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CCA Sounds Off Support for Ukrainian Citizens

March 07, 2022

By Luke Bellos - Editor, Virtual PBX

Cloud Communications Alliance (CCA) President Joe Marion issued a statement to members, asking to accommodate access to communication channels to Ukrainian citizens.

The Russo-Ukrainian conflict is entering week three, and organizations across the globe are devising unique ways to support citizens communications and critical government infrastructure . For instance, Elon Musk helped deploy Starlink satellites for low-latency broadband connectivity throughout the country, and AT&T is offering free unlimited calling from the US to Ukraine.

Now, the CCA is calling on communications providers to show support.

Marion wrote to CCA members,“CCA encourages our members and all communications providers around the world to accommodate access to communication channels for Ukrainian citizens after the invasion of Ukraine by troops of the Russian Federation.”

The letter also included a list of recommended services for CCA members to offer, including:

  • Free voice services to Ukrainian citizens.
  • Free voice communications for Ukrainian refugees in camps.
  • Free international calling.
  • “SMS donation” capabilities  for organizations with refugee support campaigns.

“We know that initiatives provided will vary with each communications provider,”Marion added,

CCA applauds any support provided by our members and communications providers around the world to the citizens of the Ukraine. Communications is an essential service, especially when people’s lives are so abruptly “turned upside down.”

Edited by Erik Linask


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