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Virtual PBX: What it Takes to be a Winner in the VoIP Game

June 04, 2012

By Jamie Epstein - Virtual PBX Web Editor

Nextiva's Connect virtual PBX system can help a small organization transition an unconnected suite of phone numbers into a highly professional business phone system that includes call routing, virtual mailboxes and an automated dial-by-name directory.

Among the key benefits of this system include a dramatic slash to costs, improved productivity, and seamless integration with an existing network infrastructure, helping any type of business to keep its competitive edge in an increasingly expanding field.

Still aren’t sure if this is the most ideal virtual PBX solution for your needs? Check out this recent customer testimonial below from Haley Pereira.

"I am an Executive Assistant for a Fortune 500 company. My husband and I recently decided to relocate closer to family, and as a result, I am moving to a home-based office setting where I will continue supporting top executives and their teams and clients.”

She added, “My husband, who is in IT, offered to help me find a great phone solution for my new home office. He decided to go with Nextiva, and I'm so thankful he did. I had consulted other colleagues who are set up with home offices. Many of them use Vonage for VoIP or simply have a land line, and none of them are happy with their set-ups and try instead to make the best of it. Me? I'm thrilled with Nextiva.”

With Nextiva, set-up is professional and the quality is fantastic. Also, the service from the virtual PBX provider is top-notch.

What sets this business VoIP provider apart from the wide array of companies in this space is the level of call quality, reliability and customer service it offers. The company expanded significantly in 2011, increasing its business VoIP communication clients by a staggering 104 percent. The company’s revenue and number of employees also doubled in size over the 12-month period. These impressive figures can be mainly attributed to the success of Nextiva’s customer experience or what it likes to call its “amazing service.”

“They are highly responsive and professional. Their tech support was knowledgeable about the hardware we purchased and within just a couple hours of signing up, I had received an email thanking me for my business and offering to help in any way possible,” she commented.

As an executive assistant, Pereira spends a majority of her days on the phone. She added, “I make a lot of international calls, run conference calls, and transfer executives to one another.” Therefore, the features of this solution are perfect as they enable her to forward calls to her cell if she steps out of the office; and if she misses a forwarded call, she will receive an email on her smartphone with a .wav file which enables her to respond right away from anywhere.

“It's a good, fiscally responsibly choice. All in all, I'm blown away by the features, the quality, and especially the service. What could have been a very scary and stressful transition from a corporate office environment to a home office has instead been a wonderful experience for me and those I support. I would strongly recommend Nextiva as a professional business solution, particularly to home-based users," she concluded.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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