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Nextiva Anywhere: Where Mobility and Business VoIP Meet

March 12, 2013

By Susan J. Campbell, Business VoIP Contributing Editor

The mobility trend is obvious with just a quick glance around any public location. Mobile phones are in abundance, tablets are growing in popularity and try going to a local coffee shop without half the tables occupied by the mobile worker, tapping away on a laptop. 

This trend is not only obvious; it is also helping the small to medium-sized business (SMB) to more effectively complete with the large enterprise. With access to business VoIP technology, smaller organizations can now remotely access clients and customers, drive increases in productivity and experience cost savings. 

A recent Nextiva blog demonstrates how the company is increasing the ability of any professional to stay mobile on-the-go. With Nextiva Anywhere, users can forward calls to a mobile device or home phone. He or she can also toggle back and forth between any of the devices involved. If a call cannot be interrupted with a change in location, the user can seamlessly transfer the active call from the desk phone to the mobile phone with the simple button press. 

The Nextiva solution also allows the user to dial out on the mobile device and display his or her desk phone number on the recipient’s caller ID. Even if the employee is traveling or working from home, professionalism is always maintained. This business VoIP option for mobile support is available now with the Nextiva Office Enterprise and is easily deployed and managed through the NextOS Portal. 

While these mobile capabilities sound great, there are specific benefits afforded with business VoIP that can quickly be realized by the organization. For instance, this Chron article explored the real and measureable benefits associated with VoIP. Businesses can save money as the cost of using VoIP is much lower than the conventional phone. Long distance charges are also much lower as companies no longer have to rely on traditional landlines for connections. 

Portability is another benefit, one easily seen in the Nextiva Anywhere solution. Any broadband connection allows the user to log into the VoIP phone. There are no issues with costs or connections as the same access provided in the office is available on the road. Taking the headset or IP phone is an option, although simply using the mobile device is an easier and more convenient solution. 

At the same time, the business VoIP solution provides multiple functions, such as video conferencing. The VoIP phone is used for such interactions, allowing for face-to-face connections regardless of the participants’ locations. This capacity ensures the professional stays connected to clients in the field and the important meetings back in the office. Such flexibility is important in a world where mobility is now a way of life.

Edited by Jamie Epstein



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