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Business VoIP Featured Articles

  • How VoIP Can Help You Appear Larger
    On the Internet nobody knows you're a dog. And with VoIP, nobody needs to know you're a small business.[Read More]
  • GoDaddy Working on Deal to Offer Business VoIP
    GoDaddy likes to be the go-to for your business and its latest move aims to improve options when it comes to business VoIP. The Internet hosting provider is expanding its communications services for small businesses with the purchase of FreedomVoice for $42 million in cash. Now, a recently created telephony business unit will oversee the company's communications strategy.[Read More]
  • Don't Ignore These Tips When Selecting a New Phone System
    Selecting a new phone system may not be the most exciting thing on your list, but it's an important step if staying connected is critical to your small business. Now that you know it's time to upgrade, where do you start? You know you need to do research and evaluate the providers available, but how can you be sure you'll land on the right business VoIP provider?[Read More]
  • Driving Success with a Little Insight and a Little Basketball
    Wouldn't it be great if all marketing efforts were successful the first time out of the gate? Companies would save a considerable amount of money while also enjoying great market success. But, like any other business strategy, marketing success can ebb and flow, which some ideas landing considerable success and others struggling to find air. Is there a magic formula to ensure the former is happening more often than the latter?[Read More]
  • Broadview Builds on OfficeSuite
    When selecting a business communications system, firms seek user-friendly, highly reliable solutions that can also be flexible to adapt to need and provide users access regardless of location.[Read More]
  • XO Communications Brings Out Cloud-Based XO Contact Center Services
    Business voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) has found a lot of applications in the field, and contact centers have often benefited from the array of new services that VoIP can offer. The fact that VoIP can offer lower prices on outbound calls doesn't hurt either. XO Communications recently capitalized on that fairly common desire with the release of its XO Contact Center Services platform.[Read More]
  • Startups Should Carefully Evaluate Needs Before Purchasing Technology Tools
    Starting your own business is an exciting and scary proposition. You may have a great product or service, the knowledge and connections to market and sell it efficiently and the drive to put in long hours to achieve success. But unless you have the right technology tools at your disposal, you have very little chance of achieving your goals.[Read More]
  • Death to Traditional Telecom - VoIP on the Warpath
    The business world is staying connected and they no longer want landlines to help them get the job done. Business VoIP is not only gaining momentum, it's poised to be the leading communications platform with vendors smiling all the way to the bank. While they enjoy strong profits, businesses enjoy the opportunity to streamline communications channels and significantly reduce spend.[Read More]
  • BroadSoft, Media5 Complete Interoperability Testing
    Putting the pieces together is an integral portion of business communications. IP-based communications are by nature complex and require components to work in concert to deliver exceptional experiences. And with the surge of businesses jumping on the VoIP bandwagon, the market is rich with interoperability.[Read More]
  • Voxbone Helps foodpanda Service Over 55 Countries with DID Technology
    Voxbone is a provider of virtual local phone numbers that has helped many small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to have a global presence with its direct inward dialing (DID) technology. In fact, food delivery service foodpanda faced the issue of servicing customers in 24 countries not too long ago, a problem it solved by leveraging Voxbone's DIDs in its contact center network.[Read More]
  • Analytics is About Answers
    A picture may say a thousand words, but numbers never lie. And it is for this reason analytics is an area garnering growing attention. From politics to the call center and beyond leveraging data to provide actionable insight is an invaluable tool no matter what dog-eat-dog industry you are involved.[Read More]
  • Business VoIP Systems Carry Specific Risks that Targeted Solutions Address
    Increasingly, organizations of all sizes are turning to VoIP to meet their communication needs. The benefits of VoIP in the business world are clear and numerous, including cost savings, scalability and a host of value-added features and services. But VoIP can also open up networks to hackers, cyber attacks and other threats, and businesses that fail to protect themselves with proper security initiatives are vulnerable.[Read More]
  • Analytics Adds Insight to Call Center Operations
    Let's take a look at how applying an analytics solution in the contact center can ensure best practice and optimum results.[Read More]
  • Fonality Finds Partner in Ingram Micro
    Fonality provides flexibility, as firms can deploy entirely in the cloud as well as "Hybrid-Hosted" on premises. The bigger question is not on-premises, it's when are you migrating to the cloud?[Read More]
  • Morocco's VoIP Ban a Step Back for Economy
    Internet users throughout Morocco might have had some difficulty in making mobile calls through free apps such as Whatsapp, Viber and Skype using 3G and 4G Internet, regardless of whether they are subscribers of Maroc Telecom, Meditel, or Inwi. The reason why? All three telecom service providers have decided to block VoIP calls that are made through 3G and 4G.[Read More]
