UC MAGAZINE — June 2011

The Next Radio WAVE: Twisted Pair Enables Unified Communications among Disparate Wireless Endpoints

The assassination of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, which President Obama and other key U.S. officials witnessed from Washington, D.C. in real time via video, demonstrated how far we have come in using advanced communications...

Feature Articles

New York City Has a PLAN
When emergency strikes, helping people understand what to do is of key importance. To enable that to happen in an orderly fashion, New York City and federal agencies have joined forces with the big four cellular service providers to introduce the Personal Localized Alerting Network.

Former MITers Unveil Kurogo Mobile Framework
We all love our mobile devices and the wealth of information they can provide us. But sometimes it's not as easy to get the info we seek as it should be. To help address that, Modo Labs has introduced the Kurogo Mobile Framework.

Strategies for Collaboration Technologies and User Adoption
In today's economic landscape, the jobs of CTOs and CIOs are anything but easy. Enterprise executives expect the same service, business enablement and technology solutions from tighter budgets and pared down IT departments. Key to overcoming this challenge are unified communications and collaboration platforms. UC&C technologies offer many benefits: They can help companies to reduce travel expenses, enable a remote workforce, encourage greater collaboration, and improve overall business functions.

Five Obstacles to Growth in Videoconferencing
Why does an industry that delivers so much in the way of value through reduced travel expenses, increased productivity and greater communication efficiency have such a difficult time gaining wide spread usage? Even in the most innovative organizations, there are underlying issues that hinder the adoption of videoconferencing. These problems range from the highly technical to basic user perception. But in reality, the answer is quite simple: Anyone must be able to conference anywhere.

Top UC Security Issues and Steps to Mitigate Your Enterprise Risk
Collaboration demands, prevalence of handheld devices and increased communication flexibility within enterprises are driving the adoption of unified communications as the main strategy to manage effectively the integration of real-time multimedia communications. Since the benefits of UC are well recognized in the industry, the focus is shifting to a more critical mandate: protection directives that arm the enterprise with countermeasures to limit the threat of failure or a security breach.

Hosted or PBX? How about a Blend of Both?
Buyers considering a migration to VoIP often hit a wall at the very first turn in the decision tree: Hosted or on-premises? Now, buyers have a third alternative - blended architecture systems - that combine the best elements of both, while eliminating the downsides of each.

The Role of the Interconnect Network in Enabling HD Voice Communications
VoIP traffic has been growing exponentially in recent years in both fixed and mobile networks, as both enterprises and consumers seek to improve efficiency and reduce costs by increasing their adoption of IP services. At the same time, the emergence of HD voice promises to deliver on the true potential of VoIP by offering clear and life-like reproduction of audio.