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June 23, 2017

Webinar - Transforming Your Business Infrastructure for the Digital Economy

As businesses continue to transform their networks and operations in the digital world to become more agile and to be able to better serve customers’ growing requirements, cloud and virtualization strategies are no longer an option, but a must.

By leveraging cloud, virtualization and automation in their network, server, and data center environments, businesses will become more agile and deliver more consistent outcomes without sacrificing security, availability, or performance.  In fact, these traits will all benefit, while also reducing underutilized resources and increasing overall efficiency.

Too often, businesses do not fully capitalize on the next generation technologies available to them that will fully transform them into digital operations because they don’t understand the best solutions for them, or how to properly implement and manage them.

ePlus, Intel and HPE collectively are enabling businesses to reduce their operational complexity and increase time to market with new services or applications through a single integrated solution designed to be implemented with little disruption to existing business operations and infrastructure.  Through their collaborative technology partnership, which includes expert team members knowledgeable about each other’s capabilities and how they perform optimally together, they bring solutions uniquely designed to allow customers to transform their infrastructures and processes.

With advanced compute, storage, network fabric, management, orchestration, security, and performance technologies leveraging HPE Synergy and Intel’s (News - Alert) Xeon processors, businesses are able to build new, agile, cloud and virtualized platforms that provide the foundation for an agile, customer-first economy.

Through the partnership, ePlus, Intel, and HPE ensure their collective customers are building their digital futures on the back of vetted and proven technologies and solutions, allowing them to innovate and build faster.

Chuck Hooke (HPE), Megan Gawlik (Intel), and Mark Henson (ePlus) are delivering a session on June 28 to discuss exactly how the three technology companies are working together to bring their next-gen-optimized solutions to customers:

  • How HPE Synergy (News - Alert) Aggregates compute, storage, network fabric, and management into a hardware foundation;
  • How ePlus and Intel drives HPE Synergy compute modules, providing orchestration, security, and enhanced performance;
  • How ePlus and Intel work together to design and deploy the right solutions for the customer’s unique needs; and
  • Why the new Intel Xeon Processor (News - Alert) Scalable family is the new foundation for secure, agile, multi-cloud datacenters and represents the biggest platform advancements in this decade.

If you’re looking to bring new revenue opportunities to your business, you will certainly benefit from this discussion on how to bring your infrastructure into the modern era, including leveraging cloud and virtualization.  Don’t miss this chance to hear from these three experts who are already turning that vision into reality for businesses worldwide.  Register today for the June 28 Webinar, Harness the Power of Cloud and Virtualization.

Edited by Alicia Young