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October 20, 2016

Webinar - Customer Analytics Hold Key to Success

Most businesses that succeed today do so because they understand that customers are important and that their journey is an important one for the business. To deliver on this need they are giving customers more communications options and getting to know their needs and wants better.

While there are some challenges to overcome to keep customers happy and satisfied, taking their journey to the next level will ensure they stick around and maybe even become an ambassador for your brand.

Contact centers are using customer journey analytics to help them understand how to optimize omni-channel experiences and drive conversion rates.

The term customer journey is kicked around a lot. Even customers that call the contact center likely started that journey on the Web or mobile phones today. Picking up the phone to call a company is rarely the first choice today for consumers.

Does your contact center keep up with this trend?

That’s what Sheila McGee-Smith, Founder and Principal Analyst at McGee-Smith Analytics, asked attendees during a recent webinar sponsored by Broadsoft and titled, “Improve the Customer Journey - Analytics Is Key.”

We’re just beginning, thanks to digital transformation, to see companies starting contact centers that don’t have a voice channel, Sheila said. After all, more people are using email in the contact center and websites and social media are being handled in call centers more and more. There are also things like mobile apps and kiosks being used today – so really all the predictions are coming true that the proportion of interactions handled by voice is declining.

Customer analytics is coming in on the top of the list to help companies do better by their customers. That includes finding ways to not annoy them, to deliver what they need, in the way they want it.  Using analytics it clear to see what’s going on, and what’s the best approach to help customers.

Things like pre-emptive analytics can tell a business what it can offer the customer based on what they know about them, so they can deliver the right things to them. There is also predictive analytics, which is based on data that you have already in your contact center, that can be analyzed in an effective way to create actions and be ready for the next best action.

Also speaking with webinar attendees about the benefits of analytics and how Broadsoft is leading the charge, was Arnab Mishra, Vice President at BroadSoft (News - Alert) CC-One.

Broadsoft engages with customers to help shift the focus from being operational to focusing on business outcomes instead.

Arnab noted that Broadsoft links data together across systems to actually drive insights in areas where a company can improve the overall customer experience. 

Businesses likely already have a lot of data sitting around in the applications already deployed, but you need analytics to bring all that data together and make it actionable.

Check out the free Webinar recording HERE.

Edited by Alicia Young