  • Nextiva Notches High Praise
    Today, Frost & Sullivan announced Nextiva's efforts in innovation and the end-user experience earned the cloud communications provider the Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award for Customer Service.[Read More]
  • VoIP Security Isn't Taken Seriously Enough
    When we think about cyber security, most of us usually imagine stolen credit card data, confidential business files lifted from laptops, database breaches or photos grabbed from a celebrity's phone. Few of us of consider the security of our phones.[Read More]
  • Loway Unveils Upgrades and Education
    Among the new additions in the release is the AGAW module for advanced agents' management. The module includes agent performance metrics for immediate feedback based on behavior, a channel for agents to speak with supervisors or product experts while communicating with a customer, agent awareness of queue statistics and call flow and minimal performance downtime.[Read More]
  • BSB Communications Uses Ingate SIParator to Encrypt Voice Traffic
    On behalf of its client, a U.S.-based insurance company, BSB has replaced its legacy phone system with a new cloud-based SIP trunking installation. To complete the transition, BSB will now use SIParator to handle communications between the client's IP-PBX and the new SIP-trunking service. SIParator will take the responsibility of normalizing all traffic between the two ends while also encrypting data from point to point.[Read More]
  • Welcome to the World of Data-Driven Decisions with Nextiva Analytics
    At the click of a mouse, the user-friendly interface can provide a bird's-eye view via the summary report, select a specific group of team members and analyze their calls to greater understand staffing and business needs or get as granular as you like with a custom report of your own design. The solution's custom dashboard puts your priority metrics and reports on one screen, and wallboards present the information necessary to provide transparency into operations and fuel data-driven decisions.[Read More]
  • VoIP Supply Promotes Don Stefanie to Channel Manager Slot
    We all know the impact of sales channels on operations these days, and having the right people in charge of channel operations can mean the difference between getting the most sales possible in and leaving plenty of money on the table. New word from VoIP Supply puts Don Stefanie in a previously-open channel manager slot, and this should prove a welcome move for all concerned.[Read More]
  • New Study: 2015 Biggest Year Yet for Carrier IMS, VoIP
    The carrier IMS and VoIP space experienced the best performance to date last year, according to IHS. Revenue in these categories in 2015 was estimated at $5.5 billion, a 31 percent increase over the previous year, the consulting and analyst firm indicates.[Read More]
  • How to Get the Most Value Out of Business VoIP Investment
    In the world of business VoIP, there's a number of reasons why you set it and forget it. The connection - as long as you have enough bandwidth - remains strong, you enjoy seamless interactions and your cost of staying connected has likely gone down. The only challenge tends to be in getting the most out of the investment by using all of the capabilities available. If you're a Nextiva customer, the company just made it a little bit easier.[Read More]
  • VoIP Supply Steps Up PBX Offerings with Open-Source Focus
    Options are important to the course of any business. Having choices helps ensure that the best tool for the job will always be on hand, no matter what form that job may take. VoIP Supply recently stepped up its own offerings of private branch exchange (PBX) tools to bring more choice to the field, bringing out the new RenegadePBX lineup that uses a kind of open source model to give buyers more choice.[Read More]
  • Partner Reports Success in Partnership with Voipfuture
    Voipfuture, a developer of voice quality monitoring software, recently announced that Partner Communications Company, an Israeli telecom, has begun using Voipfuture Qrystal to monitor several parts of its voice-over-IP and customer-facing operations.[Read More]
  • Business VoIP: Ideal for SMB Requirements
    Many small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) are making the switch to VoIP communications, looking to cut costs while also increasing productivity.[Read More]
  • magicJack VocalTec to Offer VoIP Services to SMBs
    magicJack VocalTec is capitalizing on the success of its cloud-based Voice over IP (VoIP) communications technology and services by launching an SMB subsidiary, which will focus exclusively on serving that market segment with low-cost solutions.[Read More]
  • Voxox Announces Limited Release of VoIP Codec
    Voxox, which has gathered a following for its cloud-based unified communications (UC) development platform, delivered in the platform-as-a-service model, now is rewarding its current customer base of service providers and original equipment manufacturers with a new voice-over-IP (VoIP) codec.[Read More]
  • 'VoIP Time' is Here for Businesses Everywhere
    VoIP has been around for a while, but due to wider acceptance and better technology, it seems to be enjoying somewhat of a renaissance. One company reaping the benefits of this growth is MKN Group, a distributor for IP Telephony, Surveillance, and networking products in North America.[Read More]
  • Nextiva Office Honored with Product of the Year Award
