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How Business VoIP Provider Nextiva Differentiates Itself from Competitors: Amazing Service

March 19, 2012

By Jamie Epstein, Business VoIP Web Editor

Headquartered in Arizona, Nextiva powers business phone services including a complete hosted phone system and VoIP phones, powerful hosted PBX features, auto attendant, voicemail to email, emergency 911 and online faxing. Winning the prestigious Best Business VoIP Provider award for four years consecutively, the company is apparently doing many things right and one of them is the amazing level of service it offers its customers.

Catering specifically to small businesses throughout the United States, the company’s main focus is assisting micro-businesses, or businesses that are sized from one to 25 employees. Nextiva has all of its operations located right here in the United States, so customers never need to call outsourcing providers in other countries and speak to agents that may not be able to resolve problems, complaints or questions quickly.

What sets this business VoIP provider apart from the wide array of companies in this space is the level of call quality, reliability and customer service it offers. The company expanded significantly in 2011, increasing its business VoIP communication clients by a staggering 104 percent. The company’s revenue and number of employees also doubled in size over the 12-month period. These impressive figures can be mainly attributed to the success of Nextiva’s customer experience or what it likes to call its “amazing service.”

When communicating with both potential and existing customers, the business VoIP provider strives to go above and beyond what most customers have become accustomed to, as the company makes it a focus to take time to assist users and help them to better use the system. The Nextiva approach is in fact proactive rather than reactive, and customers are continuously kept in the loop, helping to form lasting relationships.

According to Yaniv Masjedi, vice president of the company, “Every single day we focus on amazing service because we know we can’t always be the innovator in the industry and the reality is customer service is key.”

Amazing service starts internally with people that work at Nextiva. The company searches high and low for qualified employees that are smart, efficient and fit the overall culture. “That’s what we foster and really create at Nextiva is a group of people who really are enthusiastic about delivering amazing service,” Masjedi added.

The business VoIP provider has established itself as an extremely fun place to work and is a far cry from a typical call center with cubicles.  

Masjedi concluded, “Amazing service starts with us, as we treat each other the way we want to be treated. Nextiva is a great company to work for and this is evident when you look at customer churn, employee churn and the growth of the business.”

Edited by Rich Steeves


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