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  • ADTRAN Focuses on VoIP with NetVanta 1510 and 1550 Switches
    The growing demand for voice over IP applications has caused network communications companies to begin focusing more on call quality and the prevalence of dropped calls. ADTRAN is beginning to remedy the situation with additions to its VoIP switch portfolio in the form of the NetVanta 1510 and 1550 families of gigabit Ethernet switches.[Read More]
  • Allworx Telephony Targets SMB Environments
    It's true that smartphones are invading the world of business communications. But contrary to growing belief, phone cords are not facing extinction. In fact, they're not on the endangered office supplies list at all.[Read More]
  • Nextiva Receives Two Stevie Awards for Customer Service
    Nextiva, a cloud communication service provider, has announced that it won two bronze Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service has recognized the company with two bronze awards.[Read More]
  • ProCom Brings VoIP Telephone Service to West Virginia
    The latest announcement from communications services provider ProCom concerns its offering of VoIP communications in West Virginia.[Read More]
  • Nextiva Lands Best Call Center Phone System Ranking
    There are a lot of options out there when it comes to the phone system for call centers, and trying to figure out just which to go with can be a tall order. But those looking for a new system may have a little easier decision thanks to a new honor Nextiva landed. Specifically, it landed the title of best business phone system for call center operations from Business News Daily.[Read More]
  • VoIP Innovators Criticize the FCC's Title II Decision
    On February 26, 2015, The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to regulate broadband Internet services as a public utility as a way of regulating high-speed Internet services. The new rules, which were approved through a 3 to 2 vote, are intended to ensure that no content is blocked and that the Internet does not become a highway with pay-to-play fast lanes for Internet and media companies that can afford it and slow lanes for everyone else. In essence, this is the concept of net neutrality.[Read More]
  • IPGENIE Offers Free Downloads of UC Software
    Up to 1,000 businesses in the U.K. and Ireland may find themselves treated to some free software in the coming weeks. IPGENIE, a provider of IP-based communications services, recently announced that it began offering, free of charge, a download of its Unified Communications Platform software that they can continue to use with up to 15 employees in their offices.[Read More]
  • NetNumber and NetAxis Tackle VoIP Signaling and Data Traffic QoS with Combined Offering
    The complexity of today's real-time communications networks is part of their beauty, enabling a host of rich features and solutions that are easily customizable in terms of scalability and usability. Ensuring quality of service (QoS) on these networks has always been a challenge though, and many service providers have attempted to tackle this granularly, through complicated solutions deployed at the OSS/BSS layer.[Read More]
  • VoIP is Becoming Entrenched in Business Culture as Part of Larger UC Solutions
    When I first began writing for Internet Telephony magazine in 1998, part of our job was to convince the business world at large that VoIP was not just a quirky little hobbyist trend. The market was already in full swing with big names like 3Com, Lucent and Cisco feverishly developing products and educating the channel about the large-scale advantages of VoIP.[Read More]
  • 8x8 Announces SLA for Enterprise Customers
    Service-level agreements (SLAs), are on the rise as enterprises realize growing risks in a legally complex and increasingly regulated, interconnected global economy, and so 8x8's recent announcement is good news for qualified enterprise customers. The company announced its SLA, which promises quite a few benefits.[Read More]
  • Business VoIP a Key SMB Technology for 2015
    Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) often have little extra time or resources, and may as a result be using outdated business technology and services. But, in doing so, SMBs hurt their bottom line because they're not using tools designed for their specific needs.[Read More]
  • FCC Looking at Requiring Telcos to Offer Backup Power to Phone Service During Outages
    The FCC certainly isn't shying away from fights with some of the biggest tech companies in the world at the beginning of 2015. The agency is looking to launching brand new rules when it comes to Net Neutrality and now it is also taking a look at requiring a kind of backup plan for telephone service when the power goes out. In particular, the FCC wants Internet Service Providers that also offer phone service to provide a backup power requirement when power outages strike.[Read More]
  • snom Unveils New IP Desktop Business Phones
    With the rise of the business VoIP phone, there are a ton of different businesses that have moved from looking for any device that can bring them an IP phone solution and are now looking for the best on the market.[Read More]
  • 8x8 to Offer Voxbone's Virtual Phone Service for Emergency Calling
    Regulation in the European Union that instructs telecoms on how to handle emergency calls states that they must provide end users with the ability to dial 112 (the equivalent to 911 in the U.S.). What this has meant for 8x8 Inc., a supplier of private branch exchange services, was that its European clients needed to hold on to a PSTN line only to handle the function of emergency calling.[Read More]