    As much of the United States is wrapped in the chilly embrace of winter, Scottsdale, Arizona remains a sunny, hot (they say it's a "dry" heat) and not just home to a slew of Major League Baseball teams for spring training. Scottsdale is home for the team at Nextiva, a business communications provider that makes the transition to feature-rich unified communications a first class trip to the future of collaboration.[Read More]
  • Softswitch Pioneer Telinta Raises Its VoIP Game
    In a rapidly changing world where everyone is looking for an edge, one company that was pioneer in its field has apparently done it again.[Read More]
  • 2talk Certifies Phoenix Audio SIP Conference Phone
    Phoenix Audio considers itself at the leading edge of innovation in communications products, keeping up with emerging trends while striving to break down the technological boundaries that detract from a seamless audio and/or video communication experience. 2talk's selection of the Spider MT505 is an exciting announcement for Phoenix Audio, since the phone's capabilities were proven by the fact it was able to surpass more popular offerings from communications giants such as Cisco, Polycom and Yealink.[Read More]
  • VoIP is About More Than Just the Price
    Two of the biggest reasons for VoIP adoption are clearly understood: cost savings and call quality. VoIP calls typically cost less because they use the Internet instead of a dedicated phone line, which cuts down on resource use and calling fees that make traditional calling more expensive. VoIP calls also offer the potential for higher quality voice because digital calling can include more data than an analogue call, setting the scene for what is known as "HD voice." There are other reasons for migrating to VoIP, however...[Read More]
  • Metaswitch Business Communications Gives Access One New Capabilities
    Communications tools are the kind of things we don't really think about, though we often use. For managed service providers (MSPs), this is a different matter, and Chicago's own Access One has just made a substantial change in its lineup. Metaswitch announced that it was bringing its Business Communications solutions line to Access One, giving the company plenty of new matter to work with.[Read More]
  • Gonevoip to Offer VoIP Spear
    The adoption of Voice over IP (VoIP) or IP telephony continues to replace traditional phone systems because the features consumers and organizations look for are much easier to access with this technology. This is especially the case for business VoIP, as comprehensive services can be acquired with unified communications, hosted PBX, mobility and more with the flexibility and scalability to address the needs of any sized organization. With the increased adoption, service reliability has become an important issue for customers.[Read More]
  • How to Craft an Effective Email Signature
    The signature at the end of your email is brand reinforcement tacked onto what usually is a very personal communication. While advertising messages are relatively easy to ignore, partially because they're impersonal, branding in a signature file is attached to communication that is pinpointed for the recipient. This makes the email signature something that gets noticed.[Read More]
  • Tata Communications Releases White Label SIP
    The communications market has always been about being able to build products and services with the latest innovations - all faster than competitors. In this age of digital communications, the dream of building effective products quickly has never been more possible because it is easier than ever to tie third party-developed goods with major telecoms' ambitions.[Read More]
  • Helion Addresses Auto Dealer Communications Needs with Cisco UCP
    There's a lot to say about unified communications (UC) and call center practices because what each company needs from a business phone system, whether for strictly business-to-business communications or otherwise, can change from industry to industry. So while the system that caused IRS call wait times to triple in 2015 may be ideal for a lot of SMBs with lower call volumes.[Read More]
  • SMBs Power Through with Helpful Apps
    Small businesses and startups have unique challenges when it comes to effective communications. Because they do not operate the same way large-scale businesses do, their needs, while perhaps less complex, need to keep up with their larger counterparts in the competition.[Read More]
  • CoreDial Nets Honors from Frost & Sullivan
    Recently, CoreDial LLC took home a substantial honor from Frost & Sullivan, landing the 2015 Enabling Technology Leadership Award for Cloud Communications Services Channels in North America. Typically the award is given to one company annually, and CoreDial offered up quite a prospect to draw Frost & Sullivan's attention.[Read More]
  • These Communications Trends for 2016 May Surprise You
    It's that time of year - time to take a look at the anticipated trends that could impact your business in 2016. In technology, trends could make an impact right away, disappear before the second quarter arrives and everything in between. The pressure to adopt is very real, especially if the assumption is there will be a positive outcome. Fortunately, in business VoIP, the options are only expected to get better.[Read More]
  • Business VoIP Enhances the Customer Experience
    Cutting costs for businesses, while allowing flexibility to the professional world, cloud contact centers have been becoming increasingly beneficial to enterprises all over the planet. Not only has cloud collaboration pushed regional boundaries, but it has also cut expenses for travel that otherwise would have meant lost time of department heads and leaders, who are instrumental in leading various teams around the country.[Read More]
