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February 25, 2019

Webinar - Post-DX: So You Transformed, Now What?

During the archived webinar, “Post-DX: So you Transformed, now what?” presenters leveraged input from a number of informed and influential sources to present a vision of the near future of the communications business, after digital transformation. Those speakers included, Dr. Mark Mortensen, Principal Analyst for Communications Software ACG Research and Leonard Sheahan, Senior Director, Oracle (News - Alert) (News - Alert) Communications, who addressed a vision of the near future of the communications business, after digital transformation.


Their presentation focused on answering a series of questions that are critical to successfully implementing a DX strategy:

  • How do you see the network and operations platforms being built?
  • Are there other financial considerations in this platform approach?
  • Does this change the relationship between an Operator and their suppliers and other partners?
  • What do you believe to be key to providing the digital experience and smarter digital offerings to customers, partners and users?

Watch the archive and, in addition to getting answers to those questions, you’ll win an understanding of the key milestones along the road to achieving digital transformation (i.e., the “journey”), and you’ll find out how Communications Service Providers gain multiple benefits from competing their DX journeys, including how they are able to:

Capitalize and apply experiences and leading best-practices from other industries;

Leverage their unfair advantage in terms of platform, scale, trust, etc.;

Truly diversify revenue streams with new, high growth, digital services;

Position themselves at the forefront of the customer relationship; and

Positively impact customer relationships with a leading role in service delivery through partner ecosystems (e.g. 5G, IoT, etc.)

For more information on this webinar, and to watch the archive, click here.