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May 19, 2018

Webinar - Making the Jump to Recurring Revenue: Monetizing Your XaaS Model

The world around us has changed – it’s gone digital.  In fact, there’s very little we can’t accomplish in our daily professional or personal lives using connected technology.  From music to software and from car services to groceries, there’s very little business that can’t be conducted online.  That’s the first wave of today’s digital economy, and one that has both benefitted and destroyed businesses, depending on their ability to adapt to a digital economy. 

The next phase, though, has the potential to produce even greater impact in the long term.  That is seeing businesses increasingly shift to as-a-Service models, with the goal of driving customer retention and recurring revenue.

The strategy goes far beyond a basic online presence to enable online purchasing.  It’s about becoming a trusted partner to your customers and creating positive touchpoints with them throughout their lifecycles, to drive loyalty and retention.

In order to successfully implement a recurring revenue strategy, businesses have to go through complete remodels because their existing technology infrastructure wasn’t designed to support complex subscription and consumption models.  That transformation includes evolving customer engagement tactics, marketing initiatives, sales and pricing structures, even product portfolios and staffing – and it all has to be supported by an integrated technology platform and monetization strategy. 

Across all industries, the shift to recurring revenue models is driving digital transformation.  While businesses may be able to create new strategies, many will fail to deliver on expectations because they aren’t able to effectively capitalize on them.  Their legacy systems don’t provide an integrated platform and they aren’t able to effectively monetize the strategy their customers demand.

I’ll be moderating a Webinar featuring Oracle, Accenture, and Intuit discussing the as-a-service trend, best practices for evolving business models to drive recurring revenue, customer engagement and retention strategies, and the key to it all – monetization.   

Dynamic business models are the future and they are already reshaping entire industries.  It’s safe to say no market will be immune to digital transformation, and every business will need to information and tools to do it right.  Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how you can survive in a digital economy, including hearing first hand from Intuit (News - Alert) how it has successfully made the leap from a single-product to a recurring revenue business.

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Edited by Erik Linask