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VoIP without Hype - What Businesses Need to Know
Get VoIP smart in 10 minutes!

VoIP is an exciting technology which can help reduce your telecommunication expenses. VoIP is also a flexible technology that can keep your distributed workforce tightly and economically connected - whether they work from the office, home or the road.

However, VoIP is also a risky technology that must be carefully explored before deploying. VoIP works nothing like the PSTN/POTS (plain old telephone system) which businesses have been using for decades. Making an uninformed decision could be deadly for your business.

"VoIP without Hype - what businesses need to know" is an easy-to-read whitepaper which will completely de-mystify "VoIP" for you in about 10 minutes. Expect to learn:

* What the heck is VoIP and how does it work?
* What do I have to know before deploying a VoIP solution?
* Is my LAN ready for VoIP, what about my WAN?
* What is the difference between VoIP and a PBX?
* Will VoIP improve my relationships?
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