The Secret Sauce for Successful M2M Applications

Machine-to-Machine continues to emerge as a potent technology that improves nearly every facet of business, across many kinds of organizations. That's because M2M can allow for market and revenue growth, operational efficiency, safety, and security...More>>>


Special Focus

TMC Announces IT Excellence Award Winners
These awards recognize the creators of technology that demonstrate leadership and innovation to the global industry. As part of this awards effort, INTERNET TELEPHONY recognizes companies whose products have shown improvements in its clients' business and honors the best IP communications solutions in the world.

Special Focus

Panasonic SIP Phones: Feature-Rich Solutions in an Attractive, Durable Package
Panasonic is very serious about the business phone market, and its latest entries in the space show the company has put its considerable consumer expertise behind a pair of phones that leave little to be desired.


BSS & OSS Solutions
The global OSS BSS market is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 16.39 percent between 2012 and 2016, according to ResearchandMarkets, which says this space is seeing a shift from multiple platforms to a common platform.

Channel Awards

INTERNET TELEPHONY Announces 2014 Channel Awards Winners
TMC and INTERNET TELEPHONY are proud to announce the winners of our newly established Channel Awards. As part of this effort, a variety of equipment and services providers were invited to submit applications for the awards. Those applications were then reviewed and analyzed by TMC staff in collaboration with INTERNET TELEPHONY columnist and channel expert Peter Radizeski of RAD-INFO Inc.

On Rad’s Radar

Sales Meetings Can be a Waste of Time
Selling is primarily time management. The more efficient you are, the more sales you can make. The corollary is that we are always interrupting prospects and asking for their time. We need to respect their time and attention.

Cloud & Data Center

Alcatel-Lucent Addresses the Personal Cloud Ensuring Positive Business Outcomes in the Services-Centric World
Office walls and set hours traditionally delineated what most of us thought of as work. Those constructs are giving way to more flexible and far-flung work environments. Employees, once chained to their desktop phones and computers, today freely move around the office and the world, and the availability of broadband networks and mobile devices means they can do their jobs anytime and just about anywhere, and from any device.

Aligned Energy

Bright Ideas for Energy Savings
Companies are needlessly wasting a lot of money and space in their central offices and data centers due to energy-inefficient architectures and keeping equipment they really don't need. That's the word from Jakob Carnemark, CEO of Aligned Energy.

NTT SDN Global

NTT Takes NFV/SDN Services Global
NTT Communications Group earlier this year announced that its Arcstar Universal One services, about which INTERNET TELEPHONY has reported previously, are now available in more than 190 countries. The global telco is breaking new ground with these services, which leverage NFV and SDN technologies to enable enterprise CIOs to use a portal to configure and pay for new network services on the fly - allowing these businesses to be more agile and potentially save big money.

Sapien on NTT

Ovum's Sapien Comments on NTT Com's NFV, SDN News
NTT Communications Group recently announced the global availability of NFV- and SDN-based services, offered under the name of Arcstar Universal One. During a midnight press conference from Japan, company management said the Virtela-powered services - which enable enterprise CIOs to use a portal to configure and pay for new network services on the fly, allowing these businesses to be more agile and potentially save big money - put NTT Communications years ahead of its competitors.


VoLTE Gets Real: But the Number of Devices Supporting It Is Really Limited
After years of talk about voice over LTE, cellular service providers in recent months have finally begun to roll out LTE services.