VoIP Logic Enables Next-Gen Service Providers to Take Control

Operational outcome is a category of measurement that is difficult to quantify but can be the linchpin in deciding to opt for VoIP Logic. Because the technology used to deliver communications services is becoming more complex and specialized and there is a growing number of manufacturers found in integrated services, the bar on precision in technology support and experience is always rising...More>>>


Cloud & Data Center

Cloud Communications & The Survival of the Fittest: What to Expect in the Year Ahead
There's no denying that the telecom industry has enjoyed a significant increase in demand for mobile devices this year, but 2014 is shaping up to be a year of change. Widespread consolidation and an accelerated shift to cloud services are two of the biggest change agents on the horizon-and agility, flexibility, and innovation are their watchwords.

The Channel

Why the Channel Will Matter in 2014
One thing is a complete solution. Sane service providers know that they can't be all things to all customers. Also, customers may not want to rip-and-replace pieces of their infrastructure; they may want components added to enhance what they have. Partners are best suited for that.

Unified Communications

VoIP Dialing Emphasizes Benefits of SIP, Talks About What's Next
VoIP Dialing sells its offerings to businesses, primarily larger entities with 50,000 minutes or more of voice traffic a month. Its direct sales staff emphasizes the value the company delivers in terms of simplicity and quality. Nabon added that VoIP Dialing also can help its call center customers increase their call center performance by offering tips in this realm.

The Latest in UC & IP PBX: Big Vendors Amass More Power; Mobility, Video Become Table Stakes
It's also due in part to the introduction of Microsoft Lync, which Myers says is the most disruptive force in UC today. Lync is not disruptive because it's particularly innovative, she explains. It is shaking things up because it allows Microsoft to address a wide range of UC requirements - including IM, collaboration, and (more recently) PBX functionality - and to leverage its ubiquitous presence on business computers and relationships with business customers to win and keep users.


Enterprise Collaboration Roundup
Collaboration means different things to different people, but increasingly enterprise collaboration involves video, document sharing, integration with back office systems, and mobile capabilities as well as stuff like voice, IM, and e-mail.


The Wireless Office: Mobile Apps Help Organizations Work More Efficiently, Effectively
Mobile communications is transforming business. What people previously did at desktop computers they now do on smartphones and cellular-enabled laptops. So organizations now are creating mobile apps to enable their employees to be more effective while on the move.


Blue Jeans Brings Together What Had Been Separate Islands of Videoconferencing
Blue Jeans Network has enabled 3 million video meetings to date, has 2,000 business customers in 200 countries, and supports 130 minutes of communication minutes annually. Its customers range from the world's largest businesses, to small and mid-market companies. Facebook is among the users of Blue Jeans Network, with more than half of the social network's employees using the service.


Target Practice: Where Retailers Are with Security
There was also significant interest (59 percent) in retail analytics that can utilize Wi-Fi enabled smartphones to capture shoppers' data. Of that 59 percent, 75 percent are either actively utilizing these analytics or have a strong interest in them. Interestingly, only 25 percent say they would not use such capabilities because they believe it is an intrusion on their customers' privacy.

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INTERNET TELEPHONY Congratulates Winners of the UC Excellence Awards
People are increasingly on the move, both while at work and play. Unified communications can help individuals more efficiently communicate and collaborate via voice, e-mail, chat, video, or whatever method, and to do so whether they are on wireline or wireless devices. It can enable them to make their availability know via presence features.