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VoIP's Value is Greater for Businesses

July 30, 2013

By Rory Lidstone, Contributing Writer

VoIP has become so popular that it's easy to forget that not everyone is aware of its benefits or even what it is, exactly. Put simply, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is an alternative to traditional landline technology that uses a home or office's Internet connection to handle voice delivery.

Since this applies to any type of data connection, there are many types of VoIP. Probably the most common type is computer VoIP, using a client like Skype or Google Talk. Meanwhile, for an experience identical to landline service, there's residential VoIP, which can be used with a flat monthly rate from providers such as Vonage, or for practically free with the likes of Ooma or MagicJack.

Mobile VoIP is perhaps the newest form of VoIP, allowing users to place free data calls from pretty much any modern smartphone over 3G/4G or Wi-Fi. Finally, business VoIP is the most complex form of VoIP as it supports more advanced features needed by businesses, such as hosted PBX.

Overall, most forms of VoIP offer the same benefits, most notably lower costs and simple setup, since VoIP uses an existing Internet connection.

Business VoIP, however, offers these benefits to a greater degree as organizations are often given discounts for providing service to multiple users, often in multiple locations, while setting up a hosted PBX, for example, is infinitely easier than dealing with a physical PBX. VoIP geared at businesses also increasingly offers mobile features, allowing employees to have full access to their business phone system while on the go.

Take, for example, business VoIP provider Nextiva. Customers of Nextiva Office Hosted VoIP plans have access to unlimited calling and faxing, with price schemes that are cheaper with a greater number of users. The service also boasts over 100 business-oriented features, such as advanced call forwarding, anonymous call rejection, call parking, group paging and much more. For an extra fee, companies can also add on specialized features, such as call recording and virtual extensions.

Furthermore, with Nextiva Anywhere, employees can enjoy the exact kind of mobility features detailed above, supporting mobile business initiatives like BYOD and remote offices.

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