  • VoIP Supply Adds NetCarrier nCloud to Marketplace
    NetCarrier has an interesting relationship with its customers. It connects its cloud-based voice and data services to such businesses only through its sales partners. Luckily, it is adding new partners at a high rate - the latest being VoIP Supply that operates out of Buffalo, N.Y., which reaches clients across the U.S.[Read More]
  • VoIP Training Critical for Migrated Users
    There are few things that rank worse than a fully deployed technology project that is affected by poor adoption. All too often, the reasons behind these situations come back to a lack of communications, poor training, and general knowledge transfer. For the end users, the biggest problem would definitely be training. Such is the case when it comes to business VoIP migrations. End users are typically well-accustomed to the technology that they have been using and new systems come with some degree of learning curve.[Read More]
  • Telnet Connect Opens VoIP Floodgates
    The days of lamenting the lack of options available when it comes to voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) programs, particularly business VoIP programs, are over. Anyone needing proof of that need only look to Telnet Connect, who recently planned to offer VoIP programs from several currently-operating providers.[Read More]
  • Grow Your Business with Improved Business Phone Systems
    The general state of the economy these days might be best described the same way one would describe a Keno player drinking free coffee all afternoon-jittery and uncertain-but one shining grace is that businesses have never had so many tools to help grow a business. The business phone systems of today are one of the greatest advances, especially when used with business voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) systems, thanks to a wide array of factors.[Read More]
  • Is Your Business VoIP Deployment Secure?
    Unfortunately, much of today's news is fraught is negative stories; it is quite unsettling that with the amount of innovation occurring today breaches and security vulnerability are terms becoming all too familiar in headlines. What is also unfortunate is that your business VoIP solution might be vulnerable. According to research from Symantec, hackers are performing "faster attacks," and are using "far more malicious code." The Cold War is long gone but the enterprise is pitted in a zero-sum game where taking a Realist approach means leveraging whatever means necessary to protect the network and communications overall.[Read More]
  • Movius Work Phone Gives Enterprises Greater Control
    The addition of each new communication device to the enterprise ecosystem is one more technology organizations have to deal with. This requires a host of technical issues that include hardware and software compatibility, security and cost. For large enterprises with thousands of employees and multiple locations across a wide geographical area, solutions that bring their disparate systems together deliver on many different levels. The Movius Work Phone, by Movius, a provider of cloud-based enterprise mobility solutions, looks to improve productivity levels, lower expenses and ensure compliance with BYOD deployments.[Read More]
  • Finding the Right Match for Your Telephony Needs
    Before settling on a business VoIP system, businesses need to think about the feature set that is suited for their needs. How does one go about finding the perfect match for their company? If a particular business is small, some of the more basic features such as call forwarding, voice mail and three-way calling might be all that are necessary. But not all businesses invest in the right solution to accomplish their goals. It's imperative to choose the right system with the right features.[Read More]
  • 5 VoIP Features That Have Changes How Small Businesses Communicate
    Thanks to technology, features that were once reserved for big business, such as automatic directories and call groups, are now accessible to small and growing businesses. Modern small businesses don't need to spend millions to be competitive or accessible around the clock. And more importantly, these VoIP features help small businesses connect with customers, answer their questions, and address their concerns in a timely manner.[Read More]
  • Common VoIP Pitfalls
    There's a lot of information out there on why choosing a VoIP system is good for your business; it makes it easier for companies to employ more features in their phone systems, and the need for efficiency with lower costs within an organization is helping to drive the acceptance of VoIP globally. What's not often talked about are some of the common VoIP pitfalls; despite all the good an IP telephony system brings, decision makers need to look at the total picture and account for some of the mishaps, too.[Read More]
  • Voicebuy Rolls Out Small Business VoIP Solution
    Voicebuy, a wholesale VoIP and SIP provider, has announced that it is releasing a suite of small-and-medium business VoIP solutions.[Read More]
  • Mushroom Networks Adds VoIP Armor to Reseller Program
    Mushroom Networks, a provider of bandwidth management and load balancing service, recently announced that it has added VoIP Armor software to its Gold Value Added Resellers program. For the more than 500 global resellers in that program, they will now have access to the VoIP Armor product for sale alongside the rest of the Mushroom portfolio.[Read More]
  • Yes, VoIP Is Great. Here's Why.
