney who's worked in telecommunications, media and technology for more than 25 years told TMCnet today.
  • Business VoIP Delivers Significant Value When Designed for the Environment
    Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has been proven to be able to deliver significant benefits to the organization, yet some still have not made the transition to this technology. Some businesses have neglected to make the leap due to fears of potential implementation costs, quality issues or putting their network at increased risk.
  • Translating Business VoIP Tech-Speak
    In order to find the right business VoIP service for your company, it helps to understand the common terms used by providers and vendors. With the long list of acronyms and terms used to describe business VoIP, decoding this other language may seem like a daunting task. However, in order to read between the lines, companies need to be aware of what all these words mean in order to understand the major pros and cons when making the network transition to VoIP To better grasp what type of business VoIP service you need, read on for the most commonly used words in the VoIP language.
  • 21 Different Ways to Use VoIP
    People are finally starting to catch on that using VoIP can cut the costs of cell phone bills, landlines and Web conferencing, and these benefits are just the beginning. From giving your dating life a boost to helping you earn extra money from a side job, VoIP gives you the ability to explore all kinds of new ways to communicate.
  • Nextiva Launches Business VoIP Channel on TMCnet
    (Norwalk, CT – October 16, 2008) Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC) today announced that the Business VoIP Channel, sponsored by Nextiva has been launched as the newest addition to the TMCnet channel program.
  • Reflecting On Nextiva's Business VoIP Achievements
    With the small to medium business viewed as the next exciting area of opportunity in the growth of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Nextiva continues to bring its award-winning line of VoIP phone solutions to help thousands of businesses run professional phone systems at low flat-rates.
  • Business VoIP: Cost, Service, and Features
    The way a business handles its incoming calls says a lot about it. When a call comes in, is the caller greeted by an automated attendant with voice prompts? Is there a professional voicemail system? Can someone be reached through the main number at any time?
  • Business VoIP and the 2008 Election
    With the U.S. presidential election only a few weeks away, the race is heating up and technology is playing a huge role in how consumers are tuning in and staying up-to-date on the current campaigns.

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