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November 17, 2016

Webinar - The Open Office: How to Make it Work for You

Today’s business worker is empowered by so many technologies and yet, there are issues, even with all of these innovations that creep in and can slow down productivity.

This can be especially true for those working in the new “open office” environment which is supposed to foster collaboration and save space and money – until you’re sitting there, in the open, with everyone else, and you can’t hear the person on the phone, concentrate on your task, or your conference call quality is degrading.

Brian Brorsbøl, director of product management for Sennheiser Communications (News - Alert), recently presented during a Webinar titled, Reclaim Your Office, to address this topic and how Sennheiser is answering the call.

Brian told attendees that this idea started back in the 1960s when organizations were implementing this type of office to decrease cost and increase control.

Today the reasoning’s are different. Motivations like reducing office costs, having more mobility and flexibility and fostering a better overall office culture with modern infrastructures are the drive behind open workspaces.

There are challenges for employees however. Knowledge workers really need to be able to focus on their tasks to deliver results. They cannot be bothered by noise levels or interruptions, and research even shows that they are taking more sick days and are being less productive when they have to deal with these kinds of disruptions in the open workspace.

However, with the right setup, the right UC and mobile devices, employees will have the ability to work from anywhere at any time and succeed.

And it’s not just small companies, Brian said - even global ones like Google (News - Alert) and Facebook are already doing it because it’s creating an environment that improves collaboration and communication.

While some offices are starting to create spaces for quiet vs. collaboration time, others see the move as a much bigger transition. So they are looking at what kind of tools and innovative technologies can optimize the open office space. They need business grade tools, mobility and flexibility and they need freedom to control the environment.

Sennheiser’s drive to “reclaim the office” is to offer a solution that creates a disruption free workspace for workers, one that reduces noise and offers UC business grade communications that are needed in today’s office and that offer a way to help concentrate on tasks.

The solution, the MB 660 Series, is mobile, offered all in one convenient case - headphones, a USB and the ability to easily bring it with you everywhere. It’s the perfect tool for the road warrior and remote worker.

To learn more, checkout the archived version of the Webinar presentation HERE