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Nextiva Highlights the Real Value Behind the Buzz Words

January 28, 2014

By Mae Kowalke, Business VoIP Contributor

There’s a lot of talk about how business is changing through mobility, flexibility and a more open work culture. Sometimes all the talk makes these changes seem like fads, however. Is business really changing, and how does that help the bottom line?

One company that shows the real value of these changes is Nextiva, a leading business voice-over-IP (VoIP) provider.

The company was recently awarded the title of Top Business VoIP Provider by, which highlighted what it considers to be the best home and business VoIP providers currently in the industry.

Nextiva won the business VoIP category because it has unmatched business VoIP solutions at an affordable price, and this in turn largely comes from a company culture that values innovation, flexibility and an open work culture.

“Nextiva offers a lot of the best voice over IP services but they really stand out in the business VoIP plans they offer,” noted “Business phone services start as low as $19.95 per month, an outstanding deal for business phone service.”

The site noted that Nextiva VoIP services for business are affordable but not lacking in features. Its OfficePro plan, available for just $19.95 per month, provides unlimited calling and faxing, local and toll free numbers, call queuing, conference bridging and U.S.-based technical support, in addition to many other features.

But perhaps even more than the price, the culture at Nextiva makes the difference that drives this value and delivers a top customer experience.

The company takes great pains to build its employee-satisfaction internally, and to embrace amazing customer service. It rewards employees daily who exhibit a particularly winning attitude, helping to create a culture that automatically extends this attitude to interactions with its customers.

It also creates a culture of innovation that helps it continue to expand service offerings and one-up its competitors, no mean feat in an industry clogged with business VoIP offerings.

As I mentioned in a previous article, Nextiva has written about how innovation is cultivated by finding inspiration from within, through collaboration, from outside by looking at competitors and even unrelated industries, and even from pulling ideas from nature—one of the secret keys to innovation. Appropriately, Nextiva will be participating as a gold sponsor at this week's ITEXPO in Miami, a tradeshow where vendors of all kinds come together to showcase the latest innovations in technology. 

Nextiva also encourages success through a good work culture that includes emphasizing learning from others, humility, hard work and integrity, among others.

This combination definitely plays into Nextiva’s success as a leading business VoIP provider.

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