    Internet telephony has done a good job of making phone calls more sophisticated, easier, cheaper, and more efficient. We've long been hearing that VoIP has done wonders for business communications, but it isn't just knowing that VoIP is great. The proof is in the features.[Read More]
  • Nextiva Receives 2015 North American Frost & Sullivan Award for Customer Service Leadership
    Customer service is the great differentiator in today's marketplace. According to Ed Thompson, an analyst at Gartner, that is because all other differentiation have been eroded over time. And nowhere is this parody truer than in the tech sector, where the same technology is available to everyone. Therefore, having the best customer service has become a great selling point. The recognition of Nextiva's customer service by Frost & Sullivan highlights the lengths the company has gone to in order to receive the award.[Read More]
  • Secusmart Secures Mobile Communications with SecuSUITE for Enterprise
    Secusmart, a division of BlackBerry, has announced that it has released SecuSUITE for Enterprise, an encrypted VoIP calling app.[Read More]
  • Nextiva Named One of Arizona's Fastest Growing Tech Firms
    Nextiva is a cloud-based communications and collaborations solutions provider, which is experiencing triple digit growth. According to the Deloitte's Technology Fast 500, which ranks the 500 fastest growing technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences and energy tech companies in North America, the company grew 238.8 percent.[Read More]
  • RingCentral Gives Cresa a Much-Needed Facelift
    Cresa, the world's largest real estate advisory firm exclusively representing tenants, recently announced that it will replace its outdated legacy phone system with RingCentral's cloud solution.[Read More]
  • Jeff Black Buys Back Company
    MVDconnect's motto is connecting business to people and working with telecom manufacturers like Avaya, Mitel and Polycom, it has been keeping true to its word. The company's roots are in Ohio, where Jeff Black founded it back in 1992. Eleven years later Black sold MVDconnect to Chicago-based private equity firm SE Capital.[Read More]
  • Keys for Choosing the Right Business VoIP Solution
    Okay, so you've decided that your business is ready for voice-over-IP (VoIP). With the cost savings that come from using IP-based calling, and the additional features that come with almost every business VoIP solution, this upgrade is undoubtedly a good decision. The trick, however, is finding the right business VoIP system.[Read More]
  • VoIP Myths Discussed, Debunked
    Despite VoIP's heavily touted benefits for its end users, there are still a lot of myths floating around that consistently need addressing. The truth of the matter is, VoIP has come a long way since its inception, and while it has evolved with the changing communications landscape, the same, tired misconceptions have unfortunately come along for the ride.[Read More]
  • Your Competitor Deployed Business VoIP: Have You?
    Making technology decisions for your business is not without its challenges. You often know the issues you have that led to the need for considering a technology investment in the first place, but the next steps can often be the most complex. Especially when the technology involves communications - how do you know what to select, the right vendor for implementation and the best approach for in-house versus hosted? If business VoIP is the right direction - how do you make that decision?[Read More]
  • AudioCodes MediaPack 1288 Gateway Handles All Manner of Voice Hardware
    MediaPack 1288 can help enterprises migrate their existing voice infrastructure to an all-VoIP infrastructure by providing 288 ports in a single unit. This means the hardware can support a large enterprises' need to connect desktop phones, fax machines, and modems across an entire workspace. The unit's high capacity comes with an AudioCodes management center for easy setup and configuration of all devices.[Read More]
  • Eze Castle Brings VoIP to UK Financial Firms
    Eze Castle Integration has just expanded its services in the U.K., now bringing cloud-based VoIP to financial customers looking to utilize the latest that communications technologies have to offer, including data, voice, and fix connectivity.[Read More]
  • Are You Ready for a Business VoIP Transition?
