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8x8 Brings Cloud Communications to British Retailer

September 05, 2019

By Maurice Nagle - Web Editor

Customer service is central to operational success. A key piece of this equation is the contact center, and the cloud-powered solutions supporting the elevation of the customer experience. There’s no margin for error in the call center, and a British retailer announced today that it is not lagging in its contact center efforts.

Halfords selected 8x8 to modernize communications with a single unified communications and contact center solution capable of driving a customer experience and elevating operations overall.

Gareth Brophy, head of Halfords customer support exclaimed, “It’s so important that we give our customers the experience they expect, whether that be face-to-face in a retail store, in one of our Autocentres or over the phone. The systems we had in the past simply didn’t support us in the way that we needed them to – our customer service was disjointed with the various teams using different platforms to handle calls and keep track of queries.”

The British retailer noted call routing as an issue previous to deploying 8x8’s solutions. Regularly, retail locations would receive calls best addressed by a customer service representative. Now, in store employees can do what they do best, engage with customers and deliver on their expectations. 8x8 will improve first call resolution and greatly improve a caller’s experience.

In addition, Halfords will put 8x8’s reporting and analytics to work to promise exceptional interactions. And, with these shiny new cloud communications in place, the British retailer is embracing the omnichannel with the addition of chat.

Mary Ellen Genovese, managing director of European operations at 8x8 noted, “We are delighted to be working with Halfords, a UK retailer that has a brilliant reputation for customer service. With 8x8 X Series in place they will be able to bring disparate systems together, ensuring they provide their customers the best possible experience across all parts of the business. Halfords is the latest leading brand to select 8x8 for their mission-critical customer experience platform.”

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Edited by Maurice Nagle



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