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October 19, 2020

Webinar - Ensuring a Smooth Cloud Migration for your SAP Applications

We know cloud adoption continues to grow and, certainly, the pandemic that has impacted all of us has accelerated cloud strategies for many companies as they seek to enhance their operational capabilities in new working conditions.   But even before this year, Cloud had become a key business driver, and enterprise have been moving more and more workloads and application into cloud environments to increase business agility and enable greater innovation driven by the scalability, flexibility, availability, resiliency, and economics of the cloud. 

AWS and Microsoft continue to grow and are neck-in-neck at the top of the market, but Google (News - Alert) Cloud has seen the greatest growth recently and is closing in on the market leaders.  So, there are options.  But, for mission-critical applications, like your suite of SAP (News - Alert) services, the migration can be daunting and bring its share of complexities and challenges.  At the same time, businesses can ill-afford to make mistakes and risk taking their applications offline for any period of time. 

How, then, can you migrate your applications smoothly and without risk, so that you are able to maximize your investment in SAP and ensure access for your entire workforce?  Finding the right partner with experience in migrating SAP to the cloud is a great start.  Companies like SUSE have built their businesses around ensuring enterprises are able to complete transitions easily and without disruption using a combination of automation, monitoring, management, and troubleshooting tools – all designed to reduce the workload on IT staff while increasing the stability and reliability of the migration.

I’m moderating a webinar Wednesday, October 21 (12:00pm EDT) where I’ll be joined by two experts from SUSE, who will detail how SUSE’s open source migration platform ensures a seamless transition from on-premises to cloud environments, including leveraging the same operating system foundation SAP uses in its own development and production environments.

If you’re using SAP, this webinar is a must-attend to make sure your IT teams have the tools and support to ensure reliability and availability of your SAP applications in the cloud.  Learn from Sherry Yu, Director, Cloud Services for SAP, and Abdelrahman Mohamed, Solution Architect, who will discuss key innovations that SUSE leverages to optimize and enhance stability and reliability in cloud migrations. 

Register for the webinar today:  SAP Optimization with SUSE in the Cloud

Edited by Erik Linask