Smart Grid Forum Launches

By TMCnet Special Guest
  |  July 01, 2011

This article originally appeared in the July 2011 issue of NGN.


The NGN Forum recently announced the technical working groups that will comprise the Smart Grid Forum. These new groups will cover smart grid topics such as M2M, NGN information technology, security, infrastructure and network management, green energy, applications development and business intelligence, and Advanced Metering Infrastructure.  A full list of working groups with descriptions can be found at  


With the rapid advancement of the smart grid and smart meter deployment across the U.S and globally, utilities will benefit from the know-how of the telecommunications industry. Utilities can utilize this knowledge of applications development, infrastructure and network management, and OSS/BSS/security to help them manage their new interactive customer relationships. The NGN Forum working groups will help to bring the experience and expertise of the telecommunications industry to the utility industry through the Smart Grid Forum.


The Smart Grid Forum is designed to bring together communications service providers and suppliers with utilities to discuss the building, monitoring and securing of utility networks as they pertain to smart grid. The Smart Grid Forum aims to create best practices for collaboration between the industries through the following working groups:


·         Security

The security group will develop best practices and standards for the security of customer information and the networks that manage that information, as well as the secure transmission and distribution of energy globally.


·         Infrastructure/Network Management

The infrastructure/network management group will enable NEMs to collectively meet and discuss best practices around the roll out of utility networks.


·         Green Energy

The green energy group will focus on innovation in the delivery of energy efficiency management solutions and best practices.


·         Applications Development

The application development group will develop applications to further smart grid technologies.  Topics may vary from energy efficiency, to electric vehicle, to time of use pricing and management.


·         Business Intelligence/Advanced Metering Infrastructure

The business intelligence/AMI group will concentrate on effective reading of AMI data and work with utilities on how to leverage that data intelligence for improved operational efficiency and customer experience.


·         Utilities and Integrators Advisory Board

The board will develop directions for technical, business and plugfest/interoperability working groups.


These groups meet monthly to discuss activities that will further the charter of these organizations and to develop best practices, standards and excellence in these areas.


If you are interested in becoming a member of the Smart Grid Forum or in participating in any of the technical working groups listed, contact [email protected]


Michael Khalilian (News - Alert) is president of NGN, IMS and Smart Grid Forum


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