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SMS Concierge Enables Instant Customer Service to Ivrnet Central

January 04, 2021

By Luke Bellos, Editor, Business VoIP

Emails and phone calls are far from dead technologies. Yet as time goes on, businesses, customers, and even government agencies are beginning to look for quick, simple, and less intrusive ways to get important information out to the public. This is one of the major reasons why corporations around the world are turning to SMS to connect directly with audiences  and assist with customer service tasks.

Ivrnet, a Canadian software company that specializes in business automation, has recognized the potential of SMS and has recently implemented new features into the management software Ivrnet Central. SMS Concierge, The new texting system developed by Ivrnet, would allow customers to receive instant communication with customer service agents, while also permitting complex dialogue and long form questions if necessary. SMS also allows users to provide visual information to an agent by simply taking and texting a picture from their mobile device. Not only is the service a much quicker and efficient form of communication, SMS is significantly cheaper than most marketing tools used by large businesses.

"The new Concierge service is one of the largest leaps forward for Ivrnet Central in the last 2 years", stated Andrew Watts, CEO of Ivrnet. "The service started with the most demanding of applications - the exchange of emergency information between government bodies and large populations of citizens. Integrating this capability into Ivrnet Central allows us to provide new capabilities to our corporate clients and associations…”

The Concierge module for Ivrnet Central has been successfully deployed for multiple clients in 2019, originally created to fulfill an RFP for a mission critical government application that uses SMS to connect citizens to an emergency hotline.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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