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Business VoIP - More than Just Perks

July 23, 2013

By Susan J. Campbell, Business VoIP Contributing Editor

As consumers, we use the Internet for a lot of things. We conduct research on our next large purchase, we access our favorite retail outlets for online shopping, we check out the latest videos to use for entertainment or DIY projects and we complete transactions. If we’re really savvy and want the most bang for our buck, we should also use the Internet for our business communications.

If this term is a mystery to you, VoIP is the use of the Internet for the completion of a voice call. What used to require the static landline can now be conducted over your broadband connection. It’s available for your home phone, you mobile phone and even your business connection. If you want to expand your features and your reach, it may be time to take a closer look at business VoIP.

A Bootstrap tip shared in a Startup CPA post pointed to business VoIP and how business owners can eliminate the monster costs associated with the typical phone system and still effectively communicate with customers, partners and colleagues. The small business can make and receive calls using a broadband connection, eliminating the costly requirements when making long distance calls.

A flat fee provides the connection, the features and the calls. And, for international connections, providers offer a variety of packages to suit the needs of the small business. The features available as standard help the business save considerable time by effectively boosting productivity and improving the bottom line.

Business VoIP provider Nextiva has been demonstrating the value of its solution for years. One customer, Jonathan Tratt, runs a commercial real estate company and has experienced the benefits associated with this communications technology. Before working with Nextiva, an employee had to transcribe voice messages by listening to recordings repeatedly and typing them up for use. Now that VoIP is in place, Tratt receives transcribed voice messages delivered via email.

Automatic upgrades are another perk to a VoIP system if a business opts for a managed service. In this case, the VoIP system is stored on a remote server managed and maintained by the provider. As VoIP providers are constantly evolving their products with new capabilities and features, the ability to sit back and enjoy the added functionality is key.

Whether a business is searching for a more efficient approach to quality communications, a lower cost when it comes to information sharing or simply a more efficient process, business VoIP is an important piece of the puzzle.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey



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