    Introducing new technologies into your working environment is both exciting and challenging. You know the promised benefits, but you also know that change can spark resistance among employees. Even solutions designed to appeal to the user can fall short when transitions are handled poorly. If business VoIP is one of the next changes in your strategy, do a little planning first to ensure success.[Read More]
  • It May Be Time to Consider Business VoIP in the Cloud
    When running a business, there are a number of things that must be in place to ensure proper operations. You have to have a desired product or service that the market demands. You have to make that product or service available at a competitive price. You have to make the audience aware of your offering and you have you be reachable when your audience wants to make a purchase. Regardless of the industry in which you compete, business VoIP can help you with that last point.[Read More]
  • Can Your Business VoIP Do That?
    How flexible is your day job? Thirty years ago, this question would have a simple answer - not very. Companies designed the workday around the 8-5 concept that everyone should be at their desks and ready to execute during those hours. The problem with this approach today is that we're not an 8-5 world. Fortunately, we do have business VoIP.[Read More]
  • Check Your Plan to See If You're Ready for Business VoIP
    When selecting the right phone system to support your business efforts, where do you start? Do you evaluate your current needs and then reach out to vendors? Do you ditch the landlines and implement a new VoIP solution? Do you get rid of internal phones altogether and have everyone start using their mobile devices?[Read More]
  • Vonage Wins New Business VoIP Patents
    When it comes to the business world one of the best ways for telecommunication companies to make their living these days is via Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). This technology is only getting bigger and better as we move further into the 21st century. That communications market has branched off in a number of ways and the Business VoIP market is taking off.[Read More]
  • Canadian Businesses Discover the Benefits of VoIP
    The VoIP market is expected to reach $80 billion worldwide by 2017, according to a recent VoIP Market Analysis. Canadian businesses are especially active, with the country being one of the top 10 countries for VoIP adoption and sporting more than five million active subscribers already.[Read More]
  • Have You Seen the Latest Flash in Business VoIP?
    What do you consider the ideal phone system? Is it one that allows you to integrate your smartphone into the system when you're in the office, giving you access to all the bells and whistles while also supporting business VoIP and other capabilities? Is it one that integrates both new and old technologies so you can work and communicate the way you want to?[Read More]
  • Nextiva Recognized as one of Arizona's Most Admired Companies for 2015
    Nextiva recently announced that it had received one of the 2015 Arizona's Most Admired Companies awards, which are given out by BestCompaniesAZ. Multiple companies can receive the award, which is based on feedback from the surrounding community, customers, and employees.[Read More]
  • Partnership with tekVizion Ensures Compatibility of Grandstream Products
    The telecommunications industry relies heavily on the interoperability of the products and services they offer, but there are always issues of compatibility. Avoiding these issues goes a long way in ensuring they will see higher adoption rates among service providers, software vendors and manufacturers. To make sure its solutions get into the hands of more customers, Grandstream Networks, has entered into a partnership with tekVizion, provider of third-party testing and integration services, for interoperability of its SIP products.[Read More]
  • BroadConnect Acquires Shift Networks, Seeks Greater Presence in Western Canada
    BroadConnect announced recently that it had acquired Shift Networks, a VoIP business that served the SMB market. The transaction will allow BroadConnect to expand its operations in western Canada, while leveraging a recently upgraded network.[Read More]
  • VoIPinclusive Lauds the Many Benefits of VoIP
    The one thing Internet communication has done is give both consumers and businesses access to more technology with incredible amount of flexibility. Whether you are an individual working from your home office, a small business or a multinational enterprise, IP telephony provides services that address each segment by making the same level of technology available to everyone. VoIPinclusive, provider of fixed-price, all-inclusive Voice over Internet Protocol telephony solutions, wants the world to know about it, and it has published a new guide championing the benefits of VoIP services.[Read More]
  • Cloud-Based Communications Platforms Require Not Only Great Features, But Great Service
    Most businesses today engage in some kind of multichannel communications. (Even 100 years ago, a company could choose telegraph OR postal mail.) Some businesses, however, require a more robust multichannel communications environment that makes it easy to mix and match voice, video, text and chat, plus document sharing.[Read More]
  • New Advisory Service Offers In-Depth Information on Business VoIP Solutions