  • 'Help Me Help You': Providing Customers with Self-Help Content
    While most companies today engage in direct customer support to some degree, there is the fact that live agent support is expensive to operate. Any technologies that help customers help themselves before they pick up the phone or send an email should be welcomed and capitalized upon. Luckily, the Internet makes this much easier today than it used to be.[Read More]
  • Ye Olde Landline's Days are Numbered
    Amidst the hyper-connected world we live in with all of our cordless phones and smart devices, it almost seems that anyone who still has a wired landline is living out of some sort of museum. As more tech-advanced gadgets replace the systems of yesterday, we're now figuring out what to do with the old landlines that still exist while the landscape is drastically evolving around them. The fact of the matter is, the landline days are numbered.[Read More]
  • Looking for Better VoIP Call Quality? Sintrex's VoIP Monitor Ready to Help
    There are a host of reasons to get in on a business voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) system. Having access to more features than the standard phone system, having access to better quality features, being able to put it to use in more places and even saving substantial amounts of money-particularly for those businesses that do a lot of long distance or international calling-are all just part of the package.[Read More]
  • There's More Than Meets the Eye When it Comes to Effective Sales
    Most people who work in sales have a proven methodology that has worked for them repeatedly over the years. But sometimes learning new techniques and tips can yield even better results and this is certainly true when it comes to selling things.[Read More]
  • Make Tech Investments a New Year's Resolution
    Investing in technology like business VoIP is one resolution that many organizations are looking to this year. But having the idea is only the beginning of the process - the only way to keep company resolutions continuing throughout the year is by ensuring that the right strategy is put in place, and that everyone involved is focused on future results.[Read More]
  • Getting to Them First: How Proactive Customer Service Benefits Everyone
    I never much liked the word "proactive." It's not in my 13-year-old dictionary, and it seems like one of those words marketing folks create to suit their purposes. In any case, we all now understand the word proactive, which in recent years has crept into the popular lexicon (or should I just say lexicon), and we understand the value of what it aims to express. That is not just to move on something, but to anticipate it, and to be ready to act on it when the time is right.[Read More]
  • Strategies for Mobile Marketing
    It seems that these days almost the minute you are born you are surrounded by technology like smartphones. There are monitors of every type keeping you informed of your baby's condition that have apps for your smartphone. I believe that if you take a count of all the smartphones you will find that it comes close to almost every human being on the planet having one of their own.[Read More]
  • Turning Smartphone Addiction into Productivity
    There's a growing issue among modern-day employees, an issue that many in the industry aren't talking about: text neck. You may have seen its victims, on the subway, in the restaurant, sitting in waiting rooms, hunched over their phones without pause, with their necks seemingly protruding at odd angles...how can we, and should we, address the problem?[Read More]
  • Airtel Mobile VoIP Fee Plan Raises Questions About Revenues
    More and more people are using VoIP and business VoIP services, especially on their mobile devices. And while people are increasingly turning to services such as Skype, mobile operators struggling to contend with loss of revenue.[Read More]
  • Specialized Businesses Can Use Communications Technologies to Reach Customers
    Small business owners selling a niche or specialized product or service face a number of challenges. Attracting and informing customers and getting them to make an impulsive online purchase isn't really an option for these types of companies. There are marketing and communication strategies that can go a long way in attracting and retaining customers, however.[Read More]
  • Truly Wireless Offers VoIP-Like Enterprise Calling-via Cellular
    There are plenty of VoIP and unified communications clients available for smartphones, and IP PBXs often offer mobile extensions to accomplish things like four-digit dialing from mobile devices. But a start-up called Truly Wireless wants to take a little of the zing out of the IP world by offering advanced enterprise calling features across the cellular network.[Read More]
  • VoIP Helps Grow Franchised Businesses Without Headaches
    When the history books are written about the most important technologies that helped small businesses compete with and even get ahead of large companies, there's a good chance that voice over IP will make the list. For a growing business, traditional phone service often represents a significant cost, and its questionable flexibility means the company is always running to catch up with its telephony needs. Voice over IP (VoIP), of course, is inexpensive and highly scalable, allowing companies that are growing and expanding to add capacity and capabilities.[Read More]
  • The Land Line: Are Its Days Numbered?
