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Video as a Marketing Tool: Why Many Brands are Leveraging Long-Form Content
The world of video marketing is shifting quickly. With the advent of streaming video services and on demand video, the value of the 30-second advertising spots during a TV show has begun to lose its significance. Marketers have been forced to look for other ways to reach customers through this medium, and are turning in increasing numbers toward long-form video content.


The Rental IT Trend
Whether it is homes, cars, or videotapes, the trade-off between buying and renting has been thoroughly discussed and analyzed. The right choice for any individual depends a lot on his or her specific situation and industry factors of the moment, such as interest rates, housing costs, and so on.


Cloud Security: How Carriers & their Customers Can Benefit from DDoS Mitigation Services
In a large carrier environment, DDoS attacks have escalated from a nuisance to a sophisticated threat and an expensive problem to solve. Scrubbing DDoS traffic at a centralized location, after attacks have been detected, has become a commonplace approach to reducing the amount of DDoS traffic transiting carrier networks and sent to downstream providers.


Containers & Microservices: How These Technologies Will Allow for More Fungible Networks
Containers have whipped up a lot of excitement in recent months. And once containers assert their position in the data center, it will open the door for the arrival of this new thing people are referring to as microservices.

Developer Tools & Open Source

How to Solve API Modification Nightmares
Web-based APIs have been around since the early 2000s. However, over the past few years we have seen a dramatic increase in API availability. There are now more than 14,000 APIs listed on the ProgrammableWeb. The API revolution is universal. Industries outside of technology have embraced this as a business model and are experiencing success (i.e. Netflix and Amazon).

Developer Tools & Open Source

Open Source: Good or Bad for Cloud Security?
One fundamental difference between open source technologies and those based on standards or proprietary vendor code is that the latter two are available only to a chosen few: people with highly specialized skills who work for certain companies in certain industries. By comparison, open source software is out there for everyone to see and tinker with - including hackers.

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10 Habits Threatening Your Company's Data
They're just old habits. You likely do them without even thinking. But these 10 habits could be making your company vulnerable to hacks and other cyberattacks. Here's a list of these 10 risky behaviors and why they are problematic.

Enterprise Communications

Closing the IT Resources Gap with IT Automation
In a very short period of time, computing resources have gone from very expensive and scarce to highly available and affordable. The number of different applications, technologies, and platforms in the modern IT environment has grown significantly as a result of an accelerating set of business requirements, digitalization of many business processes, and more.

Enterprise Communications

Line of Business Analytics: Bringing It All Together
Communications service providers are constantly looking to improve business efficiency and performance. However, today they face a number of challenges including competition from other operators and over-the-top players, the need to create new service offerings to better diversify their business, and ongoing operational management cost challenges and inefficiencies. Against this backdrop, CSPs are now looking to big data technologies and advanced analytics tools to exploit the untapped reservoirs of data that exist within their networks and IT systems.


On Rad's Radar: The Cloud is Eating the Space
Marc Andreessen said that software is eating the world. From my perspective, cloud is eating the whole telecom space. CenturyLink, AT&T, Verizon, and other carriers have made big plays into the cloud space. Most of the booths at trade shows are cloud. Articles, blogs, podcasts, ads, and magazines are all about cloud. It is sucking all the air out of telecom.


Telecom Consultant Dishes on the Channel
Peter Radizeski has been a columnist with INTERNET TELEPHONY for longer than I've been the editor of the magazine. The president of RAD-INFO Inc., a telecom consulting firm in Tampa, Fla., Radizeski also has been working a book about channel managers. So we thought this might be a good time to pick his brain about the channel in general and channel managers in particular.


TMC Announced INTERNET TELEPHONY Product of the Year Award Winners
Technology Marketing Corp. is happy to reveal the recipients of the INTERNET TELEPHONY Product of the Year Awards. Congratulations to all our worthy winners.

Case Study

Website Visitor Tracking Solutions: How The Farm is Corralling New Customers with Zoho SalesIQ
The Farm uses SalesIQ to record information about who's been on its website and for how long, and to rank those visitors so it can prioritize who to call on to offer solutions, explains Hood.

LPWA vs. LTE: The Battle Ahead
Mobile Experts recently completed a technical and cost study, which examines 28 wireless formats and variations. Our findings came from deep technical details and a thorough cost modeling process:

Product Review

Apposite's Netropy N61 Delivers an Amazing Value Proposition
Many organizations today comprise several offices of various sizes in disparate parts of the country and the world, and these offices are typically interconnected using WAN links obtained from telecommunication outfits.

Cover Story

Work Anywhere, Work Everywhere: Zultys Makes Business Communications Easy & Seamless
There are a lot of choices out there for organizations to consider as they decide whether, when, how, and with what vendors to employ new business communications solutions. Zultys can make that decision - and everything after that - easy, says Neil Lichtman.