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Nextiva's New Mobile VoIP App Highlights the Growth of the Mobile Era

February 06, 2014

By Michelle Amodio - Virtual PBX Contributor

You’d be hard pressed to find someone who does not own a mobile phone these days. Just over a decade ago, mobile phones were still considered a want, but not really a necessity. Mobile providers have paved the way for inexpensive, on-the-go communications, and now we’re seeing mobile VoIP grow with the industry.

Business VoIP provider Nextiva recently unveiled its new mobile and desktop app, now available for customers.  The application combines voice, video, and chat functions into a single platform and the interface can be accessed from any user’s computer, tablet or mobile phone. In terms of accessibility, the application is supported in the Windows, Mac OSX, iOS and Android environments.

“Business is quickly evolving, and communication services that keep people connected are no longer support tools but critical requirements for how companies operate,” says Nextiva CIO Josh Lesavoy. “As the business world becomes more mobile, we believe that the Nextiva App will serve as the primary access point for our customers to manage their communications account.”

Mobile VoIP ties into the social messaging landscape because it’s a cheap way to reach someone while still using a handheld device. Whether it’s social messaging or a phone call, consumers and business folk are relying on their devices instead of a desk phone, so the more options available, the better.

Analysts and experts agree that as businesses look to increase efficiency while cutting costs, not to mention move away from rising mobile phone costs, long contracts and traditional plans will be a thing of the past. This also opens up a way for businesses to implement BYOD polices.

Consider the statistics: there are 6.8 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide, as estimated by The International Telecommunication Union. That’s 96 percent of the world’s population.  It is evident we are in a mobile era, and business VoIP is following suit.  

The Nextiva App was unveiled and demonstrated at ITEXPO in Miami last week, and is the first among several communication and collaboration services the company plans to release this year.

By integrating business VoIP technology on mobile phones, staff can access VoIP features that can increase productivity including call forwarding, call recording, three way conference calling and software integration.

More companies are enabling their employees to work remotely, and the technology is here to support most job functions. Business VoIP, combined with the power of mobile, is an integral part of the mobile and remote worker.

Edited by Alisen Downey


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