    There was once a "Dilbert" comic strip in which Dilbert, feeling his technological superiority over the common man, saw a business card and noted that the number on the card was a landline. Dilbert observed-not without a hint of smugness-that such a thing "must be handy for when someone calls from 1993." Dilbert's disdain for the landline isn't limited to this, however, and there are a growing number of folks that seem to agree. It's getting to the point where some are asking if the landline's days are numbered.[Read More]
  • Schools Transition to VoIP Ahead of Federal Funding Cuts
    VoIP services allow businesses to communicate over a network that is increasingly reliable, offers crisp audio quality, and is easily integrated with other business solutions, whether they are hosted or supported onsite. Because they operate over IP-based platforms, business VoIP systems can also offer users a host of other features such as video and voice conferencing. But businesses aren't the only ones adopting VoIP technology-more and more schools are making the switch these days too.[Read More]
  • Make This Year's Office Party One to Remember with the Right Tech
    People make the biggest difference for most businesses, especially in this era where the Internet and globalization have made technology and business processes increasingly standardized. What sets a business apart from others is its employees, their creativity, and the culture that the firm nurtures.[Read More]
  • Don't Forget to Call Your Customers This Holiday Season
    The holidays often put a crimp in business. While we may appreciate the break on a personal level, there's no doubt that holidays and employee time off - or too much merry-making - can put the brakes on even the most serious business. Perhaps it's a good thing: it's a way to refresh employees and help them get ready to start the new year. But this isn't to say that there aren't some advantages to the holidays from a business stand-point: they're a great excuse to pick up the telephone and reach out and build good will with your customers.[Read More]
  • 'Tis the Season for Vacations: Business VoIP Can Help
    The old saying the show must go on aptly applies to the 24/7 nature of 21st century business. But, even small business owners and managers sometimes need to take a break, and the holidays are a logical time to do so.[Read More]
  • Nextiva Drive Offers Secure Cloud Storage and Real-time Collaboration
    Any business today worth its salt knows that mobility is one of the primary keys to success. Modern employees are seeking jobs that offer remote access and flexibility-whether it is for working from home or continuing business seamlessly while on the go. The bring your own device (BYOD) movement has brought personal smart devices into the enterprise fold, making it a more connected business landscape than ever before. But how do companies ensure that employees can access everything they need, wherever they are?[Read More]
  • VoLTE Growth Drives 2014 VoIP Market
    Following a tremendous 2013, telecom service provider VoIP and IMS equipment and subscriber revenue growth has tapered in 2014. But, it's still in positive territory, with the market up 5 percent in the third quarter from a year ago according to market research firm Infonetics Research. Interestingly, that's largely being driven by uptake in voice over LTE (VoLTE)-which may have implications for the business VoIP market as mVoIP offers start to come to market.[Read More]
  • Call Tracking Will Change Advertising Yet Again
    Department store magnate John Wanamaker famously said that half of the money he spent on advertising was wasted, but the problem was that he didn't know which half. Thankfully, this is no longer a problem for business owners.[Read More]
  • Use Employee Reviews to Foster Positive Communication, Growth
    Every business VoIP provider knows that communication is the key to any successful organization-but that doesn't just mean IP-based communication. It also means communication between people. The level of communication between managers and their employees must be strong in order to keep a company functioning healthily. One way to help ensure that lines of communication stay open between workers is through a quality employee review process. This helps employees to get a better sense of where they can focus efforts on improvement, as well as helping the overall team understand expectations so that they can be met effectively.[Read More]
  • Business Tools Can Make Your Small Business Appear Mighty
    business, this is no longer the case, but there are certainly benefits to seeming "big." Giving customers the impression of size tends to indirectly reassure them that the business is well established, has plenty of support, and can be trusted with big projects and clients. In a sense, it comes down to reputation, and offering customers a sense of credibility.[Read More]
  • VoIP Systems Bring Dispersed Workforces Together
    Geographically dispersed staff members no longer have to tighten their budgets to save for costly travel expenses, because with the investment in a few tech tools, people can be present for meetings and collaboration, just without having to ever step foot on a plane or in a car. In IP communications, one attractive option is going with a business VoIP and virtual PBX system, as it's already a hassle-free technology that requires little to no attention.[Read More]
