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Fonative Advances A2P Messaging Compliance

March 17, 2021

By Maurice Nagle, Senior Editor

Call Spoofing and robocallers are running rampant, and as companies seek to engage with customers it is critical these communications are verified and validated by service providers.

The Compliant Communications company, Fonative, announced the adoption of The Campaign Registry’s sanctioned messaging environment that supports ten-digit long codes (10DLCs) and industry-compliant business SMS.

Simply put, Campaign Registry is a natural extension to the Fonative RegReady verification method. When a campaign kicks off, an ID is established which enables mobile operators the ability to validate the message and sender via analytics, and them determine to deliver the SMS or not. The Campaign Registry collaborates with mobile operators in North America to register A2P messaging campaigns to deliver a sanctioned A2P 10DLC text messaging Campaign ecosystem, and empowering carriers to provider CSPs and organizations with easy-to-use, reliable messaging.

"The omnichannel value of the 10DLC approach enables Fonative's enterprise customers to use the same verified and validated phone number for calling and text messaging, and for the receiving party to not only recognize who is calling or messaging them, but also to reply back in either mode of communication," said Fonative CEO, Steve Smith.

Fonative will set up A2P campaigns with The Campaign Registry for customers, once verified, Fonative will deliver the message.

Campaign Registry is a valuable tool toward reputation management. Each interaction, each engagement offers the opportunity to connect as well as the chance to question. Validate, verify and support communications done the right way.

Is your business building momentum with A2P messaging?

Edited by Maurice Nagle



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