    If you haven't heard of it, WhichVoIP.com is an online service dedicated to providing extensive information regarding everything to do with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. The organization, which was formed in 2005 by a team of telecommunications experts, recently launched a new VoIP advisory service which will make it easier than ever for businesses and consumers alike to research and choose the VoIP solution that can best fit their needs, as well as solve technical issues with an in-depth troubleshooting process.[Read More]
  • Mitel and VoIP Supply Announce Expansion of Partnership
    The VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system gives businesses access to enterprise class features at affordable rates. Being able to access these features presents a professional image of your company, whether your business is being run from your home office or elsewhere. This requires finding the right service provider, and with so many options in the market place, weeding through all the vendors can be a job in itself.[Read More]
  • Italian Business VoIP Credits Partner for Years of Success
    With 30 years experience in the delivery of digital technologies, Unidata has been blazing its own technological trail for some time. It was Italy's first Internet Service Provider (ISP), and in 2004 became the nation's first telecom to provide SIP-based telephony. It has kept a focus on utilizing leading technology to provide innovate and industry leading services.[Read More]
  • Vonage Maintains Momentum with Planned Purchase of iCore
    It would be fair to say Vonage is on a spending spree, purchasing Telesphere, Simple Signal and Vocalocity since the fall of 2013, and its next acquisition was announced this week: iCore-a firm with great expertise in the cloud environment. Reportedly, Vonage will purchase iCore for a cool $92 million.[Read More]
  • MCN Makes MegaPath Its Business VoIP Provider
    It is no secret that VoIP is becoming the preferred method for business communications. Recent research from Transparency Market Research projects that by 2020 there will be nearly 350 million subscribers of this nascent technology, and this would be the result of a compound annual growth rate of nearly 10 percent. Businesses enjoy the scalability, cost savings and functionality found in this burgeoning communications method.[Read More]
  • Verizon Bundles VoIP and Mobile, Eliminates Long-distance Charges
    For the enterprise crowd, Verizon Enterprise Solutions has married its enterprise VoIP services with its wireless services, eliminating long-distance fees on calls coming from a Verizon Enterprise VoIP customer.[Read More]
  • Business Phone Systems Don't Need to be Complex
    Managing business phone lines should not be hard. We have grown accustomed to complex setups and phone systems that require IT involvement, but the days of the telephone closet and hard-to-configure business phone systems is behind us.[Read More]
  • The Future of Telephony: Is It All About VoIP?
    U.S.-based businesses have long known that to be effective in communications and all that it encompasses, relying on legacy telephone systems is going to be the weight that holds you back from competing. While it seems there is a new technology out every five minutes, the common denominator for new features and processes has always been IP. VoIP has offered many benefits, whether it's cheaper bills, better apps and services, and simply a better connection.[Read More]
  • You Have Business VoIP - Should You Have the Auto Attendant, Too?
    When the technology for the auto attendant first came on the scene, businesses saw the opportunity to streamline some of their communications and eliminate a position, adding a little more to the bottom line. In some businesses, however, the technology was implemented before it was really ready, the customer experience wasn't all it was cracked up to be and customers complained.[Read More]
  • Three Top Ways VoIP Helps Businesses
    Businesses of all sizes have learned that traditional telephony comes with many disadvantages, so to stay competitive in today's hyper-connected society, many have turned to IP telephony to service their communications needs. It's hard not to search the Internet without coming up with a list of reasons to switch to VoIP; with its many benefits, it's an attractive option that many businesses have yet to switch over to.[Read More]
  • VoIP Services Set For a Huge Jump in Popularity
    Gains and losses in popularity are really nothing new for most any communications service; there's often a certain degree of fluctuation as some discover a service and others discover different services. But voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) service is set for a fairly major upward jump, according to new reports, as VoIP service popularity will nearly double in fairly short order.[Read More]
  • Business VoIP Makes the Most Sense for Startups
    There are many considerations when setting up a new business, and one is phone service. When launching a business, there are three major ways that phone service can be deployed: A traditional analogue business phone system can be deployed, a business VoIP system can be used, or landlines can be ignored entirely in favor of exclusive cell phone use.[Read More]
  • India DOT Says Yes to Net Neutrality, But Tax VoIP Services
    India's Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has come out in favor of net neutrality, however the regulation of VoIP services has been put on the radar.[Read More]
  • Got Business Communications Problems? Get VoIP