  • How to Improve Workforce Efficiency
    In looking through my Facebook feed, it's always interesting to see what people will post. Some are just sharing the latest happenings in their lives, while others are sharing something interesting they found online. A post that meets the latter caught my attention yesterday as a friend shared an article featuring 50 pictures from a time gone by. One picture featured a helmet employees could wear at work to ensure they only look at what is on their desk for optimal efficiency.[Read More]
  • How the Customer Experience Can Turn Your Business into a Competitive Threat
    Have you encountered that arrogant company? You know, the one where they are so convinced that their products are irreplaceable and therefore the customer experience is not a priority. For a while, this strategy can work - the reputation of the product may bring people to the door. But the real question is whether or not customers will continue to return.[Read More]
  • Want to Expand Internationally? Start with Business VoIP
    Have you thought about expanding your business internationally? From a market perspective, there are significant opportunities outside of our national borders, offering companies with the right product, service, skills and technology to take advantage of expansion. Implementing business VoIP is an important step to ensure you have the communication technology in place that you need, but it's really just the first step to international success.[Read More]
  • A Customer-centric Universe for Customer Service
    Whether you're a customer service rep or a customer yourself, we've all heard that "the customer is always right." Perhaps our philosophies on how we deal with customers and how we act as customers have evolved somewhat, but business VoIP provider Nextiva say that, at least for customer service agents, putting the customer at the center of the universe is imperative for successful business.[Read More]
  • CounterPath Taps UK's UC Market Through ProVu Communications
    Unified communications (UC) is starting to become a more integral part of business processes and call center operations as each day passes. Proof of this lies in an Infonetics Research report from last year called "Enterprise Unified Communications and Voice Equipment," which put the worldwide market revenue at a 31 percent growth through 2013. This sent an alarm signal to vendors around the world operating in this industry, including business VoIP providers.[Read More]
  • How to Motivate Your Seasonal Help This Year
    Business VoIP provider Nextiva highlighted some tips for managers to help keep seasonal employees encouraged so that the feel-good stuff passes onto the customer. Things like goal setting, offering rewards for a job well done, flexibility and making the temporary employee feel not so temporary are all on the list of keeping employees happy.[Read More]
  • Nation's Phone Infrastructure Will Soon Support VoIP
    Within the next few years, engineers work hard to convert the nation's phone infrastructure to modern fiber optic cables - capable of transmitting enormous amounts of data - and provide HD phone service to the public. The process is greatly simplified as telecom operators are already expanding the fiber optic network for ultra-high-speed Internet and data transmission; HD voice will just be another type of data travelling on the cables.[Read More]
  • Cloud-based Networks May Have Been the Best Thing to Happen to VoIP Calling Yet
    Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone networks are often hailed as the calling system from the future. Though VoIP has been around for some years, it was not until broadband Internet became virtually ubiquitous in the workplace that enough businesses had the bandwidth to support VoIP to make it popular. Now with the rise of cloud technology, it appears that business VoIP may be in the midst of a second revolution. According to a blog from VoIP provider Voxilla, cloud-based VoIP networks could deliver cheap and reliable phone service to business and even residential customers.[Read More]
  • Upping Customer Service Through Better Metrics and Technology
    Businesses VoIP can help companies more easily connect with customers and drive a positive customer experience. That's because VoIP solutions such as that offered by Nextiva deliver a wealth of functions that make the calling experience easier and more efficient.[Read More]
  • What Small Businesses Should Know Before Switching to VoIP
    There are a number of barriers to VoIP phone service adoption, and perhaps the most pervasive of these barriers is a lack of knowledge about the technology overall. Businesses that want to upgrade their services simply do not know where to begin; furthermore, they may be hesitant to switch from copper because of a poor past experience.[Read More]
  • Google Voice Creator Putting a New Spin on Business VoIP
    Switch Communications, Inc. is a company run by Craig Walker, the creator of Google Voice, and funded by Google Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz. As a provider of unified communications, collaboration and productivity tools for work, the company is looking to revolutionize how 190 million business phone users in the U.S. use their phones to communicate. The cloud-based VoIP platform the company has deployed is designed for business grade phone systems that will be able to work across all devices and platforms including iOS, Android, Mac, PC, Linux, and even old desktop phones.[Read More]
