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IMImobile Meets HIPAA Standards

July 07, 2020

By Maurice Nagle - Web Editor

COVID-19 challenged organizations of all shapes and sizes to embrace a more virtual, cloud-powered approach to supporting the workforce. While cloud communications have taken flight across the board, healthcare is experiencing exceptional attention.

IMImoble PLC announced its customer interaction management platform passed HIPAA compliance testing, which promises strict data privacy and strict security protocols for the handling of patient and health information.

Healthcare companies such as Walgreens, McKesson and the NHS (National Health Service) in the U.K. are turning to IMImobile for business-critical healthcare communications. Noting notable enhancements in customer experience and reduced costs from increased automation, robust system orchestration and improved digital channel functionality and engagement.  

"As digital health channels and options increase, the importance of providing a secure infrastructure and compliant products to protect personal health information is critical for our clients and partners,” says Steve Murphy, Chief Information Officer at IMImobile, North America. “This is just one of the many ways in which we continue to transform how organizations and consumers interact with each other.”

Early adoption of telemedicine was a slow road, but with peace of mind in cloud communications and comprehensive industry compliance measures in place it is picking up steam. A global pandemic is pushing healthcare communications ahead.

Are your communications in the cloud, yet?

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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