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October 27, 2016

Webinar - Modernize Your Communications with an Office 365 Contact Center

The need for communications with customers, partners, employees and others will always exist for businesses. How that communications happens may be changing – but the need will never go away.

Today, contact centers have moved into a new era of efficiency thanks to cloud technology. Cloud contact centers make it possible to cut costs, improve operations and deliver better overall services. Add to this list the ability to also use Office 365 or Skype (News - Alert) for Business with the contact center solution and you have the makings for a very powerful offering.

Thanks to innovative technology, today there are so many ways to communicate with customers. And the technologies are not just making communications possible, but also improving processes and efficiencies and its “creating a tight match between what contact center managers and executives are looking for and what the technology can actually deliver.”

That’s what  Shaun Chambers, Chief Product Officer at CallTower (News - Alert) told attendees of a recent webinar titled, “The Key Benefits of an Office 365 Contact Center” sponsored by  CallTower  and Clarity (News - Alert) Connect.

Customers today are more digital than ever, Shaun explained.  As a business today, you need to be able to meet a customer where they are. It’s no longer just about being able to make and accept phone calls. Customers are using IVR, social media, Web and other channels and leaving voice behind as their preferred contact channel.

As many companies plan their move to the cloud and many seek new technologies for when they do, understanding the options is critical.

Jeremy Puent, product manager at Clarity Connect, also told Webinar attendees about how modern contact center software is the answer most people are looking for.

Traditional contact centers had limited reporting, limited communications capabilities and had to pay per seat and per line.

The modern contact center is software based and can deliver intelligence, reporting and provide the right answers in a timely fashion without leaving customers wondering why no one is responding to them. All of this can be done inside of Office 365, meaning it can go beyond just the contact center and into other areas of the business to provide the same beneficial outcomes.

Check out the Webinar HERE to learn more. 

Edited by Alicia Young