  • Business VoIP Takes Care of the Health Insurance Industry
    There are fairly good odds that at some point, you have called into your health insurance company for a specific reason, whether it's to contest a claim or find out about covered expenses, only to get stuck in menu hell, realizing you have pressed '0' no less than 250 times, and ended up throwing the phone down more frustrated than you did before you even made the call. While it's an unfortunately likely scenario, it doesn't have to be that way. Insurance companies, take note: business VoIP can save both you and your customers quite a few headaches.[Read More]
  • British Telecom and EE Delivering New IP Solutions for SMEs
    Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) make up a considerable portion of the customers that VoIP and telecommunication service providers rely on. The acquisition of these customers is highly contested by telecoms because of the long-term revenues they provide with multiyear contracts that continually grow as businesses expand locally, nationally and even internationally. Two of Great Britain's largest service providers, British Telecom and EE, recently announced new services and flexible price plans to lure SMEs.[Read More]
  • The Mobile Revolution is a Big Business Opportunity
    Smartphones changed the world, and business is still figuring out exactly how things have changed and in what ways to take advantage of the shift in behavior.[Read More]
  • Nextiva Recognized for Excellent VoIP Service with 3 Small Business Influencer Awards
    For the second year in a row, Small Business Trends has recognized business VoIP phone service provider Nextiva as a major influence on the small business community. By providing both hosted and premise-based VoIP solutions, Nextiva was awarded by the online publication not one but three separate 2014 Small Business Influence Awards.[Read More]
  • How to Develop a Strong Team and Customer Experience
    Business VoIP solutions provider Nextiva recently published a blog discussing five tips on how to build a successful team to support your small business. Technology is an important element, as something like business VoIP can keep employees and customers connected through multiple channels with ease, but the lack of quality personnel can make even the best of customer service initiatives fall flat. For that reason alone, let's take a look at these five tips and how they could help you create an environment that meets your customers' expectations.[Read More]
  • Finding the Right Balance in VoIP for the Call Center
    It's the job of any company that hopes to succeed to make it easier for customers to do business with it. Since the majority of customers still prefer the telephone to all other channels, a company's telephony system might be considered its most important tool for supporting customers. Unfortunately, too many companies are still overly casual about the quality of their telephone support, and this can lead to poor customer service.[Read More]
  • The VoIP Market: Today's Cash Cow, Tomorrow's Cash Tower
    There was a time long, long ago when transmitting an analog voice signal through a copper wire was a very exciting achievement. That era is slowly creeping behind us, desperate to remain relevant. PTSN telephone networks just aren't as exciting as they used to be, especially since the introduction of digital voice services that utilize the internet infrastructure we already have. The rationalization behind VoIP is the higher quality of service and lower rates involved in transmitting voice as data through packets across fiber lines. This will only be exacerbated by the push for fiber installations across various local areas.[Read More]
  • Businesses Need the Right Technology, Procedures to Send Out Accurate Messages to Consumers
    Businesses, especially smaller ones, need to control the messages they send out. That means they need to be careful to avoid mistakes. The messages need to be error-free and consistent. Now, with increasing use of social media and mobile devices by remote workers, there is increased risk that mistakes will be made.[Read More]
  • Key Questions Small Business Should Ask When Choosing a VoIP Phone System
    A recent article in Small Business Computing noted a number of questions that small businesses should consider when selecting a VoIP provider. It was a good list, and not just because of what was on it. It also highlighted the fact that while the decision to go with VoIP is an increasingly easy one, knowing which provider to choose for VoIP service is not nearly as easy. There are a lot of options![Read More]
  • More Small Businesses are Choosing VoIP
    Small businesses must have very tightly controlled budgets, as every dollar spent is critically important. Because of this, a growing number of businesses are switching to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) business phone systems, which offer higher quality than comparable landline phone packages with prices up to 50 percent lower.[Read More]
  • What is Your Customer Satisfaction Strategy?