    In the wide-open technology landscape, VoIP has become quite a common name. It's hard not to search the Internet without coming up with a list of reasons to switch to VoIP; with its many benefits, it's an attractive option for businesses that have communications problems that need solving. In what ways can VoIP help you avoid some of the more common communication pitfalls associated with a traditional telephone system?[Read More]
  • CounterPath Announces UC Deal with Integrator
    CounterPath is already a company considered among the best in the business when it comes to its over-the-top (OTT) UC solutions. Recently, the firm announced that it had signed a deal with Integrator, a firm planning to offer the Bria Softphone and Stretto Platform in Sub-Saharan Africa that aims for a long and prosperous relationship. Those close to the situation say that under the deal, Integrator has made an initial order of more than $400,000 of Bria, it's recently improved SDK and Stretto software and services.[Read More]
  • Polycom Acoustic Fence Keeps Background Noise Out
    "Are you in a coffeeshop?" the potential client asked me. I didn't want to answer because I was working from a Starbucks coffeehouse when the call came in, and this potential client sounded bothered by the thought of me working from the road. I had to admit that I was, in fact, working from a coffeeshop. Hopefully I didn't lose the sale, I thought to myself as I tried to recover from this very rough start to the conversation. Never mind that I also struggled to hear over the din of the Starbucks stereo system.[Read More]
  • Tech Has Changed How We Collaborate Remotely
    There was once a time when working remotely was a sort of luxury; the technology, while it existed, wasn't something that was entirely mainstream. Now that it's becoming the norm, we're seeing more companies offering work-from-home options-which is actually a pretty good deal for both the worker and employer, as it reduces overhead and gives the employees a boost in productivity. This technology shift has changed the way we work on a collaborative level, and it's a win-win situation for all involved.[Read More]
  • Vonage Lands 11 New Patents for Second Quarter 2015, Ups Total to 86
    Vonage had a very busy second quarter of 2015, as noted from recent reports. Of particular note were recent gains in its patent count, as the company picked up 11 new patents for its technology, bringing its patent count to 86. While the patent numbers will likely get bigger in the weeks to come-reports note there are almost 250 patent applications still outstanding-the most recent new additions to Vonage's patent lineup should prove sufficiently noteworthy alone.[Read More]
  • Speek Now Part of Jive Communications
    Jive Communications, provider of enterprise unified communications (UC) and hosted PBX, announced it has purchased Speek, an audio and Web conferencing vendor, as part of its growth strategy in cloud and IP communications.[Read More]
  • Choice of Provider Matters in Business VoIP
    The introduction of new technology into the business environment can be both exciting and intimidating. Will it work as promised? Are vendors promoting real benefits or simply pushing marketing fluff? Does it make sense to make the investment or will users be mad about the change, seeing no value in the move? All of these questions and more could surround the decision to move to business VoIP.[Read More]
  • Sennheiser Headphones now Part of the 888VoiP Line of Products
    Effective communication is one of the key tenets of contact center agents, and without the right equipment, the simple act of talking and listening can get extremely frustrating. To avoid problems related to sub-par audio equipment, operators go out of their way to ensure they have the best technology in place. This includes the deployment of unified communications (UC) to integrate all of their touchpoints, which requires quality hardware to take advantage of the digital solutions the technology provides. As one of the most established premium headset manufacturers, Sennheiser has announced it has entered into a distribution agreement with 888VoIP, a distributor of VoIP hardware, software, and professional services.[Read More]
  • SolveForce Expands SIP VoIP Service to New York
    SolveForce, an Ethernet and telecom consulting agency, recently expanded its services to New York City. It will be offering its free online session initiation protocol (SIP) voice-over-IP (VoIP) to help provide businesses with a high-quality product at potentially the lowest cost in the state for such quality.[Read More]
  • Vonage Talks FCC Decision on Direct Access Phone Numbers
    Recently, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) made a decision about allowing interconnected voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) providers the ability to get telephone numbers directly, and offer said telephone numbers up to the subscriber base. The decision seems to have been highly regarded by VoIP providers, and some, like Vonage, recently stepped up to offer some comment on the decision reflecting this.[Read More]
  • Nextiva Brings Out Voicemail-to-Text Option for Easier Voicemail Handling
    For all those out there who have ever listened to a voicemail and cringed because the sound of the message-leaver's voice is like nails on a chalkboard, Nextiva has the solution for you. As explained by Nextiva's Audriana Vojkovich-Bombard, Nextiva's Voicemail-to-Text system is going to take all those unpleasant-sounding or even sometimes incomprehensible voicemails and put same right into black and white text format.[Read More]
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