The Wi-Fi Way: How This Unlicensed Wireless Technology Hit the Big Time - And What's Next

Wi-Fi seems to be everywhere these days. It's in our homes, in our offices, in chains like Starbucks, and even in many independently owned restaurants and shops. And from the... More>>>



LinkedIn Expands Marketing Effort with Elevate
Over the past year, LinkedIn has made some notable changes on the content marketing front.

Analyzing the Impact of Google's Recent Algorithm Change
Google's new algorithm, released on April 21, was designed to reward websites that promote user-friendly mobile experiences for users. So websites that are highly responsive, steer clear of clunky multimedia formats like Adobe Flash, and do not require excessive zooming or horizontal scrolling should not be affected by the change. Mobile websites that are not mobile-friendly will fall lower in Google's search engine rankings on mobile devices, however.

Welcoming Our OTT Overlords
Modern commerce is complex, a massive fluid landscape where change is consistent, ever-present, and lightning quick. Technology has only accelerated this cycle, with rapid innovation rendering countless once-dominant products, business models, and even entire industries obsolete in the proverbial blink of an eye. The communications industry knows this better than most. It wasn't all that long ago that pay phones and long-distance calls were major revenue streams, and now wireless-only homes are increasingly commonplace.


INTERNET TELEPHONY Publishes Winners of the TMC Labs UC Innovation Awards
INTERNET TELEPHONY, TMC, and TMC Labs are super excited to present this year's winners of the TMC Labs UC Innovation awards. Why? Well, we feel we have a truly diverse set of winners across the spectrum of technologies in the space.

Special Focus

TMC Labs Announces the Winners of the IT Innovation Awards
This year, we had some interesting winners in a few spaces, including cloud-managed Wi-Fi, HD videoconferencing, a ruggedized M2M/IoT solution, a Class 4 softswitch focusing on the wholesale VoIP space, a hosted contact center solution and an NFV-based solution showing the move from bespoke carrier hardware to software and off-the-shelf computing.


Test & Measurement
Test and measurement; it's perhaps one of the least exciting sounding aspects of networking you can imagine. But it's an important and ever-changing market space that in recent years has seen transformation as market requirements have changed and mergers and acquisitions have taken place to respond to those shifts.

Network Infrastructure

Five Questions Every Tech Business Should Ask About Its Office Building When Signing a Lease
If you've ever had to search for office space before, you know it's an exciting process. While touring offices can be thrilling, carefully considering all of the factors such as location, lease flexibility, and price is not always so thrilling.

On Rad's Radar

The Next 3 Big Things for the Channel to Sell
The CLEC crowd is trying to move beyond the legacy services of network and minutes. That can be hard to do when customers still want to buy the legacy services.