    How satisfied are your customers? It's a common question that should be asked within your customer service division as decisions made there should always be directed with this concept in mind. For many organizations, it means implementing the business VoIP solutions you need to streamline communications. For others, it can mean so much more.[Read More]
  • VoIP Popularity in Florida Higher than Ever with Nearly One VoIP Phone Per Person
    VoIP phone systems are gaining popularity around the world due to the fact that they offer higher quality phone service at much lower prices for both business and residential customers. This is largely made possible by the fact that calls are routed through the Internet instead of directly through traditional phone switch networks, which has a much lower operating cost. While this concept seems almost too good to be true, the state of Florida has adopted VoIP so much that there are now almost as many VoIP phones as there are people.[Read More]
  • Nextiva Helps Partners Make Communications Simple
    The world of business is more complex than it was 10 years ago. Companies need to be nimble and have technologies and solutions that handle increasingly complex problems.[Read More]
  • 6 Ways to Get Agents Excited About Brand Promotion
    How effective are your employees when it comes to marketing your business? Do they know how to hit home on the first try, or are they muttering through the details to try and sound intelligent? Business communications is not something that comes easily to everyone who takes on the employee role; even when technologies like virtual PBX are at the ready to streamline communication processes, the human element must be addressed as well.[Read More]
  • Tips to Position Your Small Business for Big Growth
    The launch of a small business is a scary thing as there's no guarantee that the endeavor you've embarked on will actually result in sustainability. You want your idea to become a reality, but the reality is that too many businesses fail every year. As a result, the entrepreneur may be more comfortable if he or she simply thinks small and never goes after the big prize.[Read More]
  • Nextiva's Business VoIP Solution Earns Praise in Independent Review
    VOIP Billboard is an independent product tester site that specializes in giving expert feedback and opinions from a consumer standpoint on a wide variety of goods and services in the gadget and technology field. The site has been getting a lot of attention lately for providing invaluable insight on such providers. Most recently, the group published an independent assessment of the Nextiva Office package for commercial and business use.[Read More]
  • Nextiva Strives for a Higher Standard in Communications, Collaboration
    If you spend just five minutes talking with Nextiva, it will become abundantly clear just how committed the company is to best-of-breed communication and collaboration solutions. In fact, just a quick search through its recent press release announcements ("Nextiva Receives Unified Communications Product of the Year Award" and "Nextiva Receives 2014 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award") elucidate on this sentiment.[Read More]
  • Using Business VoIP to Support Your Mobile Workforce
    The mobile worker - nearly every enterprise now supports the concept, either in theory or in practice. We have the tools at our disposal with Bring Your Own Device strategies and mobile device management to ensure the protection of the network. To best streamline communications, virtual PBX technology is the go-to platform, but is it possible to really effectively manage your remote workers?[Read More]
  • Business VoIP Spreads Expertise Farther
    Quick: What do doctors and plumbers have in common? While there may be many jokes that start this way, they do share something in common that isn't a joke. Both doctors and plumbers can benefit from having their best practitioners remotely connect and offer guidance to less experienced staff.[Read More]
  • Work Remotely for a Flexible Schedule and Work-life Balance
    When asking any business staff or owner what are ways to improve the work environment, or what they would like to implement to make their jobs more efficient and productive, telecommuting arrangements are often mentioned. To persuade a skeptical boss about the possibility of letting personnel work remotely might be hard because of the clash between staff preferences and business needs, but it is important that flexibility is offered to prevent employee burnout, poor morale, lack of motivation and high attrition. Lucky for reluctant bosses, telecommuting systems are easy to implement, thanks to business VoIP solutions.[Read More]
  • Does Your Customer Service Meet the Demand?
    Customer service - it means different things to different people. Areas where you believe you're providing great care, your customers may find annoying. Have you really studied the customer base to understand what they want? There has to be a tie in to how you do business, but unless you develop a healthy balance between what you need and what your customers demand, you're likely struggling to hit your targets.[Read More]
  • Ready to Take Your Business Mobile? What's Your Plan?
