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Voice Valet Frees You from Disruption

June 28, 2019

By Maurice Nagle - Web Editor

The phone call has long been the primary means of communications for businesses and customers. A regular annoyance is calls from telemarketers and robocallers during the workday. There is no making up for lost time, and as disruptions kill the flow to your workday they kill your productivity.

The business phone app Netlines unveiled Voice Valet, a new cloud answering service. Voice Valet provides users with a second number that goes directly to voicemail. Bye bye distractions.

Developed to empower users. Our smartphones are our lifeline to the world, and as we give our contact info to charities, businesses, organizations, etc, it arms them with another number to call. On an average day, I myself receive at least two to three calls soliciting for business or donations. The reality, is our phone is blowing up enough during the day with work responsibilities that these non-urgent calls don’t have a place in one’s workflow.

Blacklists don’t work. Call blocking doesn’t work. Voice Valet takes about five minutes to get rolling, enabling users to boost productivity and address non-urgent matters at the appropriate time.

"We developed Voice Valet to end the frustration people are having with unwanted phone calls," said Jerry Haines, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer. "Voice Valet is an inexpensive solution to a massive problem that's only getting worse as more sophisticated technology tracks down our personal cell phone numbers," Haines remarked.

Don’t be a hostage to unwarranted calls. Take control of your day, and your productivity.

Are your communications in the cloud, yet?

Edited by Maurice Nagle



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  Unlimited Calling & Faxing
  Number Portability
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