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March 29, 2016

Webinar - Enough is Enough: Cart Abandonment has to Stop

We’ve all done it before at least one time: You spend a good amount of time clicking all over the Web to research and put together a cart of things you want to buy. Maybe if you’re like me, you even try to search for coupon codes to lower your out of pocket and get the best bang for your buck. After you have made these careful plans and choices, something happens. You get interrupted, you remember the heating oil is being delivered soon, or somewhere along the way somehow, you just lose interest and realize, maybe you can wait and not make your purchase. This is called ‘Cart Abandonment’ and it’s at an all-time high.

Sure, consumers might be losing out if they wait by potentially losing a discount or if products go out of stock – but for retailers and marketers, this trend has become a real problem.

To help curb the cart abandonment epidemic, businesses are making significant investments to build websites and e-commerce platforms that will help customers with their purchases and convert shoppers into buyers.

Unfortunately, that’s not all it takes. The missing link comes back to the all important need for quality customer service. Agents trained to assist customers at the exact moment they need help is what makes all the difference.

This level of real-time personalization helps answer the varying needs of today’s shoppers. Whether it’s a targeted email sent at just the right time, or an agent at the other end of an IM notation to help push through the purchase – the Omnichannel experience can no longer be ignored.

During an upcoming Webinar sponsored by Jacada (News - Alert), David Holmes, the AVP of Omnichannel Solutions at Jacada, will discuss the company’s SalesEngage omnichannel sales solution, which is designed to reduce abandonment and drive revenue. The webinar will also look more closely at the reasons for abandonment and how to stop it from happening.



Edited by Rory J. Thompson