    Can you easily work from anywhere in the world? This question is somewhat loaded as the definition of work is different for everyone. It's also a little misleading as it may imply that you can simply stay in touch regardless of your location. To that end, let me clarify - can you do everything you need to do on a daily basis from anywhere in the world?[Read More]
  • How Temporary Employees Keep Business Nimble
    It is now easier than ever to bring temporary workers and independent contractors on board. This is thanks to the ease with which competent workers can now be found online, as well as hosted services like business VoIP making it easier for businesses to connect their employees remotely.[Read More]
  • Business VoIP Provider Nextiva Awarded Communications Solutions Product of the Year
    Cloud-based telephony solutions, such as virtual PBX and hosted business VoIP, are being adopted at a rapid rate, particularly as SMBs discover the cost saving benefits and rich technology features of these types of offerings. Not only are businesses relieved of the headache of purchasing and managing costly on-premises equipment when they move their communications solutions to the cloud, but they benefit from the flexibility and scalability of an elastic offering, paying only for the resources they need.[Read More]
  • Dispelling VoIP Myths for Small Businesses
    A recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald asks why small businesses are letting VoIP pass them by.[Read More]
  • Telecom Companies in Trinidad and Tobago Spar on VoIP
    Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), with its ability to provide inexpensive phone services through an Internet connection, has the potential to truly rock the world of telecommunications. In business, VoIP has been developing as a major player for business call centers, but it may also become a threat for telecommunications companies on a consumer level.[Read More]
  • SIP Paging Speakers: The Latest Addition to VoIP Services
    IPitomy is one of the top providers of VoIP services, including premises-based and virtual cloud-based business solutions and unified communications platforms. This week, the company added a new product to its list of IP communication services: a SIP paging speaker with talkback capability that is fully integrable with the IPitomy IP PBX.[Read More]
  • Keep Users Coming Back with Quality Content
    Building a website may seem like one of those things that just gets eyes rolling. "So 2002," some might say, looking instead to augmenting a social media profile or focusing on a mobile-optimized site. While these all have advantages to consider, the idea of building a regular desktop website isn't a bad idea these days, and can offer some significant advantages all its own. But a regular desktop site runs on content, and content can be a difficult thing to do, particularly so to do well. There are, however, a few simple points to consider to make the best content: the kind that keeps users coming back.[Read More]
  • San Diego Tour Company Shows the Value of Business VoIP
    To discover some of the advantages that VoIP can deliver to just about any business, look no further than Five Star Tours Chartered Bus Company in San Diego.[Read More]
  • NEC Repackages UNIVERGE Cloud Services Offer
    NEC has made significant changes to its hosted/cloud Unified Communications (UC) service called NEC UNIVERGE Cloud Services. Based on feedback from sales partners in the field, NEC has "unbundled" and "repackaged" the Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) offer and altered the pricing to be more in line with competing cloud offers.[Read More]
  • The Key to Millennial Consumers: Community and Brand Identification
    For businesses offering VoIP and other IP-based services, the rise of Internet culture and the millennial generation is a double-edged sword.[Read More]
  • The Relationship Between VoIP and Unified Communications
    TMCnet recently announced that Nextiva Office has won its 2014 Unified Communications Product of the Year Award, which goes to the best and most innovative unified communications products and solutions in the last 12 months. As it happens, Nextiva has won the award the past four years, firmly demonstrating that it is both an innovator and a leader in the space.[Read More]
  • Following Heartbleed, VoIP Providers Continue to Reassess Security
    The open-source cryptographic library OpenSSL showed the world that it had a major vulnerability this past April. Known as the "Heartbleed" bug, OpenSSL proved itself vulnerable to hackers who wished to exploit its process that functioned to keep two computers in communication with one another. It appears, however, that Heartbleed was not the only flaw because the OpenSSL project recently named six additional vulnerabilities associated with the platform.[Read More]
  • Business VoIP Means Better Communication for NDN
    VoIP has become one of the most innovative additions to telecommunication technology within the last decade. Business VoIP allows companies large and small to use their existing high-speed Internet connection as a phone line, thereby allowing the company to sever ties with the Big Phone Company and reducing costs, bills, and overall complexity.[Read More]
  • Has Skype Failed to Connect to the Mobile Market?
    Skype can be a wonderful tool. The VoIP service has successfully connected individuals, groups, businesses and even governments, and allowed all manner of events to be successfully established and carried on.[Read More]
  • Wholesale Businesses VoIP Services are in Demand
    Major telephone service companies are scared. New technology is becoming a threat to their business models. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services act as a way for businesses and individuals to cut out the middleman, opting for a telephone service that only requires Internet access. Not only can they be a more affordable option, but VoIP plans also offer high quality voice services and features that a traditional phone service just can't offer.[Read More]
  • An Effective Website Starts with Good Metrics
    The business VoIP space is intense, and every edge matters. So any business that is not focused on how visitors use its website is missing the boat-especially since robust website analytics is free through Google Analytics.[Read More]
  • Viber Challenges WhatsApp and WeChat by Adding Simple VoIP Capabilities
    We're approaching an era in today's mobile climate where VoIP and messaging applications are becoming more ubiquitous. The world wants to stay connected, and it wants to do this without having to pay a hefty price. Wherever there's a demand, there will always be a startup willing to fulfill it, so the likes of WeChat and WhatsApp came about and offered free messaging for everyone using their services.[Read More]
  • Helping Customers Purchase What They Need, Realistically
    While the old adage says "the customer is always right," perhaps we've come to take it a little too literally. When it comes to selling business VoIP to customers, knowing what they want versus what they need is an important distinction to make.[Read More]
  • Making Customer Loyalty Programs Work for Your Business
    Businesses use customer loyalty programs because it is much cheaper and easier to retain customers using these tools than acquiring new ones. According to the research firm Colloquy, the average US household has 22 loyalty-program memberships and they use 10 of them actively. These memberships are very profitable for many businesses, accounting for up to 60 percent of their revenues, and that is why the number of companies adding these programs has increased by 27 percent from 2010 through 2012.[Read More]
  • Why Business VoIP Providers Should Be Security Conscious
    Business VoIP is woefully misunderstood for its voice quality in that too many are under the impression that it is inferior. Broadband has improved over the years, so VoIP has improved as well. Today, packets are able to travel through the Internet extremely fast, delivering crisp, clear VoIP at a fraction of the cost of traditional telephony.[Read More]
  • Has True Business VoIP Finally Arrived?
    The introduction of voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) suggested the Internet could be used for more than just information gathering and streaming your favorite movies. The high speed connection put in place could serve as the pipeline to all communications, whether voice, video or other messaging. In its third decade since development, VoIP has entered the business sector as a viable option to communications. Business VoIP has finally arrived.[Read More]
  • Voicemail-to-Email Can Help Businesses Improve Communication
    Thanks to business VoIP, we can use the power of the Internet to receive messages electronically. While the principle is the same as an answering machine, there are no complicated tapes to use, nor do we have to rewind, fast-forward or use complicated machinery when we're simply unavailable or have missed a call. And what voicemail has simplified for the answering machine, voicemail-to-email has simplified for getting messages faster, better and more efficiently.[Read More]
  • Choose Your Provider Wisely: TelexFree Co-Founders Charged in Scam
    It may go without saying, but in instances of fraud it bears repeating: Be careful who you buy your VoIP services from. Trusted providers like Nextiva offer high-quality and reliable services at affordable rates, improving business communications and revenue. Some VoIP deals, however, are too good to be true.[Read More]
  • Report: Managed VoIP Service to Double by 2016
    An industry report predicts that managed PBX VoIP service will likely double by 2016. Also, it now appears to be a buyers' market for PBX phones.[Read More]
  • Business Internet and Hosted VoIP Offerings Expand in Arizona
    In an effort to expand its reach among business owners, CenturyLink announced that the company plans to offer fiber-optic Internet and VoIP services in Arizona.[Read More]
  • Virtual PBX, Business VoIP are Hot Tickets
    For the enterprise, business VoIP through hosted or virtual PBX phone systems bring simplicity and cost savings. For small businesses, virtual PBX systems deliver sophistication and features previously only available to large firms.[Read More]
  • World War II Airfield Gets a Modern VoIP Makeover
    Northrop Grumman, a major security company, announced this week that its subsidiary, U.K.-based Northrop Grumman Park Air Systems, installed its future-proof Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) capable air traffic control communication system at IWM Duxford.[Read More]
  • How Business VoIP Can Improve Customer Care on the Phone
    Like most businesses today, you're probably managing a multi-channel environment. You push out marketing messages through social media, online activities and even traditional advertising. You have your messaging down to a science and you're making great impact on the market. This is all strong support for your key initiatives, but have you ignored the phone?[Read More]
  • Infonetics Research Forecasts UC and VoIP Market to Hit $88 Billion by 2018
    The essence of communication is to simplify the process in which people can exchange information and ideas; the more barriers there are the more complicated the process gets, thus defeating its true purpose. The digital age we live in today has many technologies in place that make it possible to communicate with greater ease than ever before, but at the same time it has created barriers because of all the different modes of communication, different media and devices. One solution designed to bring all of these components together and simplify the way we communicate is unified communications (UC).[Read More]
  • Identity Authentication and VoIP Wireline Services
    Despite the many efforts to make the Internet a safe and accountable place, the Internet has always been exceptionally good at providing anonymity. This has often been considered one of its strengths, but it poses challenges for VoIP service providers.[Read More]
  • Are VoIP Apps a Threat to Mobile Service Providers?
    Over-the-top (OTT) VoIP services such as WhatsApp and Viber have become popular during the last few years. This popularity of OTT apps is fueled in part by the availability of low-cost smartphones and the emergence of cheap data plans.[Read More]

Key Benefits

  • Unlimited Calling & Faxing
  • Number Portability
  • Auto Attendant
  • Voicemail-to-Email
  • Instant Conference Calls
  • HD Voice Quality
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